Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Carroll, Kuemper, SCC, and East Sac Boys’ Wrestling in Action Thursday


Boys Wrestling Results for Thursday, January 26th, 2023

Carroll and Webster City at Boone

Carroll went 1-1 Thursday as they were able to easily get past Boone but were challenged against Webster City. In matches they wrestled, the Tigers went 9-13 on the day and had three guys go undefeated.

Cooper Ludwig, Owen Klocke, and Jireh Gallegos were able to go 2-0 on the day. Klocke had the longest day having to win his matches via a very close 4-0 and 3-0 decision. Cooper Ludwig would also go the distance with an 11-1 major decision over Joseph Pestotnik of Boone and also won via fall at 1:42. Jireh Gallegos had little issues against Pedro Gonzalez of Boone, winning via fall at 1:07. He had to battle for his second win but was able to defeat Brady Jessen of Webster City via a 10-3 major decision. Those three wrestlers were the only ones who picked up wins against Webster City wrestlers. Cael Nelson, Michael Rowedder, and Chase Ragaller all picked up wins over their Boone opponents. 

The Tigers will travel to Gilbert on Saturday when they compete in the Raccoon River Conference Tournament. 

Full Carroll results can be found below. 

Carroll vs Boone

Carroll 52

Boone 20

126: Cael Nelson (CARR) over Gavin Hollenkamp (BOON) (Fall 1:54) 

132: Michael Rowedder (CARR) over Jackson Warrick (BOON) (Dec 3-2) 

138: Ty Solverson (BOON) over Levi Dirkx (CARR) (TF 18-3 5:18) 

145: Cooper Ludwig (CARR) over Joseph Pestotnik (BOON) (MD 11-1) 

152: Owen Klocke (CARR) over Wyatt Herrstrom (BOON) (Dec 4-0) 

160: Jireh Gallegos (CARR) over Pedro Gonzalez (BOON) (Fall 1:07) 

170: Chase Ragaller (CARR) over Aiden Stevens (BOON) (Fall 0:58) 

182: Kieran Polking (CARR) over (BOON) (For.) 

195: Taidyn Peterson (CARR) over (BOON) (For.) 

220: Gavin Holt (CARR) over (BOON) (For.) 

285: Colton Wieland (CARR) over (BOON) (For.) 

106: Ajay Braddock (BOON) over Dreylen Schweitzer (CARR) (Dec 4-0) 

113: Tate Hollenkamp (BOON) over Carson Tedrow (CARR) (Fall 4:20) 

120: Jordan McCloud (BOON) over (CARR) (For.)


Carroll vs Webster City

Webster City 51

Carroll 12

132: Brayden Henely (WECI) over Michael Rowedder (CARR) (Dec 6-2) 

138: Tristan Mason (WECI) over Levi Dirkx (CARR) (Fall 5:00) 

145: Cooper Ludwig (CARR) over Luke Estlund (WECI) (Fall 1:42) 

152: Owen Klocke (CARR) over Jordan Vankham (WECI) (Dec 3-0) 

160: Jireh Gallegos (CARR) over Brady Jessen (WECI) (Dec 10-3) 

170: Austin Mason (WECI) over Chase Ragaller (CARR) (Fall 2:00) 

182: Dylan Burnette-Bingham (WECI) over Kieran Polking (CARR) (SV-1 7-5) 

195: CJ Hisler (WECI) over Taidyn Peterson (CARR) (Fall 0:27) 

220: Maurice Anderson (WECI) over Gavin Holt (CARR) (Dec 8-7) 

285: Jaxon Cherry (WECI) over Colton Wieland (CARR) (Fall 0:39) : 

106: Linden Phetxoumphone (WECI) over Dreylen Schweitzer (CARR) (Dec 9-2)

113: Dawson Bertran (WECI) over Carson Tedrow (CARR) (Fall 4:52) 

120: Gavin Wynkoop (WECI) over (CARR) (For.)

126: Carson Doolittle (WECI) over Cael Nelson (CARR) (Dec 3-0)


Kuemper, AHSTW, and Red Oak at Harlan

The Kuemper Knights went 1-2 in duals Thursday night as they took on AHSTW, Red Oak, and Harlan.

The duel they won was against Red Oak where they won 47-17. They would struggle against AHSTW 62-24 and Harlan 34-18. Will Healy had the best day for the Knights, going 3-0 overall. He won his matches via a 7-4 decision, a 13-3 major decision, and via fall at 1:48. Jake Hausman saw success as well, going 2-1 with wins via a 11-5 decision and fall at 1:07. Riley Parkis, Connor Hays, Sam Rotert, Logan Rial, and Reese Koch all were able to pick up a win for the Knights. 

The Knights are in action this Saturday, January 28th when they compete at the Hawkeye 10 tournament. Full Kuemper results can be found below. 

Kuemper vs AHSTW


Kuemper 24

106: Chris Holmes (AHST) over (KUCA) (For.) 

113: Kade Schwanz (KUCA) over (AHST) (For.) 

120: Tucker Osbahr (AHST) over Owen Nepple (KUCA) (Dec 11-4) 

126: Gatlin Gettler (AHST) over Logan Rial (KUCA) (Fall 3:48) 

132: Riley Parkis (KUCA) over (AHST) (For.) 

138: Eli Collins (AHST) over Joe Klein (KUCA) (Fall 3:50) 

145: Jake Hausman (KUCA) over Tyson Osbahr (AHST) (Fall 1:07) 

152: Dayden Moertl (AHST) over Joey Masching (KUCA) (Fall 0:50) 

160: Kayden Baxter (AHST) over Tate Bieret (KUCA) (TF 18-2 3:45) 

170: Will Healy (KUCA) over Isaac Stamp (AHST) (Fall 1:48)

182: Kolby Weihs (AHST) over Sam Rotert (KUCA) (Fall 1:14) 

195: Logan Heller (AHST) over Coby Pierce (KUCA) (Fall 1:08) 

220: Henry Lund (AHST) over Connor Hays (KUCA) (Fall 3:58) 

285: Sawyer Kiesel (AHST) over Hayden Vonnahme (KUCA) (Fall 2:59)


Kuemper vs Red Oak

Kuemper 47

Red Oak 17

106: Double Forfeit 

113: Owen Nepple (KUCA) over (REOA) (For.) 

120: Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) over (REOA) (For.) 

126: Kyler Sandholm (REOA) over Logan Rial (KUCA) (Fall 1:12) 

132: Double Forfeit 

138: Riley Parkis (KUCA) over Joshua LeRette (REOA) (MD 10-0) 

145: Jake Hausman (KUCA) over Dayton Gusman (REOA) (Dec 11-5) 

152: Adam Baier (REOA) over Joey Masching (KUCA) (Fall 0:34) 

160: Dawson Bond (REOA) over Tate Bieret (KUCA) (TF 18-3 2:49) 

170: Will Healy (KUCA) over Baz Clear (REOA) (MD 13-3)

182: Sam Rotert (KUCA) over Nolan Perrien (REOA) (Fall 1:23) 

195: Coby Pierce (KUCA) over (REOA) (For.) 

220: Connor Hays (KUCA) over Sam Fields (REOA) (Fall 1:53)

285: Hayden Vonnahme (KUCA) over (REOA) (For.)


Kuemper vs Harlan

Harlan 34

Kuemper 18


113: Jesse Jens (HARL) over Owen Nepple (KUCA) (Dec 8-2) 

120: Spencer Fink (HARL) over Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) (MD 14-2) 

126: Logan Rial (KUCA) over Shane Noeth (HARL) (Dec 11-6)


138: Riley Parkis (KUCA) over (HARL) (For.) 

145: Brody McKinley (HARL) over Jake Hausman (KUCA) (TF 15-0 3:29) 

152: Nolan Schwery (HARL) over Joey Masching (KUCA) (Dec 8-4) 

160: Reese Koch (HARL) over Tate Bieret (KUCA) (MD 14-5) 

170: Will Healy (KUCA) over Bryce Van Baale (HARL) (Dec 7-4)

182: Brett Van Baale (HARL) over Sam Rotert (KUCA) (Fall 1:15) 

195: Zane Bendorf (HARL) over Coby Pierce (KUCA) (Fall 2:13) 

220: Matt Schwery (HARL) over Connor Hays (KUCA) (Dec 7-2) 

285: Hayden Vonnahme (KUCA) over (HARL) (For.)


Alta-Aurelia, SE Valley and West Bend Mallard at East Sac 

East Sac finished 2-1 on Thursday, beating Alta-Aurelia 42-34 and SE Valley 38-36. The Raiders fell to West Bend Mallard 52-30. East Sac finished the evening 8-12 in matches wrestled, going 2-3 vs Alta-Aurelia with both wins by fall. They went 4-4 vs SE Valley with two wins by fall and a tech fall and 2-5 against West Bend Mallard with two wins by fall.

Charlie Veit went 3-0 with all 3 wins by fall and Hutton Pasche finished 3-0 with a win by fall and a tech fall (20-3).

Full Results are below.

East Sac Vs Alta-Aurelia 

East Sac 42

Alta-Aurelia 34


170: Tate Lahr (ESC) over (ALAU) (For.) 

182: Kaden Stites (ALAU) over Mike Manzer (ESC) (Fall 0:53) 

195: Seth Donelson (ESC) over (ALAU) (For.) 

220: Angel Barajas (ALAU) over (ESC) (For.) 

285: Breydan Westphal (ALAU) over (ESC) (For.) 

106: Eli Rieb (ALAU) over (ESC) (For.) 

113: Aden Rieb (ALAU) over Brendyn Conn (ESC) (Fall 0:23) 

120: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over (ALAU) (For.) 

126: Double Forfeit 

132: Isaiah Powers (ALAU) over Garret Ortner (ESC) (MD 19-11) 

138: Elias Aragon (ESC) over (ALAU) (For.) 

145: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Hayden Garlow (ALAU) (Fall 3:32) 

152: Hutton Pasche (ESC) over Tate Jarvis (ALAU) (Fall 1:49)

160: Chandler Quirk (ESC) over (ALAU) (For.)


East Sac Vs SE Valley 

East Sac 38

SE Valley 36



182: John Klingson (SEVA) over Mike Manzer (ESC) (Fall 0:19) 

195: Seth Donelson (ESC) over (SEVA) (For.) 

220: Nathan Graves (SEVA) over (ESC) (For.) 

285: Ryan Wicklein (SEVA) over (ESC) (For.) 

106: Double Forfeit 

113: Taelynn Slawson (SEVA) over Brendyn Conn (ESC) (Fall 2:25)

120: Caelan Oakes-Sudhish (SEVA) over Bradyn Burns (ESC) (Fall 5:42) 

126: Garret Ortner (ESC) over (SEVA) (For.) 

132: Caleb Will (SEVA) over Kam Warnke (ESC) (Fall 0:58) 

138: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Kaden Holder (SEVA) (Fall 1:19) 

145: Hutton Pasche (ESC) over Kyle Johnson (SEVA) (Dec 8-3) 

152: Chandler Lahr (ESC) over Brodey Laughman (SEVA) (TF 20-3 3:16) 

160: Chandler Quirk (ESC) over (SEVA) (For.) 

170: Tate Lahr (ESC) over Grant Smith (SEVA) (Fall 0:43)


East Sac Vs West Bend Mallard

West Bend Mallard 52

East Sac 30



195: Ethan Zaugg (WBM) over (ESC) (For.) 

220: Coltin Hoover (WBM) over (ESC) (For.) 

285: Jack Habben (WBM) over (ESC) (For.) 

106: Mason Knapp (WBM) over (ESC) (For.) 

113: Brendyn Conn (ESC) over (WBM) (For.) 

120: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over Drew Fehr (WBM) (Fall 2:50) 

126: Garret Ortner (ESC) over (WBM) (For.) 

132: Lucas Fehr (WBM) over Kam Warnke (ESC) (Fall 1:50) 

138: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Micah Fehr (WBM) (Fall 1:11) 

145: Hutton Pasche (ESC) over (WBM) (For.) 

152: Garrett Fehr (WBM) over Chandler Lahr (ESC) (Fall 1:25) 

160: Logan Grimm (WBM) over Chandler Quirk (ESC) (Inj. [time])

170: Ben Massner (WBM) over Tate Lahr (ESC) (MD 13-3) 

182: Cortlyn Schupbach (WBM) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 1:10)


North Union, Okoboji and Woodbury Central at South Central Calhoun 

South Central Calhoun dropped all three matches at home on Thursday, losing to North Union 51-30, Okoboji/HMS 48-30 and Woodbury Central 62-18. The Titans were 9-14 in matches wrestled, going 2-4 against North Union, 5-4 vs Okoboji/HMS and 2-6 in the match with Woodbury Central. South Central Calhoun had two wins by fall against North Union, all five wins against Okoboji/HMS were by fall and both wins against Woodbury Central were by fall.

Brock Nattress went 3-0 with all 3 wins by fall, Naylan Gulbranson was 3-0 with 2 wins by fall and Zachary Trott was 2-0 with both wins by fall.

South Central Calhoun Vs North Union 

North Union 51

South Central Calhoun 30



220: Brennan Bollinger (NOUN) over Riley Timmerman (SCC) (Fall 2:48) 

285: Kolton Walter (NOUN) over Khyean Hawkins (SCC) (Dec 7-2)

106: Ethan Preston (NOUN) over (SCC) (For.) 

113: Koen Zotz (NOUN) over (SCC) (For.) 

120: Landon Price (NOUN) over (SCC) (For.) 

126: Kade Madden (NOUN) over (SCC) (For.) 

132: Caleb Juhl (SCC) over (NOUN) (For.) 

138: Zachary Trott (SCC) over Gavyn Morphew (NOUN) (Fall 0:27)

145: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Dalton Tobin (NOUN) (Fall 1:34) 

152: Michael Trott (SCC) over (NOUN) (For.) 

160: Draven Keeler (NOUN) over (SCC) (For.) 

170: Lucas Dreyer (NOUN) over Wyatt Mernka (SCC) (Fall 3:28) 

182: Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) over (NOUN) (For.) 

195: Kacey Hamsmith (NOUN) over David Melody (SCC) (Fall 1:29)


South Central Calhoun Vs Okoboji/HMS

Okoboji/HMS 48

South Central Calhoun 30



285: Khyean Hawkins (SCC) over Keyshawn Smith (OKOB) (Fall 0:26) 

106: Double Forfeit 

113: Mike Gonnerman (OKOB) over (SCC) (For.) 

120: Jafet Ortiz (OKOB) over (SCC) (For.) 

126: Dylan Jones (OKOB) over (SCC) (For.) 

132: Dillion Wittrock (OKOB) over Caleb Juhl (SCC) (Fall 1:24) 

138: Zachary Trott (SCC) over Brennan Baschke (OKOB) (Fall 0:56) 

145: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Ryan Pyle (OKOB) (Fall 0:18) 

152: Bryce Dodge (OKOB) over Michael Trott (SCC) (Fall 0:48) 

160: Noah Strantz (OKOB) over (SCC) (For.) 

170: Nathaniel FranklIn (OKOB) over Wyatt Mernka (SCC) (Fall 0:53) 

182: Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) over James Gellerman (OKOB) (Fall 0:46) 

195: David Melody (SCC) over Ethan Wiersma (OKOB) (Fall 1:58)

220: Sam Pas (OKOB) over Riley Timmerman (SCC) (Fall 4:21)


South Central Calhoun Vs Woodbury Central

Woodbury Central 62

South Central Calhoun 18



106: Logan Pate (WOCE) over (SCC) (For.) 

113: Devin Metcalf (WOCE) over (SCC) (For.) 

120: Cameron Colbert (WOCE) over (SCC) (For.) 

126: Axton Lindgren (WOCE) over (SCC) (For.) 

132: Brand Beaver (WOCE) over Case Korleski (SCC) (TF 16-0 4:19)

138: Gunnar Vohs (WOCE) over Caleb Juhl (SCC) (Fall 1:30) 

145: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Carter Black (WOCE) (Fall 0:56) 

152: Zack Butler (WOCE) over Michael Trott (SCC) (Fall 0:42) 

160: Max McGill (WOCE) over (SCC) (For.) 

170: Kyan Schultzen (WOCE) over Wyatt Mernka (SCC) (Fall 0:10) 

182: Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) over Blase Sanford (WOCE) (Fall 1:12) 

195: Ashton Libke (WOCE) over David Melody (SCC) (Fall 1:59) 

220: Colton Warren (WOCE) over Riley Timmerman (SCC) (Dec 8-3)

285: Khyean Hawkins (SCC) over (WOCE) (For.)



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