PHOTOS – Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: 8 Area Boys Track Teams Competed on Monday


Boys Track Results Monday, April 11th 

Audubon, East Sac, IKM-Manning and South Central Calhoun At Carroll Co-Ed 

IKM-Manning nearly brought home a championship on Monday getting an outstanding performance all-around. The Wolves finished a half point behind Greene County with 98.50 points. Carroll was solid in their first meet of the season, after having their first four outdoor meets canceled. The Tigers scored 65.50 points, finishing in 4th place. Audubon continued their strong start to the season, scoring 44 points and finishing in 6th place. South Central Calhoun was 9th with 25 points, edging East Sac who scored 24 points and finished with 24 points.

IKM-Manning won three individual events with second place finishes in two events. The Wolves also had two-third and fifth place finishes in individual events. They took first and second in the 1600 meters. IKM-Manning was also strong in relays, taking second twice. Carroll was very good in individual events, with one champion, and two events taking second. The Tigers also won a relay and added a second place relay. Audubon had an individual champion and second place finish in the individual and relays. East Sac took second in one individual event and third twice. South Central Calhoun has a champion in the individual events.

Carroll CoEd Invitational 4-11-2022

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Lane Sams of IKM-Manning was a champion twice, winning both the 3200 Meters (10:52.02) and 1600 Meters (5:01.25). He set a personal record in the 3200 Meters. His teammate Reed Hinners was 2nd in the 1600 Meters. Ryan North of Carroll was strong in the 3200 Meters, taking 2nd place. Jayden Soard of South Central Calhoun won the shot put with  his best throw at 42-11. IKM-Manning got a strong performance from Amos Rasmussen, the senior won the 100 Meters (11.53) while taking 2nd in the 200 Meters. Zach Dirkx of Carroll challenged Rasmussen in both races, taking 2nd in the 100 Meters and winning the 200 Meters (23.29). Gavin Smith of Audubon continues to be strong in hurdles races. Smith won the 400 Hurdles in 56.46 while taking 2nd in the 110 Hurdles. Tyler Schmitt of East Sac nearly won the 400 Meters in a exciting race. He was nipped at the finish line, taking 2nd place.

Carroll claimed the title in the Sprint Medley (1:40.17) with Remy Richardson, Jack White, Reece Ziegman, and Zach Dirkx. The Tigers went 2nd in the 4×100 with Reece Ziegman, Austin Tigges, Remy Richardson and Zach Dirkx. IKM-Manning had a pair of 2nd place finishes, the 4×800 consisted of Hunter Smith, Jaxon Doyel, Kasche Huehn and Abe Polzien while the Distance Medley team had Jakub Workman, Eli Dreyer, Ross Kusel, and Hunter Smith. Audubon finished 2nd in the Shuttle Hurdle with Aaron Olsen, Brandon Jensen, Carter Andreasen and Gavin Smith.

Results for IKM-Manning, Carroll, Audubon, South Central Calhoun and East Sac are below.

Team Standings

  1. Greene County 99
  2. IKM-Manning 98.50
  3. Denison Schleswig 86
  4. Carroll 65.50
  5. Ballard 54
  6. Audubon 44
  7. Woodward Granger 43
  8. MVAOCOU 30
  9. South Central Calhoun 25
  10. East Sac 24
  11. Perry 20


IKM-Manning, Carroll, Audubon, South Central Calhoun and East Sac Results 

High Jump 

3rd Andrew Anderson           South Central Calhoun     5-10

5th Tanner Pontow                 Carroll          5-08

6th Payton Wardell                Carroll          5-04



5th Conner Halbur                IKM-Manning      110-06

6th Colton Wieland              Carroll                     108-05


Shot Put 

1st Jayden Soard                  South Central Calhoun   42-11.00

4th Colton Wieland             Carroll                                 39-02.00


Long Jump 

5th Gavin Smith                  Audubon                           19-06.25

6th Amos Rasmussen        IKM-Manning                  19-05.75


Sprint Medley 

1st Carroll   1:40.17

Remy Richardson, Jack White, Reece Ziegman, Zach Dirkx


4th Audubon 1:43.30

Aaron Olsen, Logan Schmidt, Manny Beisswenger, Zeke Konkler


5th IKM-Manning   1:43.86

Brody Blom, Justin Segebart, Ross Kusel, Eli Dreyer


3200 Meters

1st Lane Sams              IKM-Manning   10:52.02

2nd Ryan North          Carroll                 10:57.32

3rd Reed Hinners       IKM-Manning     11:00.15



2nd IKM-Manning      9:14.60

Hunter Smith, Jaxon Doyel, Kasche Huehn, Abe Polzien


6th Carroll                     9:58.74

Blake Molinski, Colton Hagen, Evan Schaeffer, Noah Boell


Shuttle Hurdle 

2nd Audubon        1:04.24

Aaron Olson, Brandon Jensen, Carter Andreasen, Gavin Smith


4th IKM-Manning    1:13.71

Will Fara, Reed Hinners, Treyton Barry, Brody Blom


5th South Central Calhoun 1:15.37

Kaden Dorman, Andrew Anderson, Cole Higgins, Zakiah Pettigrew


6th Carroll      1:16.15

Carter Smith, Owen Klocke, Maddox White, Blake Boell


100 Meters

1st Amos Rasmussen         IKM-Manning        11.53

2nd Zach Dirkx                   Carroll                     11.77

5th Keegan Soard              South Central Calhoun  12.27

6th Reece Ziegman            Carroll                      12.38


Distance Medley 

2nd IKM-Manning     4:02.31

Jakub Workman, Eli Dreyer, Ross Kusel, Hunter Smith


6th Carroll      4:18.60

Carter Essick, Edrick Heisterkamp, Justin Riesberg, Blake Molinski


400 Meters

2nd Tyler Schmitt          East Sac           52.80

4th Keegan Soard           South Central Calhoun 56.63

5th Amos Rasmussen    IKM-Manning    56.73

6th Justin Segebart       IKM-Manning      57.43



4th Audubon        1:39.30

Aaron Olsen, Zeke Konkler, Logan Schmidt, Carter Andreasen


5th East Sac          1:41.20

Asher Lawler, Garret Ortner, Jake Gullett, Landon Grindle


110 Hurdles

2nd Gavin Smith        Audubon        15.40

3rd Tanner Pontow    Carroll            16.40

5th Brandon Jensen   Audubon        17.42


800 Meters

3rd Jaxon Doyel          IKM-Manning  2:16.86

4th Abe Polzien          IKM-Manning     2:17.31


200 Meters

1st Zach Dirkx               Carroll                   23.29

2nd Amos Rasmussen   IKM-Manning    24.00

3rd Logan Schroeder    East Sac                 24.18


400 Hurdles

1st Gavin Smith          Audubon                56.46

3rd Garret Ortner       East Sac                 1:02.57

6th Aaron Olsen          Audubon               1:04.67


1600 Meters

1st Lane Sams              IKM-Manning    5:01.25

2nd Reed Hinners      IKM-Manning     5:02.15

6th Ryan North           Carroll                   5:10.97



2nd Carroll        46.62

Reece Ziegman, Austin Tigges, Remy Richardson, Zach Dirkx


4th Audubon       47.66

Zeke Konkler, Brandon Jensen, Logan Schmidt, Carter Andreasen


5th East Sac       48.08

Landon Grindle, Asher Lawler, Logan Mohr, Tyler Schmitt



3rd IKM-Manning       3:48.47

Jaxon Doyel, Ross Kusel, Hunter Smith, Eli Dreyer


5th Carroll       3:51.86

Caleb Vanderheiden, Edrick Heisterkamp, Justin Riesberg, Austin Tigges


6th Audubon        3:57.02

Austin Pruitt, Logan Schmidt, Zeke Konkler, Manny Beisswenger


Kuemper, Glidden Ralston and Paton Churdan At SE Valley

Kuemper had two champions on their way to a fifth place finish in Class A, Glidden Ralston had a champion, helping them finish sixth in Class Ba nd Paton Churdan took 2nd and 3rd in field events to finish 8th in the team race in Class B. The Knights scored 61 points, just 5 points behind Gilbert for 4th place. They added three-second place finishes, doing well in the individual events. Glidden Ralston finished with 40 points, just 8 points from 4th place. Paton Churdan had 21 points.

Evan Adams gave Kuemper a champion in the field events, winning the Discus with a 146-03. Chris Mohr helped the Knights go 1-2 in the Discus, taking 2nd place. Michael Pottebaum was the other champion for Kuemper, winning the 400 Meters in 51.14. Trevor Rial added a 2nd place in the 800 Meters and the Sprint Medley team of Logan Sibenaller, Tanner Higby, Garrett Christensen and Michael Pottebaum were 2nd place.

Glidden Ralston won the Distance Medley (4:02.12) with Carter Soyer, Ethan Olberding, Waylon Hein and Emmett Snyder. Carter Soyer also took 2nd in the 400 Hurdles. Bradyn Smith was the top scorer for Paton Churdan, finishing 2nd in the Discus and 3rd in the Shot Put.

Results for Kuemper, Glidden Ralston and Paton Churdan are below.

Team Standings- Class A  

  1. Roland Story 122
  2. SE Valley 108
  3. Webster City 77
  4. Gilbert 66
  5. Kuemper 61
  6. Pocahontas Area 57
  7. Ogden 51
  8. Manson NW Webster 46


Team Standings- Class B

  1. Madrid 204
  2. West Bend Mallard 139
  3. Roland Story JV 51
  4. Woodward Academy 47
  5. SE Valley JV 46
  6. Glidden Ralston 40
  7. GTRA 29
  8. Paton Churdan 21


Kuemper Results-Class A

Shot Put 

4th Evan Adams         43-11



1st Evan Adams            146-03

2nd Chris Mohr             142-07


Sprint Medley 

2nd Kuemper     1:40.46

Logan Sibenaller, Tanner Higby, Garrett Christensen, Michael Pottebaum


100 Meters

6th Logan Sibenaller       11.91


Distance Medley 

4th Kuemper    4:01.26

Kyle Sundrup, John Boes, Trevor Rial, Patrick Hensel


400 Meters

1st Michael Pottebaum     51.14

5th Koby Lampman           54.48



4th Kuemper        1:39.46

Trevor Rial, Garrett Christensen, Tanner Higby, Chris Mohr


800 Meters

2nd Trevor Rial       2:13.60



6th Kuemper       46.63

Logan Sibenaller, Tanner Higby, Garrett Christensen, Chris Mohr



6th Kuemper     3:57.91

Koby Lampman, Kyle Sundrup, Ryan Sundrup, Patrick Hensel


Glidden Ralston and Paton Churdan Results- Class B 

Shot Put 

3rd Bradyn Smith       Paton Churdan       41-07.25

6th Wade Hunter       Glidden Ralston       36-06.50



2nd Bradyn Smith        Paton Churdan       124-11

6th Riley Cullum          Paton Churdan       84-07


Long Jump

5th Lucas Christian      Glidden Ralston     17-05.25


Sprint Medley 

5th Paton Churdan      1:51.28

Justin Stream, Bradyn Smith, Shaydon Thurman, Seth Thurman


Shuttle Hurdle

3rd Glidden Ralston       1:15.51

Carter Soyer, Jonathan Bergmeier, Waylon Hein, Ethan Olberding


Distance Medley 

1st Glidden Ralston   4:02.12

Carter Soyer, Ethan Olberding, Waylon Hein, Emmett Snyder



4th Paton Churdan    1:55.14

Justin Stream, Riley Cullum, Alex Hernandez-Butterfield, Seth Thurman


110 Hurdles

6th Waylon Hein       Glidden Ralston    21.17


800 Meters

3rd Emmett Snyder   Glidden Ralston     2:12.10


400 Hurdles

2nd Carter Soyer       Glidden Ralston      1:01.34

5th Jonathan Bergmeier   Glidden Ralston    1:05.67



4th Glidden Ralston      4:02.78

Emmett Snyder, Jonathan Bergmeier, Carter Soyer, Ethan Olberding






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