Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Girls Track Results for 7 Area Teams on Thursday


Girls Track Results Thursday, April 26th 

Drake Relays- High School Girls Shot Put

Emma Kuhlman of Carroll competed in the Shot Put at the Drake Relays on Thursday. The event began at 2:30 and Kuhlmann was seeded 10th entering the event. Her first throw was a 37-08.50, turning out to be her best throw of the meet. She tossed a 37-01.50 in her second throw and scratched on her final throw. Kuhlmann finished 13th overall.


Carroll At Storm Lake Invite 

Carroll had several athletes sit out due to Drake Relays and weather issues but still had a strong night in Storm Lake. They notched one championship with Olivia Rowedder winning the Discus with a 109-01. Chloe Kock was right behind her in 2nd place in the Discus. Rowedder added a 3rd in the Shot Put and Kaci Wiederien was 3rd in the 800 Meters. The Tigers finished with 51-points in 7th place. The Tigers had four relays finish in 4th place.

Carroll heads to the Raccoon River Conference Meet on Wednesday At Carlisle.

Team Standings 

  1. Storm Lake 126
  2. Humboldt 85
  3. Pocahontas Area 85
  4. OABCIG 77
  5. Manson NW Webster 77
  6. Newell Fonda 69
  7. Carroll 51
  8. Storm Lake St Mary’s 1



100 Meters

7th Alexis Esquivel                 14.65


Sprint Medley

4th Carroll                2:08.03

Alexis Esquivel, Brenna Goins, Libby Perkins, Aubrie Drake


3000 Meters

5th Tahlia Hahn                   14:39.23


Distance Medley

4th Carroll              5:02.46

Phillipine Hariau, Pricilla Linares, Alexis Esquivel, Kaci Wiederien



4th Carroll            2:00.33

Amelia Holt, Priscila Linares, Libby Perkins, Aubrey Schmitt-Hubbard


100 Hurdles 

6th Abby Neppel       19.81


800 Meters 

3rd Kaci Wiederien       2:47.72


1500 Meters

8th Tahlia Hahn             6:53.37



4th Carroll                 54.98

Alexis Esquivel, Libby Perkins, Aubrie Drake, Aubrey Schmitt-Hubbard



5th Carroll                   4:50.88

Priscila Linares, Aubrie Drake, Phillipine Huriau, Kaci Wiederien


Long Jump 

8th Aubrie Drake        13-08.75



1st Olivia Rowedder       109-01

2nd Chloe Kock               101-03


Shot Put 

3rd Olivia Rowedder      33-00.00



Ar-We-Va At Woodbine 

Amber Ragaller took 3rd for Ar-We-Va in the 400 Hurdles and finished 4th in the Long Jump. The Rockets took 6th in four relays, helping them score 15-points and finish in 7th place at Woodbine on Friday.

The Rockets are scheduled to compete at South Central Calhoun on Friday.

Team Standings 

  1. Woodbine 140
  2. Riverside 121.50
  3. Treynor 119
  4. Atlantic 106.50
  5. Boyer Valley 58
  6. Missouri Valley 25
  7. Ar-We-Va 15 



800 Meters

6th Gabby Hundling          2:43.60


400 Hurdles

3rd Amber Ragaller           1:21.79



6th Ar-We-Va                  1:03.35

Allison Skinner, Maggie Berns, Noelia Gonzalez, Sarah Melton



6th Ar-We-Va                 2:16.46

Allison Skinner, Maggie Berns, Sarah Melton, Morgan Berg


Sprint Medley 

6th Ar-We-Va                  2:11.73

Allison Skinner, Morgan Berg, Sarah Melton, Gabby Hundling


Distance Medley 

6th Ar-We-Va               5:14.85

Sarah Melton, Maggie Berns, Amber Ragaller, Gabby Hundling


Long Jump 

4th Amber Ragaller        14-03.00



Audubon, Coon Rapids Bayard, Glidden Ralston, Paton Churdan and IKM-Manning At AC/GC 

IKM-Manning won the team title, scoring 175-points with four individual champions.  Three of the five area schools earned at least one championship and four of the five schools placing at least one event in the top 3 of an individual event or relay. The Wolves showed great depth in individual events and were strong in relays while Audubon dominated in the relays, winning five titles, helping them finish 3rd with 120-points. Coon Rapids Bayard had a pair of individual champs, finishing in 5th place with 74-points. Glidden Ralston was 6th with 29-points and Paton Churdan ended in 7th place with 13-points. The Wolves had twelve individuals in the top 3 and five more in the top 5. They had five relays finish in the top 5, with one championship and one more relay in the top 5. Audubon had four individuals in the top 3, including a champion. They won five relays. Coon Rapids Bayard had two individuals champs with four finishing in the top 3 and two more in the top 5. The Crusaders added a relay champion and two more in the top 5. Glidden Ralston finished with four individuals in the top 5 and one relay in the top 5. Paton Churdan had a top 3 individual event.

Caylie Rasmussen won the 400 Meters for IKM-Manning in 1:04.86, Abby Neiheisel finished 1st in the 100 Hurdles in 17.87 and Alikxa McGinn had a 14-06.50 to win the Long Jump. Raegan Garrison was their fourth individual champion, winning the 3000 Meters in 11:47.55. Grace Carroll took 2nd in the 200 Meters and Laynie Gawley was 2nd in the 400 Meters. Addisyn Bandow added a 2nd in the 800 Meters as the Wolves did well in sprints and mid-distance races. The Wolves were 2nd in the 4×100 with Audrey Menough, Abby Neiheisel, Hannah McKinney and Oriah Meiners and the 4×200 with Abby Neiheisel, Taylor Beckendorf, Grace Carroll and Oriah Meiners. They ended the meet with a 2nd place in the 4×400 with Karlee Arp, Laynie Gawley, Addisyn Bandow and Caylie Rasmussen. The Shuttle Hurdle also finished 2nd with Abby Neiheisel, Grace Carroll, Anna Stangl and Abby Wanser.

Taryn Petersen won the Wheelers lone individual event, running a 28-21 in the 200 Meters. The Wheelers were very strong in relays with five titles, including the 4×100 in 55.25 with Addie Hocker, Anna Larsen, Gemini Goodwin and Michelle Brooks. They won the 4×200 in 1:53.69, running Taryn Petersen, Mattie Nielsen, Anna Larsen and Jaelynn Petersen and were 2nd in the 4×400 in 4:26.78 with Taryn Petersen, Mattie Nielsen, Jaelynn Petersen and Kadence Brannan-Sporrer. Their Sprint Medley team started their success, winning with Michelle Brooks, Mattie Nielsen, Taryn Petersen and Kadence Brannan-Sporrer in1:57.93. They won their final championship, winning the 4×800 with Riley Miller, Maya King, Marie Brand and Michelle Wilson. They ran a 11:39.96. The Distance Medley was 2nd with Gemini Goodwin, Michelle Brooks, Addie Hocker and Kadence Brannan-Sporrer. Addie Hocker added a 2nd place in the Discus.

Coon Rapids Bayard Shuttle Hurdle is clicking, winning the championship in 1:14.29 with Lauren Cook, Aubrey Hofbauer, Amelia Eddy and Malia Clayburg. Malia Clayburg had a strong day in the High Jump, winning with at 5-00 and Maddy Mason continues to throw well, winning the Shot Put in 33-10.50. Lauren Cook was 2nd in the 100 Meters.

Tiela Janssen was one of two 4th place finishes to lead Glidden Ralston, taking 4th in the Long Jump. Allison Snyder added a 4th place in the 400 Meters.

Alivya Smith of Paton Churdan was 3rd in the Discus.

Results for IKM-Manning, Audubon, Coon Rapids Bayard, Glidden Ralston and Paton Churdan are below.

Team Standings

  1. IKM-Manning 175 
  2. AC/GC 127
  3. Audubon 120 
  4. Panorama 114
  5. Coon Rapids Bayard 74 
  6. Glidden Ralston 29
  7. Paton Churdan 13 



100 Meters

2nd Lauren Cook            Coon Rapids Bayard     13.99

3rd Caylie Rasmussen   IKM-Manning                14.13

5th Anna Larsen             Audubon                          14.67

6th Hannah McKinney   IKM-Manning               14.81

7th Kassidy Wenck           Glidden Ralston           15.44


200 Meters

1st Taryn Petersen             Audubon                      28.21

2nd Grace Carroll              IKM-Manning             28.60

3rd Caylie Rasmussen      IKM-Manning            29.14

4th Mattie Nielsen             Audubon                    29.17


400 Meters

1st Caylie Rasmussen         IKM-Manning           1:04.86

2nd Laynie Gawley             IKM-Manning           1:08.12

4th Allison Snyder              Glidden Ralston        1:11.11

5th Tiela Janssen                Glidden Ralston          1:11.34

6th Ashtyn Klocke              Coon Rapids Bayard   1:12.01

8th Riley Miller                  Audubon                        1:15.81


800 Meters

2nd Addisyn Bandow          IKM-Manning             2:34.38

4th Alikxa McGinn              IKM-Manning             2:47.88

5th Allison Snyder               Glidden Ralston          2:59.15

8th BreAnn Hartwigsen    Glidden Ralston          3:02.93

9th Reegan Thomas             Coon Rapids Bayard   3:11.93


1500 Meters

4th Michelle Wilson              Audubon                      5:54.93

5th Addisyn Bandow             IKM-Manning            6:02.01

9th Ruby VanderWal           Audubon                      7:17.42


3000 Meters

1st Raegan Garrison             IKM-Manning           11:47.55

3rd Emma Reginato           IKM-Manning             13:43.17


100  Hurdles

1st Abby Neiheisel                IKM-Manning             17.87

3rd Michelle Brooks            Audubon                       18.45

5th Abby Wanser                IKM-Manning              19.16

6th Aubrey Hofbauer       Coon Rapids Bayard      20.57


400 Hurdles

3rd Taylor Beckendorf       IKM-Manning                 1:16.28

4th Anna Stangl                  IKM-Manning                  1:22.00

5th Maya King                    Audubon                            1:30.52

6th Emily Foran                 Audubon                            1:40.54



1st Audubon                 55.25

Addie Hocker, Anna Larsen, Gemini Goodwin, Michelle Brooks


2nd IKM-Manning      55.66

Audrey Menough, Abby Neiheisel, Hannah McKinney, Oriah Meiners


4th Coon Rapids Bayard    56.02

Lauren Cook, Amelia Eddy, Ella Heithoff, Malia Clayburg


9th Glidden Ralston           1:02.20

Kassidy Wenck, Tiela Janssen, BreAnn Hartwigsen, Allison Snyder


10th Paton Churdan            1:03.16

Bridget Hobbs, Ella Tasler, Shianne Teed, Kaliyah Minnehan




1st Audubon                  1:53.69

Taryn Petersen, Mattie Nielsen, Anna Larsen, Jaelynn Petersen


2nd IKM-Manning         1:54.95

Abby Neiheisel, Taylor Beckendorf, Grace Carroll, Oriah Meiners


4th Coon Rapids Bayard    1:58.24

Lauren Cook, Amelia Eddy, Ella Heithoff, Malia Clayburg


9th Paton Churdan              2:22.41

Ella Tasler, Maggie Reed, Shianne Teed, Kaliyah Minnehan



1st Audubon                     4:26.78

Taryn Petersen, Mattie Nielsen, Jaelynn Petersen, Kadence Brannan-Sporrer


2nd IKM-Manning           4:32.38

Karlee Arp, Laynie Gawley, Addisyn Bandow, Caylie Rasmussen



1st Audubon                     11:39.96

Riley Miller, Maya King, Marie Brand, Michelle Wilson


4th IKM-Manning           12:23.33

Karlee Arp, Oriah Meiners, Tessa Josefson, Emma Reginato


Sprint Medley 

1st Audubon                   1:57.93

Michelle Brooks, Mattie Nielsen, Taryn Petersen, Kadence Brannan-Sporrer


4th IKM-Manning        2:06.63

Taylor Beckendorf, Laynie Gawley, Addisyn Bandow, Alikxa McGinn


5th Glidden Ralston      2:16.76

Emma Ertz, BreAnn Hartwigsen, Tiela Janssen, Allison Snyder


6th Coon Rapids Bayard    2:17.10

Rylie Thomas, Aubrey Hofbauer, Ashtyn Klocke, Reegan Thomas


7th Paton Churdan             2:29.20

Bridget Hobbs, Maggie Reed, Kaliyah Minnehan, Shianne Teed


Distance Medley 

2nd Audubon                  4:49.76

Gemini Goodwin, Michelle Brooks, Addie Hocker, Kadence Brannan-Sporrer


3rd IKM-Manning         4:56.16

Karlee Arp, Audrey Menough, Hannah McKinney, Raegan Garrison


Shuttle Hurdle 

1st Coon Rapids Bayard     1:14.29

Lauren Cook, Aubrey Hofbauer, Amelia Eddy, Malia Clayburg


2nd IKM-Manning           1:20.51

Abby Neiheisel, Grace Carroll, Anna Stangl, Abby Wanser


High Jump 

1st Malia Clayburg         Coon Rapids Bayard      5-00

2nd Jaelynn Petersen   Audubon                          4-10

3rd Taylor Beckendorf    IKM-Manning              4-08

4th Ella Heithoff              Coon Rapids Bayard    4-04


Long Jump 

1st Alikxa McGinn          IKM-Manning              14-06.50

4th Tiela Janssen          Glidden Ralston           13-03.00

5th Karlee Arp              IKM-Manning                 13-01.50

7th Emily Foran             Audubon                       12-01.50


Shot Put 

1st Maddy Mason            Coon Rapids Bayard      33-10.50

3rd Breeley Clayburg     Coon Rapids Bayard      30-09.50

6th Addie Hocker           Audubon                           28-10.00

7th Ella Langel                IKM-Manning                 26-10.00

9th McKenna Benton    IKM-Manning                26-05.00



2nd Addie Hocker          Audubon                         92-04.00

3rd Alivya Smith           Paton Churdan               84-06.75

5th Maddy Mason        Coon Rapids Bayard     81-11.00

6th McKenna Benton     IKM-Manning              72-01.25

7th Sarah Christensen   IKM-Manning              70-09.25

8th Izzy Reiling              Coon Rapids Bayard     69-07.50





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