Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Boys Wrestling Scorecards for Thursday

Boys Wrestling Results Thursday, January 5th 

Carroll and Ballard At North Polk 

Carroll picked up a pair of big wins in the Raccoon River Conference on Thursday on the road. They topped Ballard for a second straight year and cruised past North Polk. Carroll edged Ballard by 3 points with Chase Ragaller getting a win by decision in the final match to clinch their win. The Tigers were 5-6 in matches wrestled against Ballard with 2 wins by fall and a major decision. The rolled past North Polk 51-18, winning 8 of the 12 matches wrestled. The Tigers picked up 4 wins by fall. They finished the night 13-10 in matches wrestled with 6 pins and a major decision.

Levi Dirkx won both his matches by fall, Owen Klocke had a win by fall and a major decision (9-0). Dreylen Schweitzer and Ryler Ziegmann both went 2-0 with a win by fall, Cael Nelson was 2-0 with both wins by decision. Chase Ragaller went 2-0 with a win by decision and an injury time.

Full results are below.

Carroll Vs Ballard 

Carroll 39

Ballard 36



182: Luke Hartsook (BALL) over Quinten Polking (CARR) (Fall 0:48)

195: Brody Sampson (BALL) over Taidyn Peterson (CARR) (Fall 0:56)

220: Gabriel Christensen (BALL) over Jeep Clark (CARR) (Fall 0:13)

285: Henry Christensen (BALL) over Colton Wieland (CARR) (Fall 3:27)

106: Carson Tedrow (CARR) over (BALL) (For.)

113: Dreylen Schweitzer (CARR) over (BALL) (For.)

120: Ryler Ziegmann (CARR) over Tony Horness (BALL) (Fall 0:38)

126: Cael Nelson (CARR) over Jacob Harrison (BALL) (Dec 6-1)

132: Tucker Vitzthum (BALL) over Michael Rowedder (CARR) (Fall 3:41)

138: Levi Dirkx (CARR) over Jayden Leland (BALL) (Fall 0:55)

145: Lane Kahler (BALL) over Cooper Ludwig (CARR) (Fall 3:49)

152: Owen Klocke (CARR) over Daniel Hyman (BALL) (MD 9-0)

160: Jireh Gallegos (CARR) over (BALL) (For.)

170: Chase Ragaller (CARR) over Rhett Hedrick (BALL) (Dec 4-2)

(CARR unsportsmanlike conduct -1.0)


Carroll Vs North Polk 

Carroll 51

North Polk 18



170: Chase Ragaller (CARR) over Cohan Torres (NOPO) (Inj. [time])

182: Quinten Polking (CARR) over Dyllon Ireland (NOPO) (Dec 6-3)

195: Nick Plautz (NOPO) over Taidyn Peterson (CARR) (Fall 3:58)

220: Reece Wrage (NOPO) over Jeep Clark (CARR) (Fall 0:37)

285: Colton Wieland (CARR) over Tucker Anderson (NOPO) (Dec 2-0)

106: Charlie Boelman (NOPO) over Carson Tedrow (CARR) (Dec 6-3)

113: Dreylen Schweitzer (CARR) over Andrew Reed (NOPO) (Fall 4:34)

120: Ryler Ziegmann (CARR) over (NOPO) (For.)

126: Cael Nelson (CARR) over Jacob Moeckly (NOPO) (Dec 5-2)

132: Luke Engebretson (NOPO) over Michael Rowedder (CARR) (SV-1 5-3)

138: Levi Dirkx (CARR) over Cole Halupnick (NOPO) (Fall 3:25)

145: Cooper Ludwig (CARR) over Evan Kelsick (NOPO) (Fall 1:51)

152: Owen Klocke (CARR) over Aidan Bracelin (NOPO) (Fall 2:23)

160: Jireh Gallegos (CARR) over (NOPO) (For.)


Kuemper, St Albert and Clarinda At Creston 

Kuemper finished the night with wins over St Albert (69-12) and Clarinda (54-26) and a loss to Creston (60-9). The Knights went 9-18 in matches wrestled with 5 wins by fall. Kuemper was 3-11 in their loss to Creston, 3-2 in the win over St Albert with 2 wins by fall and went 3-5 against Clarinda with all 3 wins by fall.

Riley Parkis finished the night 3-0 with a fall and a decision, Nolan Simons went 2-1 with both wins by fall. Kent Sanders was 2-1 with a win by fall, Caleb Hoffman was 2-1 with a win by fall, while Tate Bieret and Coby Pierce both went 2-1 with each having a win by decision.

Full Kuemper results are below.

Kuemper Vs Clarinda

Kuemper 54

Clarinda 26



170: Dominick Polsley (CLAR) over Will Healy (KUCA) (Fall 1:17)

182: Karson Downey (CLAR) over Tate Bieret (KUCA) (Fall 0:53)

195: Mason Nally (CLAR) over Coby Pierce (KUCA) (Dec 7-5)

220: Jase Wilmes (CLAR) over Will Sanders (KUCA) (Fall 2:12)

285: Bryson Harris (CLAR) over Hayden Vonnahme (KUCA) (Fall 0:23)

106: Caleb Hoffman (KUCA) over Kaden Whipp (CLAR) (Fall 1:40)

113: Owen Nepple (KUCA) over (CLAR) (For.)

120: Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) over (CLAR) (For.)

126: Logan Rial (KUCA) over (CLAR) (For.)

132: Riley Parkis (KUCA) over Ryan Skeripski (CLAR) (Fall 0:37)

138: Jake Hausman (KUCA) over (CLAR) (For.)

145: Kent Sanders (KUCA) over (CLAR) (For.)

152: Creighton Halbur (KUCA) over (CLAR) (For.)

160: Nolan Simons (KUCA) over Leland Woodruff (CLAR) (Fall 1:38) (CLAR conduct -1.0)


Kuemper Vs St Albert 

Kuemper 69

St Albert 12



195: Coby Pierce (KUCA) over (STAL) (For.)

220: Will Sanders (KUCA) over Jayden Beckman (STAL) (Dec 7-2)

285: Hayden Vonnahme (KUCA) over (STAL) (For.)

106: Caleb Hoffman (KUCA) over (STAL) (For.)

113: Owen Nepple (KUCA) over (STAL) (For.)

120: Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) over (STAL) (For.)

126: Logan Rial (KUCA) over (STAL) (For.)

132: Riley Parkis (KUCA) over (STAL) (For.)

138: John Helton (STAL) over Jake Hausman (KUCA) (Fall 1:21)

145: Kent Sanders (KUCA) over Mathew Crawley (STAL) (Fall 2:45)

152: David Helton (STAL) over Creighton Halbur (KUCA) (Fall 1:17)

160: Nolan Simons (KUCA) over Andrew Crawley (STAL) (Fall 2:18)

170: Will Healy (KUCA) over (STAL) (For.)

182: Tate Bieret (KUCA) over (STAL) (For.)


Kuemper Vs Creston 

Creston 60

Kuemper 9



182: Tate Bieret (KUCA) over Jackson Kerr (CRTN) (Dec 6-3)

195: Coby Pierce (KUCA) over Gunner Martwick (CRTN) (Dec 3-1)

220: Quinten Fuller (CRTN) over Will Sanders (KUCA) (Fall 1:16)

285: Max Chapman (CRTN) over Hayden Vonnahme (KUCA) (Fall 0:20)

106: Lane Travis (CRTN) over Caleb Hoffman (KUCA) (Fall 4:20)

113: Kylen Parson (CRTN) over Owen Nepple (KUCA) (Dec 6-2)

120: Christian Ahrens (CRTN) over Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) (Fall 1:05)

126: Brodrick Phelps (CRTN) over Logan Rial (KUCA) (Fall 1:11)

132: Riley Parkis (KUCA) over Trey Chesnut (CRTN) (Dec 7-2)

138: Austin Evans (CRTN) over Jake Hausman (KUCA) (Fall 3:50)

145: Chris Aragon (CRTN) over Kent Sanders (KUCA) (Fall 2:50)

152: Milo Staver (CRTN) over Creighton Halbur (KUCA) (Fall 0:50)

160: William Bolinger (CRTN) over Nolan Simons (KUCA) (Fall 3:01)

170: Kaden Street (CRTN) over Will Healy (KUCA) (SV-1 7-5)


Audubon, Earlham, and SE Valley at Ogden

The Audubon Wheelers traveled to Ogden Thursday along with Earlham and SE Valley and faced some tough competition. The Wheelers went 0-3 in duals and were able to pick up four match wins. Clay Perry was able to go 3-0 on the day with wins via fall at 0:18 and 0:12 and decision 7-5. Colin Hartl went 1-2 on the day with a win via fall at 1:17. The Wheelers are back on the mat on Saturday, January 7th when they compete in the Atlantic Tournament. 


Audubon vs Earlham

Earlham 57

Audubon 12


(For.) 182: Aidan Oscarson (EARL) over (AUDU) (For.) 

195: Ty Willem (EARL) over (AUDU) (For.) 

220: Double Forfeit 

285: Jerix Squires (AUDU) over (EARL) (For.) 

106: Dallas Canoyer (EARL) over (AUDU) (For.) 

113: Nathan Hansen (EARL) over (AUDU) (For.) 

120: Double Forfeit 

126: Josh Winey (EARL) over Jack Stanerson (AUDU) (Dec 8-5) 

132: Malachi Hruska (EARL) over (AUDU) (For.) 

138: Ethan Winey (EARL) over Colin Hartl (AUDU) (Fall 3:14) 

145: Jackson Berkley (EARL) over (AUDU) (For.) 

152: Clay Perry (AUDU) over Konnar Stiles (EARL) (Fall 0:18)

160: Caleb Smith (EARL) over (AUDU) (For.) 

170: Ryan Stiles (EARL) over (AUDU) 


Audubon vs Ogden

Ogden 72

Audubon   3


145: Lukas Schellenberg (OGDE) over (AUDU) (For.) 

152: Clay Perry (AUDU) over Caleb Sesker (OGDE) (Dec 7-5) 

160: Nathan Comer (OGDE) over (AUDU) (For.) 

170: Cohl Burdette (OGDE) over (AUDU) (For.) 

182: Tristan Mosley (OGDE) over (AUDU) (For.) 

195: Double Forfeit 

220: Aiden Kathman (OGDE) over (AUDU) (For.) 

285: David Hammer (OGDE) over Jerix Squires (AUDU) (Fall 0:12) 

106: Caleb Wisecup (OGDE) over (AUDU) (For.) 

113: Kinnick Munson (OGDE) over (AUDU) (For.) 

120: Troy Boothroyd (OGDE) over Jack Stanerson (AUDU) (Inj. [time]) 

126: Kolton Munson (OGDE) over (AUDU) (For.) 

132: Cole Pelleymounter (OGDE) over (AUDU) (For.) 

138: Simon Hickingbottom (OGDE) over Colin Hartl (AUDU) (Fall 2:33)


Audubon vs SE Valley

SE Valley 54

Audubon 12


152: Clay Perry (AUDU) over Brodey Laughman (SEVA) (Fall 0:12) 

160: Grant Smith (SEVA) over (AUDU) (For.) 

170: John Klingson (SEVA) over (AUDU) (For.) 

182: Double Forfeit 

195: Double Forfeit 

220: Nathan Graves (SEVA) over (AUDU) (For.) 

285: Ryan Wicklein (SEVA) over Jerix Squires (AUDU) (Fall 0:33) 

106: Double Forfeit 

113: Taelynn Slawson (SEVA) over (AUDU) (For.) 

120: Caelan Oakes-Sudhish (SEVA) over Jack Stanerson (AUDU) (Fall 4:48) 

126: Kaden Holder (SEVA) over (AUDU) (For.) 

132: Caleb Will (SEVA) over (AUDU) (For.) 

138: Colin Hartl (AUDU) over Oliver Riehl (SEVA) (Fall 1:17) 

145: Kyle Johnson (SEVA) over (AUDU) (For.)


Manson NW Webster, Okoboji, and Pocahontas Area at East Sac 

East Sac hosted three tough schools in Manson NW Webster, Okoboji, and Pocahontas Area Thursday and came away with a dual win. The Raiders were able to edge out Manson NW Webster for a 38-37 dual win, but fell to Okoboji and Pocahontas Area while picking up some nice wins in those duals. 

Overall, in matches wrestled, the Raiders went 9-21 with three guys winning at least two matches. Charlie Veit had the most success at the home meet, going 3-0 on the day with wins via fall at 3:43 and 0:51 and a win via tech fall. Hutton Pasche and Bradyn Burns both went 2-1 on the day. Pasche won via major decision and tech fall and Burns won via fall at 2:55 and decision. Xander Hemer was the final Raider to pick up a win, going 1-2 on the day and winning via fall at 2:53. 

The Raiders don’t get too much rest as they are back on the mats Friday, January 6th when they compete at the Spirit Lake Tournament. 


East Sac vs Manson NW Webster

East Sac 38

Manson NW Webster 37


152: Chandler Lahr (ESC) over Carter Vanwaes (MNW) (Fall 2:28) 

160: Landon Grindle (ESC) over (MNW) (For.) 

170: Ian Kohnen (MNW) over Tate Lahr (ESC) (Fall 0:19) 

182: Cooper Harman (MNW) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 3:11) 

195: Mason Anderson (MNW) over Kaydon Erpelding (ESC) (Dec 5-2) 

220: Jason Garbart (ESC) over (MNW) (For.) 

285: Leon Cook (MNW) over (ESC) (For.) 

106: Keaton Wittrock (MNW) over (ESC) (For.) 

113: Brendyn Conn (ESC) over (MNW) (For.) 

120: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over Tatum Hanson (MNW) (Dec 6-3) 

126: Ethan Egli (MNW) over Garret Ortner (ESC) (MD 11-0) 

132: Owen Eldridge (MNW) over Xander Hemer (ESC) (Fall 4:48) 

138: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Kamden Birkey (MNW) (Fall 0:51) 

145: Hutton Pasche (ESC) over Oryan Hanson (MNW) (TF 18-2 5:37)


East Sac vs Okoboji

Okoboji 63

East Sac 16


160: Noah Strantz (OKOB) over Landon Grindle (ESC) (Fall 0:46) 

170: James Gellerman (OKOB) over Tate Lahr (ESC) (Fall 4:55) 

182: William Barbiere (OKOB) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 1:23) 

195: Ethan Wiersma (OKOB) over Kaydon Erpelding (ESC) (Fall 3:15)

 220: Sam Pas (OKOB) over (ESC) (For.) 

285: Keyshawn Smith (OKOB) over (ESC) (For.) 

106: Nathan Stofferan (OKOB) over (ESC) (For.) 

113: Mike Gonnerman (OKOB) over Brendyn Conn (ESC) (Fall 3:15) 

120: Dylan Jones (OKOB) over Bradyn Burns (ESC) (Dec 9-8) 

126: Tyce Hanson (OKOB) over Garret Ortner (ESC) (Fall 1:12) 

132: Xander Hemer (ESC) over Camden Ball (OKOB) (Fall 2:53) 

138: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Brennan Baschke (OKOB) (Fall 3:43) 

145: Hutton Pasche (ESC) over Alex Rouse (OKOB) (MD 14-1) 

152: Bryce Dodge (OKOB) over Chandler Lahr (ESC) (Fall 1:19)


East Sac vs Pocahontas Area

Pocahontas Area 57

East Sac 23


170: Ryan Panbecker (POAR) over Tate Lahr (ESC) (Fall 0:17) 

182: Deontez Williams (POAR) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 0:50) 

195: Alex Welander (POAR) over Kaydon Erpelding (ESC) (Fall 0:50) 

220: Dylan Trewyn (POAR) over (ESC) (For.) 

285: Joseph Sanders (POAR) over (ESC) (For.) 

106: Sam White (POAR) over (ESC) (For.) 

113: Brendyn Conn (ESC) over (POAR) (For.) 

120: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over John Ackermen (POAR) (Fall 2:55) 

126: Garret Ortner (ESC) over Jacob Klaassen (POAR) (Fall 0:34) 

132: Joel Carranza (POAR) over Xander Hemer (ESC) (Fall 3:41) 

138: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Dominic Aljets (POAR) (TF 18-3 5:59) 

145: Verde Klocke (POAR) over Hutton Pasche (ESC) (Dec 9-2) 

152: Ryan Sommerlot (POAR) over Chandler Lahr (ESC) (Fall 0:46) 

160: Cody Nichols (POAR) over Landon Grindle (ESC) (Fall 1:51)







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