Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Kuemper, South Central Calhoun and East Sac Track Results


State Qualifying Track Meet Results from OA-BCIG, Thursday, May 11th 

East Sac, Kuemper and South Central Calhoun At OA-BCIG 

Kuemper Results – Knights qualified 8 Events with 7 boys and 1 goal 

Jacob Greving did as expected and qualified in the 3200 Meters, taking 2nd in a strong field. Greving ran a 10:31.17. Greving added a second event at state, helping the 4×800 qualify in 2nd place in 8:37.26. Greving was joined by Tregan Beiter, Koby Lampman and Trevor Rial. The Kuemper boys got their third event to state when DJ Vonnahme took 2nd in the 100 Meters. Vonnahme ran a 11.51. Vonnahme took 1st in the 200 Meters, running a 22.95, advancing in his second event. Jacob Greving made his third event in the 1600 Meters, winning in 4:45.20.  Ben Gerken took 2nd in both the High Jump  at 6-02.00 and the Long Jump with a 30-06.75, qualifying in both events for the Knights. Ellie Sibbel gave the Knights girls a state qualifier, taking 2nd in the Shot Put with a 38-04.75.


South Central Calhoun Results – Titans Qualified 4 Events with all 4 girls 

Iris Melody produced the first qualifier for the Titans on Thursday, winning the 3000 Meters in 11:24.06, taking about 25 seconds of her seeding time. Melody has had a very strong season in the 3000 Meters. The girls Distance Medley team cut a bunch of time of their best time, qualifying them for state as champs. They won the event with a 4:25.99 with Jayci Graeve, Mya Ridgely, Brenna McAlister and Chloe Judisch. Judisch qualified in her second event, continuing her strong season in the 800 Meters with a 1st place finish in 2:27.13. Keira Hammen locked up a trip to state, winning the Shot Put with a 39-02.00.

East Sac Reults

The Raiders didn’t have any automatic but still has a chance to get some events.

Results for all 3 teams are below.

Girls Team Standings

  1. Ridge View 115
  2. Hinton 95
  3. Kingsley Pierson 92
  4. Greene County 86
  5. Pocahontas Area 80
  6. Cherokee 69
  7. Kuemper 49
  8. South Central Calhoun 46
  9. OABCIG 34
  10. SE Valley 34
  11. MVAOCOU 24
  12. East Sac 16 


Boys Team Standings 

  1. SE Valley 93
  2. Kuemper 91
  3. OABCIG 78
  4. Pocahontas Area 77.50
  5. Ridge View 72
  6. Kingsley Pierson 61
  7. Cherokee 58
  8. Hinton 55
  9. Greene County 53
  10. MVAOCOU 36
  11. East Sac 35
  12. South Central Calhoun 31.50


Kuemper, East Sac and  South Central Calhoun Results 

Boys Sprint Medley 

7th South Central Calhoun          1:39.85

Zakiah Pettigrew, Christian Hansman, Keegan Soard, Brock Nattress


Girls 3000 Meters

1st Iris Melody                South Central Calhoun      11:24.06     Qualified 

8th Keziah Janssen        Kuemper                              14:09.42


Boys 3200 Meters

2nd Jacob Greving          Kuemper                             10:31.17   Qualified 

3rd Parker Engel             East Sac                              10:42.61

5th Landon Sporrer       East Sac                               10:59.62

7th Tristan Blair            South Central Calhoun      11:25.63

8th Redge Potts             South Central Calhoun      11:29.86


Boys 4×800

2nd Kuemper                8:37.26                    Qualified 

Tregan Beiter, Koby Lampman, Trevor Rial, Jacob Greving


Girls Shuttle Hurdle

6th East Sac                1:14.28

Kierstin Carroll, Haley Jo King, Olivya Mack, Madison Meister


Boys Shuttle Hurdle

5th South Central Calhoun    1:10.67

Andrew Anderson, Zakiah Pettigrew, Kolin Folsom, Jordan Moreno


Girls 100 Meters

6th Kerrigan Irlbeck            Kuemper                     13.87

8th Macy Blum                     Kuemper                     14.23


Boys 100 Meters

2nd DJ Vonnahme           Kuemper                           11.51           Qualified 

6th Brock Nattress          South Central Calhoun   11.89

8th Logan Sibenaller      Kuemper                           12.24


Girls Distance Medley 

1st South Central Calhoun      4:25.99                      Qualified 

Jayci Graeve, Mya Ridgely, Brenna McAlister, Chloe Judisch


Boys Distance Medley 

6th Kuemper                            4:08.90

Sean Healy, Evan Loew, Joe Klein, Thomas Pottebaum


Girls 400 Meters

4th Mary Bontrager              East Sac               1:04.38

7th Jordin Carroll                 East Sac                1:07.62


Boys 400 Meters

3rd Logan Schroeder           East Sac                53.62


Girls 4×200

6th Kuemper                       1:53.69

Macy Blum, Catherine Mayhall, Kerrigan Irlbeck, Kaci Peter


Boys 4×200

6th East Sac                       1:38.67

Jack Gullett, Asher Lawler, Trace Kraus, Alexander Hemer


Girls 100 Hurdles

8th Madison Meister       East Sac                    17.94



Boys 110 Hurdles

6th Zakiah Pettigrew        South Central Calhoun    17.02

8th Andrew Anderson      South Central Calhoun     17.75


Girls 800 Meters

1st Chloe Judisch               South Central Calhoun     2:27.13           Qualified 

3rd Charlotte Hackfort    Kuemper                              2:36.25


Boys 800 Meters

3rd Koby Lampman           Kuemper                           2:07.75

7th Thomas Pottebaum    Kuemper                           2:19.74


Boys 200 Meters

1st DJ Vonnahme              Kuemper                          22.95                     Qualified 

4th Brock Nattress          South Central Calhoun   23.65

8th Jack Gullett               East Sac                             24.99


Girls 400 Hurdles

5th Grace C Hoffman        Kuemper                       1:13.47

7th Olivya Mack                 East Sac                        1:15.22


Boys 400 Hurdles

3rd Trevor Rial                   Kuemper                   58.30

5th Garret Ortner               East Sac                    1:00.93


Boys 1600 Meters

1st Jacob Greving                Kuemper                 4:45.20          Qualified

6th Parker Engel                East Sac                    5:01.37

7th Landon Sporrer          East Sac                   5:01.41

8th Tregan Beiter              Kuemper                 5:08.29


Girls 4×100

5th Kuemper                       53.37

Megan Scott, Kaci Peter, Catherine Mayhall, Kerrigan Irlbeck


7th East Sac                       55.16

Jen Aschinger, Elena Valenza, Jordin Carroll, Mary Bontrager


Boys 4×100

3rd South Central Calhoun        45.09

Brock Nattress, Keegan Soard, Zakiah Pettigrew, Chrsitian Hansman


5th Kuemper                                 45.30

Logan Sibenaller, Ben Gerken, Koby Lampman, DJ Vonnahme


Girls 4×400

8th East Sac                                  4:44.11

Jen Aschinger, Mary Bontrager, Jordin Carroll, Olivya Mack


Boys 4×400

3rd East Sac                                3:35.01

Garret Ortner, Trace Kraus, Asher Lawler, Logan Schroeder


Boys High Jump

2nd Ben Gerken                       Kuemper                             6-02.00       Qualified 

5th Andrew Anderson             South Central Calhoun    5-08.00

8th Kayden Hammen             South Central Calhoun     5-06.00


Girls Long Jump

4th Macy Blum                       Kuemper                                15-10.25

5th Grace C Hoffman            Kuemper                                14-08.00


Boys Long Jump

2nd Ben Gerken                     Kuemper                               20-06.75     Qualified 


Girls Discus 

3rd Keira Hammen           South Central Calhoun      111-01.00

4th Ellie Sibbel                   Kuemper                             104-07.00


Boys Discus 

3rd Evan Adams                Kuemper                              155-01.00


Girls Shot Put 

1st Keira Hammen           South Central Calhoun     39-02.00  Qualified

2nd Ellie Sibbel               Kuemper                               38-04.75  Qualified


Boys Shot Put 

7th Evan Adams                 Kuemper                            45-03.00



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