Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Carroll, Kuemper, Audubon, ESC and SCC Boys Wrestling on Tuesday


Boys Wrestling Results Tuesday, January 24th 

Carroll, Harlan and Lewis Central At Creston 

Carroll had a good night, taking two of three matches at Creston, knocking off Harlan (60-21) and Lewis Central (65-10), falling to ranked Creston (42-24). The Tigers finished 20-14 in matches wrestled, going 6-4 vs Harlan with all six wins by fall, 8-2 vs Lewis Central with five wins by fall and a tech fall and 6-8 against Creston with two wins by fall.

Carroll had six wrestlers go undefeated. Dreylen Schweitzer and Chase Ragaller both had dominant nights, each going 3-0 with all three wins for both by fall. Cael Nelson and Cooper Ludwig each went 3-0 with both having two wins by fall and a decision. Jireh Gallegos went 3-0 with a fall, tech fall (15-0) and a decision while Owen Klocke ended the night 3-0 with two wins by decision.

Full results are below.

Carroll Vs Harlan 

Carroll 60

Harlan 21



170: Chase Ragaller (CARR) over Brett Van Baale (HARL) (Fall 2:35)

182: Kieran Polking (CARR) over Bryce Van Baale (HARL) (Fall 1:47)

195: Zane Bendorf (HARL) over Taidyn Peterson (CARR) (Fall 1:12)

220: Matt Schwery (HARL) over Jeep Clark (CARR) (Fall 1:04)

285: Colton Wieland (CARR) over (HARL) (For.)

106: Dreylen Schweitzer (CARR) over Jesse Jens (HARL) (Fall 3:44)

113: Spencer Fink (HARL) over Carson Tedrow (CARR) (TF 18-2 4:15)

120: Ryler Ziegmann (CARR) over (HARL) (For.)

126: Cael Nelson (CARR) over Shane Noeth (HARL) (Fall 1:04)

132: Michael Rowedder (CARR) over (HARL) (For.)

138: Brody McKinley (HARL) over Levi Dirkx (CARR) (MD 15-7)

145: Cooper Ludwig (CARR) over Nolan Schwery (HARL) (Fall 1:05)

152: Owen Klocke (CARR) over (HARL) (For.)

160: Jireh Gallegos (CARR) over Reese Koch (HARL) (Fall 0:40)


Carroll Vs Lewis Central 

Carroll 65

Lewis Central 10



182: Kieran Polking (CARR) over Cameron Moore (LECE) (Fall 5:13)

195: Taidyn Peterson (CARR) over Zack Hasbrouck (LECE) (Dec 9-6)

220: Landon Koch (LECE) over Jeep Clark (CARR) (Fall 1:07)

285: Colton Wieland (CARR) over (LECE) (For.)

106: Dreylen Schweitzer (CARR) over Daniel Overall (LECE) (Fall 2:37)

113: Carson Tedrow (CARR) over (LECE) (For.)

120: Ryler Ziegmann (CARR) over (LECE) (For.)

126: Cael Nelson (CARR) over Derrick Gregory (LECE) (Fall 1:26)

132: Jordan Smith (LECE) over Michael Rowedder (CARR) (MD 15-2)

138: Levi Dirkx (CARR) over (LECE) (For.)

145: Cooper Ludwig (CARR) over James Moore (LECE) (Fall 1:19)

152: Owen Klocke (CARR) over Jaylen Davis (LECE) (Dec 12-7)

160: Jireh Gallegos (CARR) over Paxton Blanchard (LECE) (TF 15-0 5:02)

170: Chase Ragaller (CARR) over JJ Storey (LECE) (Fall 3:25)


Carroll Vs Creston 

Creston 42

Carroll 24



160: Jireh Gallegos (CARR) over William Bolinger (CRTN) (Dec 8-6)

170: Chase Ragaller (CARR) over Tyson Looney (CRTN) (Fall 0:45)

182: Kaden Street (CRTN) over Kieran Polking (CARR) (MD 10-1)

195: Gunner Martwick (CRTN) over Taidyn Peterson (CARR) (Fall 1:48)

220: Jackson Kerr (CRTN) over Jeep Clark (CARR) (Fall 2:55)

285: Max Chapman (CRTN) over Colton Wieland (CARR) (Fall 0:40)

106: Dreylen Schweitzer (CARR) over Kylen Parson (CRTN) (Fall 1:17)

113: Lane Travis (CRTN) over Carson Tedrow (CARR) (Fall 1:53)

120: Christian Ahrens (CRTN) over Ryler Ziegmann (CARR) (Fall 1:38)

126: Cael Nelson (CARR) over Lincoln Keeler (CRTN) (Dec 5-1)

132: Trey Chesnut (CRTN) over Michael Rowedder (CARR) (Dec 7-1)

138: Austin Evans (CRTN) over Levi Dirkx (CARR) (TF 18-3 5:51)

145: Cooper Ludwig (CARR) over Chris Aragon (CRTN) (Dec 13-10)

152: Owen Klocke (CARR) over Milo Staver (CRTN) (Dec 1-0)


East Sac, South Central Calhoun and West Bend Mallard At Sioux Central 

East Sac went 2-1 on the evening topping South Central Calhoun (42-30) and Sioux Central (42-23) while losing to West Bend Mallard (54-30).  The Raiders ended the night, going 12-7 in matches wrestled. They finished 4-2 vs South Central Calhoun with all four wins by fall, 2-3 against West Bend Mallard with 2 wins by fall and 6-2 against Sioux Central with all six wins by fall. The Titans finished the night 1-2 with a tight 35-33 win over Sioux Central and a tighter loss to West Bend Mallard 34-33. The Titans also fell to East Sac 42-30. South Central Calhoun went 11-10 in matches wrestled going 2-4 with both wins by fall against East Sac, they went 5-3 vs West Bend Mallard with 4 wins by fall and 4-3 against Sioux Central with 3 wins by fall and a tech fall.

Garret Ortner, Charlie Veit and Hutton Pasche all went 3-0 with Pasche getting all 3 wins by fall. Veit and Ortner each had 2 wins by fall. Chandler Quirk went 1-0 with his win coming by fall.

Naylan Gulbranson went 3-0 with all 3 wins by fall, Riley Timmerman and Brock Nattress were both 3-0 with both having 2 wins by fall and Nattress adding a win by decision. Jace Pedersen was 2-0 with a win by fall.

Full results for East Sac and South Central Calhoun are below.

East Sac Vs South Central Calhoun 

East Sac 42

South Central Calhoun 30



182: Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 1:00)

195: David Melody (SCC) over (ESC) (For.)

220: Jace Pederson (SCC) over (ESC) (For.)

285: Riley Timmerman (SCC) over (ESC) (For.)

106: Double Forfeit

113: Brendyn Conn (ESC) over (SCC) (For.)

120: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over (SCC) (For.)

126: Double Forfeit

132: Garret Ortner (ESC) over Case Korleski (SCC) (Fall 0:47)

138: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Caleb Juhl (SCC) (Fall 1:11)

145: Hutton Pasche (ESC) over Michael Trott (SCC) (Fall 1:48)

152: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Landon Grindle (ESC) (Fall 0:32)

160: Chandler Lahr (ESC) over Wyatt Mernka (SCC) (Fall 0:48)

170: Tate Lahr (ESC) over (SCC) (For.)


East Sac Vs West Bend Mallard

West Bend Mallard 54

East Sac 30



170: Ben Massner (WBM) over Tate Lahr (ESC) (Fall 1:04)

182: Cortlyn Schupbach (WBM) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 0:43)

195: Ethan Zaugg (WBM) over (ESC) (For.)

220: Coltin Hoover (WBM) over (ESC) (For.)

285: Jack Habben (WBM) over (ESC) (For.)

106: Mason Knapp (WBM) over (ESC) (For.)

113: Brendyn Conn (ESC) over (WBM) (For.)

120: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over Drew Fehr (WBM) (Fall 3:13)

126: Garret Ortner (ESC) over (WBM) (For.)

132: Lucas Fehr (WBM) over (ESC) (For.)

138: Charlie Veit (ESC) over (WBM) (For.)

145: Hutton Pasche (ESC) over Micah Fehr (WBM) (Fall 1:33)

152: Garrett Fehr (WBM) over Chandler Lahr (ESC) (Fall 2:42)

160: Logan Grimm (WBM) over (ESC) (M. For.)


East Sac Vs Sioux Central 

East Sac 42

Sioux Central 23



160: Chandler Quirk (ESC) over Connor Brown (SXCL) (Fall 1:35)

170: Tate Lahr (ESC) over Michael Buettner (SXCL) (Fall 4:21)

182: Reid Anderson (SXCL) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 2:49)

195: Double Forfeit

220: Tanner Deuschle (SXCL) over (ESC) (For.)

285: Double Forfeit :

106: Double Forfeit

113: Brendyn Conn (ESC) over (SXCL) (For.)

120: Kaben Morrow (SXCL) over Bradyn Burns (ESC) (TF 20-1 4:52)

126: Keagan Riley (SXCL) over (ESC) (For.)

132: Garret Ortner (ESC) over Gavin Casey (SXCL) (Fall 1:59)

138: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Duane McGregor (SXCL) (Fall 1:42)

145: Hutton Pasche (ESC) over Gauge Smith (SXCL) (Fall 0:37)

152: Chandler Lahr (ESC) over Hunter Smith (SXCL) (Fall 2:29)


South Central Calhoun Vs Sioux Central 

South Central Calhoun 35

Sioux Central 33



170: Michael Buettner (SXCL) over Wyatt Mernka (SCC) (Fall 2:52)

182: Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) over Reid Anderson (SXCL) (Fall 0:13)

195: David Melody (SCC) over (SXCL) (For.)

220: Riley Timmerman (SCC) over Tanner Deuschle (SXCL) (Fall 0:24)

285: Jace Pederson (SCC) over (SXCL) (For.)

106: Double Forfeit

113: Double Forfeit

120: Kaben Morrow (SXCL) over (SCC) (For.)

126: Keagan Riley (SXCL) over (SCC) (For.)

132: Gavin Casey (SXCL) over Case Korleski (SCC) (Dec 6-2)

138: Duane McGregor (SXCL) over Caleb Juhl (SCC) (Fall 4:46)

145: Michael Trott (SCC) over Gauge Smith (SXCL) (TF 21-4 3:54)

152: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Hunter Smith (SXCL) (Fall 1:15)

160: Connor Brown (SXCL) over (SCC) (For.)


South Central Calhoun Vs West Bend Mallard

West Bend Mallard 34

South Central Calhoun 33



160: Logan Grimm (WBM) over Wyatt Mernka (SCC) (Fall 1:15)

170: Ben Massner (WBM) over (SCC) (For.)

182: Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) over Cortlyn Schupbach (WBM) (Fall 0:41)

195: Ethan Zaugg (WBM) over Levi Evanoski (SCC) (Fall 4:41)

220: Riley Timmerman (SCC) over Trenedy Allen (WBM) (Fall 0:23)

285: Jace Pederson (SCC) over Coltin Hoover (WBM) (Fall 1:22)

106: Mason Knapp (WBM) over (SCC) (For.)

113: Double Forfeit

120: Drew Fehr (WBM) over (SCC) (For.)

126: Double Forfeit

132: Lucas Fehr (WBM) over Case Korleski (SCC) (MD 8-0)

138: Caleb Juhl (SCC) over Micah Fehr (WBM) (Fall 3:53)

145: Michael Trott (SCC) over (WBM) (For.)

152: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Garrett Fehr (WBM) (Dec 15-11)



Kuemper and Glenwood at Denison Schleswig

The Kuemper Knights split dual wins Tuesday night as they took on Glenwood and Denison Schleswig. 

The Knights fell to Glenwood 60-24 and were able to get past Denison Schleswig 47-30. Overall at this meet, the Knight went 13-14 in matches wrestled. 

Four wrestlers were able to go undefeated at 2-0, those being Jake Hausman, Tate Bieret, Will Healy, and Caleb Hoffman. Bieret, Healy, and Hoffman all won both their matches via fall with Bieret having the longest match last 2:58 before he won via fall and Hoffman having the shortest match that lasted 1:16. Hausman won his matches via fall at 3:56 and a 6-4 decision. Riley Parkis, Joe Klein, Kent Sanders, and Jake Smith all went 1-1 on the day and picked up wins over wrestlers from Denison Schleswig. 

The Knights are back on the mats on Thursday, January 26th when they compete in a quad at Harlan. 


Kuemper vs Glenwood

Glenwood 60

Kuemper 24


120: Vinny Mayberry (GLEN) over (KUCA) (For.) 

126: Briten Maxwell (GLEN) over Jake Smith (KUCA) (Fall 3:35) 

132: Matt Beem (GLEN) over Riley Parkis (KUCA) (Fall 0:49) 

138: Ian Connell (GLEN) over Joe Klein (KUCA) (Fall 1:43) 

145: Jake Hausman (KUCA) over Thaine Williamson (GLEN) (Fall 3:56) 

152: Tate Mayberry (GLEN) over Kent Sanders (KUCA) (Fall 4:50) 

160: Tate Bieret (KUCA) over Scott Reed (GLEN) (Fall 1:17) 

170: Will Healy (KUCA) over Austin Wear (GLEN) (Fall 1:22) 

182: Gavin Connell (GLEN) over Sam Rotert (KUCA) (Fall 1:57) 

195: CJ Carter (GLEN) over Coby Pierce (KUCA) (Fall 1:23) 

220: Mason Koehler (GLEN) over Connor Hays (KUCA) (Fall 1:38) 

285: Trent Patton (GLEN) over Hayden Vonnahme (KUCA) (Fall 0:47) 

106: Caleb Hoffman (KUCA) over Ethan West (GLEN) (Fall 1:16) 

113: Hunter Codney (GLEN) over Kade Schwanz (KUCA) (Fall 3:51)


Kuemper vs Denison Schleswig

Kuemper 47

Denison Schleswig 30


132: Riley Parkis (KUCA) over Kaiden Krajicek (DESC) (TF 18-2 4:00) 

138: Joe Klein (KUCA) over Fransisco Escalante (DESC) (Fall 2:27) 

145: Jake Hausman (KUCA) over James Lemon (DESC) (Dec 6-4) 

152: Kent Sanders (KUCA) over Ismael Alfaro (DESC) (Fall 0:39) 

160: Tate Bieret (KUCA) over Christ Vera Nieto (DESC) (Fall 2:58) 

170: Will Healy (KUCA) over Ryan Slechta (DESC) (Fall 1:36) 

182: Joel Murillo (DESC) over Sam Rotert (KUCA) (Fall 5:16) 

195: Jordan Von Tersch (DESC) over Coby Pierce (KUCA) (Fall 3:08) 

220: Jaxson Hildebrand (DESC) over Connor Hays (KUCA) (Fall 3:41) 

285: Garret Plagge (DESC) over Hayden Vonnahme (KUCA) (Fall 0:16) 

106: Caleb Hoffman (KUCA) over Juan Rafael-Aguilar (DESC) (Fall 1:38) 

113: Jayden Bradley (DESC) over Kade Schwanz (KUCA) (Fall 2:29) 

120: Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) over (DESC) (For.) 

126: Jake Smith (KUCA) over Jackson Graeve (DESC) (Dec 12-6)


Audubon, CAM Anita, and Manson NW Webster at ACGC

The Audubon Wheelers competed in a quad Tuesday where they took on CAM Anita, Manson NW Webster, and ACGC.

The Wheelers went 0-3 in their duals and picked up three wins in their matches wrestled. Jack Stanerson went up against Blake Jones on Manson NW Webster and got the 9-4 decision win. Lane Elmquist also picked up a win against a Manson NW Webster wrestler, Keaton Wittrock, winning via fall at 2:37. Carson Perdew was the final match winner for the Wheelers as he picked up the win against Blaise Tallman of ACGC, winning via a 13-9 decision. 

Audubon will host their home tournament on Saturday, January 28th. 

Audubon vs CAM Anita

CAM Anita 30

Audubon 12


106: Lane Elmquist (AUDU) over (CAM) (For.) 

113: Double Forfeit 

120: Double Forfeit 

126: Tristan Becker (CAM) over Jack Stanerson (AUDU) (Fall 0:41) 

132: Double Forfeit 

138: Brayden Chester (CAM) over Colin Hartl (AUDU) (Fall 1:42) 

145: Double Forfeit 

152: Gabe Rouse (CAM) over (AUDU) (For.) 

160: Brian South (CAM) over Carson Perdew (AUDU) (Fall 0:43) 

170: Owen Hoover (CAM) over (AUDU) (For.) 

182: Double Forfeit 

195: Double Forfeit 

220: Double Forfeit 

285: Jerix Squires (AUDU) over (CAM) (For.)


Audubon vs Manson NW Webster

Manson NW Webster 30

Audubon 21


113: Double Forfeit 

120: Double Forfeit 

126: Jack Stanerson (AUDU) over Blake Jones (MNW) (Dec 9-4) 

132: Owen Eldridge (MNW) over (AUDU) (For.) 

138: Humter Newman (MNW) over Colin Hartl (AUDU) (Fall 3:32) 

145: Oryan Hanson (MNW) over (AUDU) (For.) 

152: Double Forfeit 

160: Carson Perdew (AUDU) over (MNW) (For.) 

170: Double Forfeit

182: Cooper Harman (MNW) over (AUDU) (For.) 

195: Mason Anderson (MNW) over (AUDU) (For.) 

220: Double Forfeit 

285: Jerix Squires (AUDU) over (MNW) (For.) 

106: Lane Elmquist (AUDU) over Keaton Wittrock (MNW) (Fall 2:37)


Audubon vs ACGC


Audubon   3


285: Payton Jacobe (ACGC) over Jerix Squires (AUDU) (Fall 2:00) 

106: Chase Slaybaugh (ACGC) over Lane Elmquist (AUDU) (Dec 8-3) 

113: Charlie Christensen (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 

120: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over Jack Stanerson (AUDU) (Fall 0:38) 

126: Gavin Sloss (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 

132: Collin Stringham (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 

138: Taytum Bates (ACGC) over Colin Hartl (AUDU) (Fall 1:44) 

145: Jackson Pfrang (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 

152: Justin Davis (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 

160: Carson Perdew (AUDU) over Blaise Tallman (ACGC) (Dec 13-9) 

170: Brennan Tunink (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 

182: Double Forfeit 

195: Michael Fuller (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.) 

220: Carter Richter (ACGC) over (AUDU) (For.)






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