Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: State Qualifying Track Results for Ar-We-Va and IKM-Manning


Ar-We-Va and IKM-Manning Boys and Girls At State Qualifying Track Meet At Westwood- Class 1A

Neither Ar-We-Va or IKM-Manning had an automatic qualifier on Thursday as Class 1A only qualifies the champion automatically. IKM-Manning has several events that could qualify having placed in 2nd place and Ar-We-Va will challenge to get an event to the State meet.

The IKM-Manning Girls 4×800 took 3rd with Taylor Beckendorf, Alikxa McGinn, Raegan Garrison and Addisyn Bandow. They will have to qualify on time as they ran a  10:31.54. They took 2nd in the 4×200 with Taylor Beckendorf, Grace Carroll, Oriah Meiners and Caylie Rasmussen. They ran a 1:50.76. Grace Carroll was 4th for the Wolves in the 200 Meters with a 28:00.

The IKM-Manning Boys 4×800 finished in 2nd place, running a 8:35.74 with Abe Polzien, Ben Ramsey and Isaac Blankman, Lane Sams. Jase Lueth, Ross Kusel, Abe Polzien and Lane Sams were 2nd in the Distance Medley, running a 3:44.83. The Wolves added another 2nd in the 4×200 with Jase Lueth, Davis Rasmussen, Abe Polzien and Ross Kusel. They ran a 1:33.34. Lane Sams was 4th in the 800 Meters with a 2:11.11. The boys were 3rd in the 4×400 with Abe Polzien, Jase Lueth, Justin Segebart and Ross Kusel, running a 3:32.83. Ross Kusel jumped 6-00 in the High Jump to finish in 2nd place.

Blayne Smith took 3rd in the 800 Meters for Ar-We-Va, running a 2:10.53. Wyatt Ragaller was 4th for the Rockets in the 400 Hurdles with a 59.86. Ragaller was also 3rd in the Long Jump with his best jump at 20-02.00.

Results for Ar-We-Va and IKM-Manning are below.

Girls Team Standings

  1. Woodbine 122.5
  2. Tri Center 115
  3. LoMa 106
  4. Boyer Valley 81
  5. West Monona 78
  6. IKM-Manning 55 
  7. Westwood 46
  8. St Mary’s, Remsen 46
  9. Akron Westfield 27
  10. Siouxland Christian 19
  11. Gehlen Catholic 17
  12. Ar-We-Va 12 
  13. West Harrison 10.5
  14. Whiting 3


Boys Team Standings 

  1. Woodbine 140
  2. Westwood 110
  3. LoMa 99
  4. IKM-Manning 97 
  5. Gehlen Catholic 63
  6. West Monona 61
  7. Akron Westfield 44
  8. Tri Center 44
  9. Boyer Valley 25
  10. Ar-We-Va 23 
  11. Siouxland Christian 17
  12. West Harrison 11


Ar-We-Va and IKM-Manning Results 

Girls Sprint Medley

8th IKM-Manning     2:08.92

Audrey Menough, Oriah Meiners, Karlee Arp, Hannah McKinney


Boys Sprint Medley 

5th IKM-Manning       1:44.66

Kasche Huehn, Brock Kusel, Justin Segebart, Tyson Smith


3000 Meters

6th Raegan Garrison       IKM-Manning    11:53.07


3200 Meters

4th Camden Morris       IKM-Manning     11:40.88

7th Hunter Julin            IKM-Manning     12:17.13


Girls 4×800

3rd IKM-Manning       10:31.54

Taylor Beckendorf, Alikxa McGinn, Raegan Garrison, Addisyn Bandow


Boys 4×800

2nd IKM-Manning      8:35.74

Abe Polzien, Ben Ramsey, Isaac Blankman, Lane Sams


Girls Shuttle Hurdle 

5th IKM-Manning       1:12.83

Abby Neilheisel, Grace Carroll, Anna Stangl, Abby Wanser


7th Ar-We-Va              1:17.95

Gabby Hundling, Noelia Gonzalez, Morgan Berg, Amber Ragaller


Boys Shuttle Hurdle 

4th IKM-Manning      1:10.23

Justin Segebart, Brock Kusel, Eian Snyder, Max Butler


Girls 100 Meters

4th Caylie Rasmussen      IKM-Manning     13.35


Boys 100 Meters

4th Davis Rasmussen        IKM-Manning     11.59


Girls Distance Medley 

5th Ar-We-Va          4:53.14

Allison Skinner, Morgan Berg, Amber Ragaller, Gabby Hundling


7th IKM-Manning     5:00.30

Hannah McKinney, Tessa Josefson, Karlee Arp, Emma Reginato


Boys Distance Medley 

2nd IKM-Manning      3:44.83

Jase Lueth, Ross Kusel, Abe Polzien, Lane Sams


6th Ar-We-Va                 3:56.47

Devon Ehlers, Johnathan Riesselman, Wyatt Ragaller, Blayne Smith


Girls 400 Meters 

6th Laynie Gawley      IKM-Manning     1:07.65

8th Katelyn Bandow   IKM-Manning    1:09.78


Boys 400 Meters

6th Wyatt Danner    IKM-Manning     56.24

7th Ben Ramsey       IKM-Manning     56.79


Girls 4×200

2nd IKM-Manning        1:50.76

Taylor Beckendorf, Grace Carroll, Oriah Meiners, Caylie Rasmussen


Boys 4×200

2nd IKM-Manning      1:33.34

Jase Lueth, Davis Rasmussen, Abe Polzien, Ross Kusel


100 Hurdles 

8th Abby Neiheisel       IKM-Manning     17.98


110 Hurdles 

8th Brock Kusel           IKM-Manning      17.45


Girls 800 Meters

6th Addisyn Bandow   IKM-Manning    2:33.12

8th Gabby Hundling    Ar-We-Va           2:40.84


Boys 800 Meters

3rd Blayne Smith       Ar-We-Va                2:10.53

4th Lane Sams           IKM-Manning         2:11.11

8th Weston Toft        Ar-We-Va                2:20.30


Girls 200 Meters

4th Grace Carroll      IKM-Manning      28:00

6th Oriah Meiners   IKM-Manning       29.25


Boys 200 Meters 

8th Devon Ehlers     Ar-We-Va             25.50


Boys 400 Hurdles 

4th Wyatt Ragaller    Ar-We-Va           59.86

5th Tyson Smith       IKM-Manning     1:01.41


1500 Meters 

5th Raegan Garrison     IKM-Manning    5:26.97

8th Gabby Hundling    Ar-We-Va             5:49.58


1600 Meters 

5th Miles Nuzback        IKM-Manning     5:02.21

7th Camden Morris      IKM-Manning      5:15.20


Girls 4×100

8th IKM-Manning        56.26

Audrey Menough, Abby Neiheisel, Hannah McKinney, Karlee Arp


Boys 4×100

4th IKM-Manning        47.57

Kasche Huehn, Brock Kusel, Max Butler, Davis Rasmussen


Girls 4×400

4th IKM-Manning      4:21.22

Taylor Beckendorf, Laynie Gawley, Addisyn Bandow, Caylie Rasmussen


Boys 4×400

3rd IKM-Manning      3:32.83

Abe Polzien, Jase Lueth, Justin Segebart, Ross Kusel


Boys High Jump 

2nd Ross Kusel       IKM-Manning     6-00

7th Max Butler       IKM-Manning      5-06


Girls Long Jump 

5th Amber Ragaller     Ar-We-Va     14-00.50


Boys Long Jump 

3rd Wyatt Ragaller      Ar-We-Va               20-02.00

7th Davis Rasmussen    IKM-Manning    18-03.00


Boys Discus 

6th Nolan Kerkhoff      IKM-Manning     136-04


Boys Shot Put 

4th Jace Starman         IKM-Manning     43-00.50




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