Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Area Boys Track Teams Wind Down Regular Season on Monday


Boys Track Results Monday, May 9th 

Ar-We-Va, Glidden Ralston, South Central Calhoun At Raider Relays in Sac City

Team scores will be updated on Tuesday morning once they have been reported. East Sac finished the meet with 11 individuals in the top 6 with 5 in  the top 3 and 2 individual champions. The Raiders added 6 relays in the top 6 with 1 finishing top 3. South Central Calhoun had 7 individuals in the top 6 with 2 in the top 3 to go with 7 relays in the top 6, 2 of them in the top 3 with 1 championship relay team. Glidden Ralston had 4 individuals in the top 6 with 3 of them in the top 3 and 1 champion. The Wildcats added 3 relays in the top 6 and 2 of those in the top 3. Ar-We-Va claimed a championship too, as all four of the area schools had at least one champion. The Rockets had 4 individuals in the to p 6 with  1 in the top 3, being their champion. They added 1 relay in the top 6.

Parker Engel won East Sac a championship in the 3200 meters, running a 11:37.01, he also finished 3rd in the 1600 meters. Garret Ortner claimed the other title for the Raiders, winning the 400 hurdles in 59.82. Carter Soyer of Glidden Ralston was 2nd in the 400 hurdles and Ace Perrien of East Sac was 3rd as the area schools dominated the race. Emmett Snyder won Glidden Ralston their championship in the 800 meters in 2:10.63. South Central Calhoun did well in the relays, winning the 4×200 (1:36.23) with Brock Nattress, Keegan Soard, Koby Kraft and Jayden Soard. Those four runners finished 2nd in the 4×100 for the Titans. Cooper Kock of Ar-We-Va was the other champion, winning th 110 hurdles in 15.06.

Ashler Lawler of East Sac finished 3rd in the 400 meters and was part of a 3rd place 4×200 for the Raiders along with Landon Grindle, Cale Niehaus and Ace Perrien. Jayden Soard took 2nd in the discus and 3rd in the shot put for the Titans. Jonathan Bergmeier of Glidden Ralston was 3rd in the long jump and helped the Wildcats finish 3rd in the shuttle hurdle with Carter Soyer, Waylon Hein and Ethan Olberding. Olberding and Soyer teamed with Lucas Christian and Emmett Snyder in finishing 2nd in the distance medley for Glidden Ralston.

Results for Ar-We-Va, Glidden Ralston, East Sac and South Central Calhoun are below.

Team Standings

  1. SE Valley 122
  2. Ridge View 118
  3. Manson NW Webster 103
  4. East Sac 73
  5. MVAOCOU 55
  6. South Central Calhoun 55 
  7. Glidden Ralston 44
  8. Ar-We-Va 17 


Ar-We-Va, Glidden Ralston, South Central Calhoun and East Sac Results 

100 Meters

4th Tyler Schmitt             East Sac                11.70

5th Jonathan Dose          Ar-We-Va             11.81


200 Meters

5th Tyler Schmitt           East Sac                  23.89

6th Jonathan Dose        Ar-We-Va               23.99


400 Meters

3rd Asher Lawler            East Sac                                   57.06

5th Levi Evonski             South Central Calhoun         1:00.05


800 Meters

1st Emmett Snyder          Glidden Ralston                   2:10.63

4th Jake Gullett                East Sac                                 2:15.86


1600 Meters

3rd Parker Engel            East Sac                                  5:15.12

4th Nathan Burley        South Central Calhoun         5:21.80

6th Tristan Blair            South Central Calhoun        5:28.85


3200 Meters

1st Parker Engel             East Sac                                11:37.01

6th Redge Potts              South Central Calhoun      13:04.50


110 Hurdles

1st Cooper Kock             Ar-We-Va                             15.06

6th Braeden Kirsch       Ar-We-Va                              17.62


400 Hurdles

1st Garret Ortner             East Sac                              59.82

2nd Carter Soyer             Glidden Ralston               1:0023

3rd Ace Perrien               East Sac                              1:01.24

5th Zakiah Pettigrew       South Central Calhoun   1:03.83



2nd South Central Calhoun      46.33

Brock Nattress, Keegan Soard, Koby Kraft, Jayden Soard


4th East Sac                              46.77

Ace Perrien, Cale Niehaus, Asher Lawler, Tyler Schmitt



1st South Central Calhoun     1:36.23

Brock Nattress, Keegan Soard, Koby Kraft, Jayden Soard


3rd East Sac                             1:38.46

Landon Grindle, Asher Lawler, Cale Niehaus, Ace Perrien



4th East Sac                           4:02.64

Jake Gullett, Asher Lawler, Trace Kraus, Garret Ortner


5th Glidden Ralston             4:21.68

Emmett Snyder, Brayton Meyer, Jonathan Bergmeier, Andrew Bennett


6th South Central Calhoun   4:33.20

Parker Pagel, Kolin Folsom, Caleb Juhl, Ashton Meyer



4th South Central Calhoun    10:16.06

Jacob Kaklwarf, Levi Evonski, Nathan Burley, Tristan Blair


Sprint Medley 

4th South Central Calhoun       1:45.91

Brock Nattress, Koby Kraft, Naylan Gulbranson, Keegan Soard


6th East Sac                               1:48.26

Ace Perrien, Landon Grindle, Jake Gullett, Asher Lawler


Distance Medley 

2nd Glidden Ralston            4:02.37

Carter Soyer, Lucas Christian, Ethan Olberding, Emmett Snyder


4th East Sac                           4:13.29

Landon Grindle, Jake Gullett, Kinnick Fahrenkrog, Trace Kraus


6th South Central Calhoun    4:33.17

Joshua Billmeier, Mike Trott, Brodie Voith, Jordan Moreno


Shuttle Hurdle

3rd Glidden Ralston                1:19.01

Carter Soyer, Waylon Hein, Jonathan Bergmeier, Ethan Olberding


4th South Central Calhoun    1:12.28

Kaden Dorman, Andrew Anderson, Zakiah Pettigrew, Cole Higgins


4th Ar-We-Va                             1:12.28

Blayne Smith, Joshua Cone, Braeden Kirsch, Cooper Kock


6th East Sac                                1:14.06

Kinnick Fahrenkrog, Garret Ortner, Jake Gullett, Ace Perrien


Long Jump

3rd Jonathan Bergmeier         Glidden Ralston           17-05.00

5th Kinnick Fahrenkrog        East Sac                          16-05.00

6th Lucas Christian                Glidden Ralston           16-01.00


Shot Put 

3rd Jayden Soard                    South Central Calhoun    45-03.00

5th Cale Niehaus                   East Sac                                41-00.00



2nd Jayden Soard                South Central Calhoun        144-01

6th Cale Niehaus                  East Sac                                  117-10



IKM-Manning At Boyer Valley 

IKM-Manning claimed a pair of championships as they finished 6th as a team with 62 points. The Wolves had 9 individuals finish in the top 6 with 2 of those finishing in the top 3 along with a championship in the 800 meters. They added 7 relays in the top 6 with 2 in the top 3 and a championship in the distance medley. West Monona won the meet with 129 points and Riverside was 2nd with 87, followed by LoMa 86, Missouri Valley 81 and Boyer Valley 65.

Hunter Smith claimed the title in the 800 meters with a 2:10.66 as the Wolves went 1st and 3rd in the event with Reed Hinners in 3rd. The distance medley team also won a title (3:48.55) with Justin Segebart, Eli Dreyer, Jaxon Doyel and Caden Keller. Dreyer and Segebart helped the sprint medley finish 3rd, joined by Brody Blom and Jakub Workman.

IKM-Manning heads to Audubon for State Qualifying meet on Thursday.

Team Standings

  1. West Monona White 129
  2. Riverside 87
  3. LoMa 86
  4. Missouri Valley 81
  5. Boyer Valley 65
  6. IKM-Manning 62
  7. West Harrison 39
  8. Tri Center 29
  9. West Monona Green 10


IKM-Manning Results 

110 Hurdles

6th Will Fara                           18.09


200 Meters

6th Camron Caughey          26.94


800 Meters

1st Hunter Smith               2:10.66

3rd Reed Hinners              2:12.46


1600 Meters

5th Nathan Johnson        5:30.27


Sprint Medley 

3rd IKM-Manning            1:45.79

Brody Blom, Eli Dreyer, Jakub Workman, Justin Segebart


3200 Meters

4th Abe Polzien                 12:17.23



4th IKM-Manning            48.30

Camron Caughey, Justin Segebart, Cooper Irlmeier, Jakub Workman



6th IKM-Manning          1:50.96

Camron Caughey, Ben Titus, Tyler Heaton, Kasche Huehn


Shuttle Hurdle

4th IKM-Manning           1:13.98

Brody Blum, Treyton Barry, Reed Hinners, Will Fara



6th IKM-Manning           4:15.41

Abe Polzien, Kasche Huehn, Aaron Williams, Ryan Germer



4th IKM-Manning             9:44.84

Lane Sams, Kasche Huehn, Aaron Williams, Ryan Germer


Distance Medley

1st IKM-Manning              3:48.55

Justin Segebart, Eli Dreyer, Jaxon Doyel, Caden Keller



5th Conner Halbur             103-03


High Jump

5th Cooper Irlmeier            5-06


Shot Put 

4th Conner Halbur             40-07.00


Audubon At AC-GC

The Wheelers prepped for their state qualifying meet on Thursday at home with a meet in Guthrie Center on Monday. They finished 12th as a team with 16 points. The Wheelers had two individuals place in the top 6 with Gavin Smith taking 2nd in the 110 hurdles their only event inside the top 3. Zeke Konkler finished 4th in the 800 meters, Alex Foran was 9th in the shot put and the shuttle hurdle with Gavin Smith, Logan Schmidt, Carter Andreasen and Aaron Olsen finished 7th.

Team Standings

  1. Underwood 109
  2. Madrid 92.50
  3. AC-GC 90
  4. Van Meter 85
  5. Des Moines Christian 78
  6. Earlham 78
  7. Treynor 65
  8. CAM Anita 50
  9. Panorama 29
  10. West Central Valley 27.50
  11. Exira-EHK 19
  12. Audubon 16


Audubon Results 

800 Meters

4th Zeke Konkler                 2:08.63


110 Hurdles

2nd Gavin Smith                 15.14


Shot Put 

9th Alex Foran                   40-05.50


Shuttle Hurdle

7th Audubon                      1:06.02

Gavin Smith, Logan Schmidt, Carter Andreasen, Aaron Olsen






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