Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Hawkeye 10 and TLC Girls Track Results


Girls Track Results Thursday, May 2nd 

Kuemper At Hawkeye 10 Conference At Shenandoah 

Ellie Sibbel and Morgan Masching led the Knights in individual events with Sibbel taking 3rd in the shot put and 5th in the discus and Masching taking 5th in the 100 Meters and Long with Elsa Tiefenthaler adding a 5th in the High Jump. The Knights scored 36-points, finishing 9th. Glenwood cruised to the team win with 175-points with Lewis Central in 2nd place with 110-points and Atlantic 3rd with 93.33-points.

The Knights were 5th in the 4×100 with Kerrigan Irlbeck, Chloe Gehling, Elsa Tiefenthaler and Morgan Masching. They added a 5th place in the 4×200 with Morgan Masching, Kerrigan Irlbeck, Elsa Tiefenthaler and Chloe Gehling.

The Knights head to Treynor for State Qualifying on Thursday.

Team Standings 

  1. Glenwood 175
  2. Lewis Central 110
  3. Atlantic 93.33
  4. St Albert 72.50
  5. Harlan 57.33
  6. Clarinda 55.50
  7. Denison Schleswig 48
  8. Shenandoah 41.33
  9. Kuemper 36 
  10. Creston 32
  11. Red Oak 19



100 Meters

5th Morgan Masching          13.40


800 Meters

7th Charlotte Hackfort        2:38.26



5th Kuemper        54.28

Kerrigan Irlbeck, Chloe Gehling, Elsa Tiefenthaler, Morgan Masching



5th Kuemper          1:57.21

Morgan Masching, Kerrigan Irlbeck, Elsa Tiefenthaler, Chloe Gehling



7th Kuemper           11:17.30

Addie Davis, Madeline Segebart, Elsa Tiefenthaler, Charlotte Hackfort


Distance Medley 

7th Kuemper            4:39.33

Kerrigan Irlbeck, Chloe Gehling, Madie Domer, Charlotte Hackfort


High Jump 

5th Elsa Tiefenthaler      4-10


Long Jump

5th Morgan Masching      15-04.75


Shot Put 

3rd Ellie Sibbel           36-07.50



5th Ellie Sibbel                  99-01



East Sac and South Central Calhoun At Twin Lakes Conference At Emmetsburg 

South Central Calhoun had a strong night, finishing 2nd place with 97-points. The Titans earned a pair of champions, finishing with six individuals in the top 3 and one more in the top 5. They added two relays in the top 3 and two more in the top 5. East Sac scored 17-points, finishing in 10th place with one individual in the top 5 and one relay in the top 5.

Chloe Judisch earned a conference championship, winning the 800 Meters in 2:27.42. Tristin Gorden garnered the Titans their second conference champion, winning the Discus with a 111-03. Gorden nearly won the Shot Put, taking 2nd. Ashley Schleisman added  a 2nd place in the Discus. Judisch wasn’t done yet, taking 3rd in the 400 Meters and 1500 Meters. The Titans took 2nd in the Sprint Medley with Olivia Toms, Jayci Graeve, Mya Ridgely and Chloe Judisch. Olivia Toms, Jayci Graeve, Onna Haupert and Mya Ridgely took 3rd in the 4×100.

Madison Meister had the highest individual finish for East Sac, taking 5th in the 100 Hurdles. The Raiders were 4th in the Shuttle Hurdle with Olivya Mack, Haley Jo King, Libbie Veit and Madison Meister.

Both teams compete Monday in Sac City.

Team Standings

  1. Sioux Central 142
  2. South Central Calhoun 97 
  3. West Bend Mallard 85
  4. Alta-Aurelia 82
  5. Emmetsburg 65.5
  6. Pocahontas Area 62.5
  7. Manson NW Webster 62.5
  8. SE Valley 61
  9. Newell Fonda 52.5
  10. East Sac 17 
  11. GTRA 9
  12. Storm Lake St Mary’s 4



100 Meters

6th Oliva Toms                    South Central Calhoun    14.02

7th Jayci Graeve                  South Central Calhoun   14.32


200 Meters 

6th Mya Ridgely             South Central Calhoun        28.76

8th Onna Haupert          South Central Calhoun       29.93


400  Meters

3rd Chloe Judisch            South Central Calhoun      1:01.99


800 Meters

1st Chloe Judisch          South Central Calhoun        2:27.42

8th Bre Patterson         South Central Calhoun        2:47.08


1500 Meters

3rd Chloe Judisch         South Central Calhoun         5:16.80

6th Iris Melody             South Central Calhoun         5:33.18


3000 Meters

4th Iris Melody             South Central Calhoun          11:30.69


100 Hurdles 

5th Madison Meister     East Sac                                 18.18


400 Hurdles 

8th Libbie Veit               East Sac                                 1:17.94



3rd South Central Calhoun  53.51

Olivia Toms, Jayci Graeve, Onna Haupert, Mya Ridgely


6th East Sac            55.67

Lilly Lode, Emma Kischer, Katelyn Schmitt, Madison Meister



4th South Central Calhoun    1:56.03

Olivia Toms, Jayci Graeve, Onna Haupert, Mya Ridgely


7th East Sac         2:00.66

Madison Meister, Katelyn Schmitt, Haley Jo King, Jordin Carroll



8th East Sac           4:46.66

Scottie Eichhorn, Emma Meredith, Emma Kischer, Jordan Carroll



4th South Central Calhoun     11:15.55

Brenna McAlister, Bre Patterson, Jossa Haupert, Emma Myers


8th East Sac        12:06.47

Olivya Mack, Julina Wagner, Emma Meredith, Libbie Veit


Sprint Medley 

2nd South Central Calhoun    1:56.21

Olivia Toms, Jayci Graeve, Mya Ridgely, Chloe Judisch


Distance Medley 

6th South Central Calhoun     5:04.81

Onna Haupert, Claire Riat, Brenna McAlister, Jossa Haupert


Shuttle Hurdle 

4th East Sac               1:16.26

Olivya Mack, Haley Jo King, Libbie Veit, Madison Meister


7th South Central Calhoun    1:20.06

Morgan McChesney, Claire Riat, Nicole Meyer, Sadie Wheelock


Shot Put

2nd Tristan Gorden          South Central Calhoun     37-01.00

7th Ashley Schleisman    South Central Calhoun     31-02.00



1st Tristen Gorden             South Central Calhoun      111-03

2nd Ashley Schleisman   South Central Calhoun      104-04




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