Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Five Area Boys Track Teams Impress at Carroll Co-Ed Meet Monday


Boys Track Results for Monday, April 10th, 2023

Audubon, IKM-Manning, Kuemper, and South Central Calhoun at Carroll


Five area track teams packed the Carroll Athletic Stadium for Monday’s meet as Carroll hosted Audubon, IKM-Manning, Kuemper, and South Central Calhoun along with five other area teams. Area teams had a great showing overall with the top three spots occupied by Carroll Broadcasting area teams. Kuemper was able to edge out IKM-Manning to win the meet as a team with 107 compared to 106 points. Carroll rounded out the top three with 89 points. South Central Calhoun finished sixth overall with 43 points and Audubon tied with Woodward Granger for seventh place with 39 points.

For the winning Kuemper Knights, they ended up with four champions and five second or third place finishes. Evan Adams dominated the throwing events capturing the crown in the discus with a winning throw of 142-04 and shot put with a throw of 47-01.50. Teammate Connor Hays was able to tie up the third-place spot with a best throw of 38-11.50. DJ Vonnahme was able to secure two individual championships in the 100- and 200-meter dash with times of 11.52 and 23.39 respectively. Jacob Greving ran well in the 800-meter run, finishing in second place, behind IKM-Manning’s Caden Keller, with a time of 2:06.22. The other second place finisher for the Knights was Trevor Rial in the 400 hurdles with a time of 59.25. Kuemper secured two other top three finishes, with Ben Gerken finishing third in the long jump with a best jump of 19-08.00 and the 4X100 relay, composed of Logan Sibenaller, Gerken, Chris Mohr, and Vonnahme, where they finished third with a time of 45.95.

For the second place IKM-Manning Wolves, they were able to finish with four champions and six second or third place finishes. Caden Keller was again star of the Wolves, with another three third place finishes added to his season total. He won the 3200-meter run with a time of 10:19.90, 800-meter run with a time of 2:05.53 and was part of the winning 4X800 relay along with Lane Sams, Hunter Smith, and Ben Ramsey where they had a time of 8:26.68. The fourth and final first place finish for the Wolves came when Reed Hinners won the 1600-meter run with a winning time of 4:45.47. Hinners was also able to finish third overall in a stacked 3200-meter run with a time of 10:38.15. Other top individual finishes include Will Fara in the 110 hurdles finishing second with a time of 17.26 and Sams in the 1600 where he finished third with a time of 4:57.69. 

Along with the 4X800 relay, IKM-Manning had three other second-place finishing relays. In the distance medley relay, Justin Segebart, Max Butler, Abe Polzien, and Sams finished with a time of 3:53.24. The 4X200 relay was composed of Davis Rasmussen, Cooper Irlmeier, Eli Dreyer, and Ross Kusel and they finished with a time of 1:35.20. Finally, Smith, Dreyer, Kusel, and Keller competed in the 4X400 where they finished with a time of 3:39.00. 

The Carroll Tigers was able to secure two top finishes overall along with six others second or third place finishes. Reece Ziegmann was a champion in the long jump event with a best jump of 19-11.25. The 4X200 relay team was the other top finisher on the day where Ziegmann, Jake Jorgensen, Trey Hunter, and Jack White won the event with a time of 1:35.01. Those same individuals were part of the sprint medley relay where they finished second overall with a time of 1:40.26. Ziegmann, Jorgensen, and White were joined by Austin Tigges in the 4X100 relay where the team finished second overall in a time of 45.80. Along with his relay performances, Hunter was able to secure a second-place finish in the high jump with a best jump of 6-04.00. Ryan North was able to finish second in the 3200 with a time of 10:21.72 and 1600 in a time of 4:45.48. Finally, Colton Wieland finished behind Kuemper’s Evan Adams in the discus event with a best throw of 132-05. 

South Central Calhoun left Carroll with a champion in an individual event along with four other top three finishes. Zakiah Pettigrew was able to capture the Titans’ only first place finish in the 110 hurdles with a winning time of 16.70. Brock Nattress had three of the other four top finishes for the Titans. He was able to finish third in the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.82, 200-meter dash with a time of 23.74-, and 400-meter dash in a time of 53.58. Andrew Anderson had the final third place finish for South Central Calhoun, coming in the high jump with a best jump of 6-00.00. 

Audubon’s shuttle hurdle relay continued to shave off time and were able to get the Wheelers only first place finish on the day. Aaron Olsen, Manny Beisswenger, Brody Schultes, and Gabe Jensen won the event with a time of 1:07.22. Olsen was also able to finish second overall in the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.71. Manny Beisswenger also impressed in the 110-meter hurdles with a third-place finish in a time of 17.37. In the 800-meter run, Zeke Konkler ran well and secured a third-place finish with a time of 2:09.74. Finally, the sprint medley relay, composed of Dakota McCrainie, Beisswenger, Olsen, and Konkler finished third overall with a time of 1:40.62. 

Full results for all five teams can be found below. 

Team Standings

  1. Kuemper 107
  2. IKM-Manning 106
  3. Carroll 89
  4. Ballard 84
  5. Greene County 45
  6. South Central Calhoun 43
  7. Woodward Granger 39
  8. Audubon 39
  9. Perry 22
  10. MVAOCOU 14


                Audubon, Carroll, IKM-Manning, Kuemper, and South Central Calhoun Results

                High Jump

                2nd Trey Hunter Carroll 6-04.00

                3rd Andrew Anderson SCC 6-00.00

                4th Cooper Irlmeier IKM-Manning 5-10.00

                4th Ross Kusel IKM-Manning 5-10.00

                6th Kayden Hammen SCC 5-08.00



                1st Evan Adams Kuemper 142-04

                2nd Colton Wieland Carroll 132-05

                4th Chris Mohr Kuemper 126-07

                7th Wyatt Mernka SCC 111-10

                8th Nolan Kerkhoff IKM-Manning 107-05


                Shot Put

                1st Evan Adams Kuemper 47-01.50

                3rd Connor Hays Kuemper 38-11.50

                5th Colton Wieland Carroll 38-09.25

                6th Doug Villanueva IKM-Manning 38-02.75

                8th Caleb Vanderheiden Carroll 37-08.75


                Long Jump

                1st Reece Ziegmann Carroll 19-11.25

                3rd Ben Gerken Kuemper 19-08.00

                4th Trey Hunter Carroll 18-10.75

                5th Cooper Irlmeier IKM-Manning 18-09.75


                Sprint Medley Relay

                2nd Carroll 1:40.26

                Reece Ziegmann, Jake Jorgensen, Trey Hunter, Jack White


                3rd Audubon 1:40.62

                Dakota McCrainie, Manny Beisswenger, Aaron Olsen, Zeke Konkler


                6th IKM-Manning 1:42.74

                Jase Lueth, Davis Rasmussen, Max Butler, Eli Dreyer


                7th Kuemper 1:43.18

                Sean Healy, Logan Sibenaller, Evan Loew, Koby Lampman


                3200 Meters

                1st Caden Keller IKM-Manning 10:19.90

                2nd Ryan North Carroll 10:21.72

                3rd Reed Hinners IKM-Manning 10:38.15

                4th Jacob Greving Kuemper 10:47.17

                6th Tristan Blair SCC 11:11.96

                7th Redge Potts SCC 11:29.81


                4X800 Relay

                1st IKM-Manning 8:26.68

                Lane Sams, Hunter Smith, Ben Ramsey, Caden Keller


                4th Kuemper 9:18.72

                Joe Klein, Tregan Beiter, Ryan Sundrup, Thomas Pottebaum


                5th Carroll 9:35.83

                Dylan Hosenfelt, Dayton Wiederien, Evan Schaeffer, Blake Molinsky


                6th Audubon 9:52.04

                Adam Obrecht, Jack Stanerson, Carson Wessel, Brody Beane


                8th SCC 10:14.94

                Nathan Burley, Kayden Hammen, Jordan Moreno, Josh Knapp


                Shuttle Hurdle Relay

                1st Audubon 1:07.22

                Aaron Olsen, Manny Beisswenger, Brody Shultes, Gabe Jensen


                3rd Carroll 1:09.31

                Owen Klocke, Carson Tedrow, Carter Smith, Maddux White


                4th SCC 1:10.78

                Andrew Anderson, Zakiah Pettigrew, Chance Roeder, Kolin Folsom


                5th IKM-Manning 1:12.90

                Will Fara, Justin Segebart, Ashton Ahrenholtz, Reed Hinners


                100 Meter Dash

                1st DJ Vonnahme Kuemper 11.52

                2nd Aaron Olsen Audubon 11.71

                3rd Brock Nattress SCC 11.82

                8th Davis Rasmussen IKM-Manning 12.08


                Distance Medley Relay

                2nd IKM-Manning 3:53.24

                Justin Segebart, Max Butler, Abe Polzien, Lane Sams


                4th Kuemper 3:57.03

                Logan Sibenaller, Ben Gerken, Koby Lampman, Trevor Rial


                6th Carroll 3:59.94

                Austin Tigges, Carter Essick, Edrik Heisterkamp, Ryan North


                400 Meter Dash

                3rd Brock Nattress SCC 53.58

                4th Hunter Smith IKM-Manning 54.50

                7th Issac Blankman IKM-Manning 56.86

                8th Joe Klein Kuemper 57.80


                4X200 Relay

                1st Carroll 1:35.01

                Reece Ziegmann, Jake Jorgensen, Trey Hunter, Jack White


                2nd IKM-Manning 1:35.20

                Davis Rasmussen, Cooper Irlmeier, Eli Dreyer, Ross Kusel


                6th Kuemper 1:42.38

                Sean Healy, Chris Mohr, Ethan Loew, Evan Leow


                7th SCC 1:43.22

                Will Schmit, Joshua Billmeier, Wyatt Mernka, Chance Roeder


                110 Hurdles

                1st Zakiah Pettigrew SCC 16.70

                2nd Will Fara IKM-Manning 17.26

                3rd Manny Beisswenger Audubon 17.37

                7th Andrew Anderson SCC 18.54

                8th Ty Hawkinson Carroll 19.01


                800 Meter Run

                1st Caden Keller IKM-Manning 2:05.53

                2nd Jacob Greving Kuemper 2:06.22

                3rd Zeke Konkler Audubon 2:09.74

                8th Ben Ramsey IKM-Manning 2:13.80


                200 Meter Dash

                1st DJ Vonnahme Kuemper 23.39

                3rd Brock Nattress SCC 23.74

                5th Keegan Soard SCC 24.46


                400 Meter Hurdles

                2nd Trevor Rial Kuemper 59.25

                4th Cooper Ludwig Carroll 1:03.14

                5th Justin Segebart IKM-Manning 1:03.78

                6th Andrew Anderson SCC 1:03.95

                7th Max Butler IKM-Manning 1:04.85

                8th Zakiah Pettigrew SCC 1:04.85


                1600 Meter Run

                1st Reed Hinners IKM-Manning 4:45.47

                2nd Ryan North Carroll 4:45.48

                3rd Lane Sams IKM-Manning 4:57.69

                5th Tregan Beiter Kuemper 5:06.24

                7th Blake Molinsky Carroll 5:15.35

                8th Tristan Blair SCC 5:17.20


                4X100 Relay

                2nd Carroll 45.80

                Reece Ziegmann, Austin Tigges, Jake Jorgensen, Jack White


                3rd Kuemper 45.95

                Logan Sibenaller, Ben Gerken, Chris Mohr, DJ Vonnahme


                4th IKM-Manning 46.53

                Davis Rasmussen, Eli Dreyer, Cooper Irlmeier, Ross Kusel


                5th Audubon 46.88

                Manny Beisswenger, Zeke Konkler, Dakota McCrainie, Aaron Olsen


                7th SCC 47.40

                Brock Nattress, Keegan Soard, Wyatt Mernka, Zakiah Pettigrew


                4X400 Relay

                2nd IKM-Manning 3:39.00

                Hunter Smith, Eli Dreyer, Ross Kusel, Caden Keller


                4th Kuemper 3:42.05

                Koby Lampman, Ryan Sundrup, Jacob Greving, Trevor Rial


                5th Carroll 3:42.28

                Edrik Heisterkamp, Riley Mauro, Caden Mollhoff, Austin Tigges


                8th Audubon 4:06.27

                Jack Stanerson, Adam Obrecht, Carson Wessel, Logan Stetzel

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