Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Area Girls Track Results For Wednesday


Girls Track Results For Wednesday, May 1st

Carroll at Raccon River Conference Meet

The Carroll Tigers competed Wednesday at the Raccoon River Conference Meet in Carlisle, taking home two conference titles. Both first-place finishes were in individual events. Marie Dea captured a conference title, the 800-meter run, with a time of 2:18.96. Emma Kuhlmann picked up a first-place finish in the shot put for the Tigers on Wednesday. Kuhlmann recorded a throw of 42-00. Carroll finished second in the sprint medley relay. Brenna Goins, Libby Perkins, Marasyn Wittrock, and Marie Dea ran a time of 1:51.45. The Tigers 4×400 relay wrapped up the night with a second-place finish as well. Wittrock, Averi Burke, Katelyn Aden, and Dea ran a time of 4:06.98. As a team, Carroll finished in fifth place with 72 points.

Team Standings

  1. ADM 176
  2. Gilbert 116
  3. North Polk 98
  4. Bondurant-Farrar 75
  5. Carroll 72
  6. Winterset 70
  7. Carlisle 57
  8. Boone 47
  9. Ballard 29

Carroll Results

100 Hurdles

6th     Autumn Fortner   16.87


400 Meters

4th    Averi Burke    1:02.50


800 Meters

1st     Marie Dea     2:18.96


Sprint Medley

2nd     Carroll     1:51.45

Brenna Goins, Libby Perkins, Marasyn Wittrock, Marie Dea



7th      Carroll      55.54

Amelia Holt, Libby Perkins, Aubrie Drake, Aubrie Schmitt-Hubbard



8th      Carroll       1:57.24

Amelia Holt, Alexis Esquivel, Aubrie Drake, Aubrie Schmitt-Hubbard


Shuttle Hurdle

4th     Carroll    1:11.86

Averi Burke, Autumn Fortner, Olivia Rowedder, Abby Neppel



2nd       Carroll      4:06.98

Marasyn Wittrock, Averi Burke, Katelyn Aden, Marie Dea


Distance Medley

6th    Carroll    5:04.16

Autumn Fortner, Libby Perkins, Marasyn Wittrock, Logan Lee



2nd    Olivia Rowedder     110-09

4th    Emma Kuhlmann    104-02


Shot Put

1st     Emma Kuhlmann    42-00


Audubon and IKM-Manning at Western Iowa Conference Meet

IKM-Manning and Audubon competed Wednesday at the Western Iowa Conference meet, with the Wheelers finishing sixth and the Wolves in ninth. The highest-placing events on the nights were second-place finishes. The Audubon 4×400 relay team finished in second. Taryn Petersen, Mattie Nielsen, Jaelynn Petersen, and Kadence Brannan-Sporrer ran a time of 4:21.85. The Wheelers also finished second in the shuttle hurdle. Taryn Petersen, Mattie Nielsen, Jaelynn Petersen, and Michelle Brooks finished with a time of 1:10.66. For IKM-Manning, Raegan Garrison finished third in the 3000-meter run with a time of 11:34.38. As a team, the Wolves finished with 31 points. Audubon finished in sixth with 60.5 team points.

Team Standings

  1. Riverside 150
  2. Treynor 126
  3. Tri-Center 117
  4. Logan-Magnolia 98
  5. Underwood 67.5
  6. Audubon 60.5
  7. AHSTW 51
  8. Missouri Valley 36
  9. IKM-Manning 31



100 Meter

8th    Hannah McKinney      IKM-M     14.27


200 Meter

4th    Taryn Petersen    Audubon    28.29


400 Meters

7th     Marie Brand     Audubon     1:09.59


800 Meters

6th    Addisyn Bandow    IKM-M    2:34.26


1500 Meters

5th    Raegan Garrison     IKM-M       5:33.59

6th    Michelle Wilson      Audubon    5:37.84


3000 Meters

3rd    Raegan Garrison      IKM-M    11:34.38

6th    Michelle Wilson       Audubon   12:04.49


100 Hurdles

8th     Abbagail Neiheisel     IKM-M     18.09


400 Hurdles

4th    Jaelynn Petersen     Audubon     1:12.63



6th    Audubon    55.39

Addie Hocker, Anna Larsen, Gemini Goodwin, Michelle Brooks


8th       IKM-M      56.80

Aubrey Menough, Abbagail Neiheisel, Hannah McKinney, Oriah Meiners



4th     IKM-M       1:56.11

Taylor Beckendorf, Abbagail Neiheisel, Grace Carroll, Oriah Meiners


7th      Audubon    1:58.31

Addie Hocker, Michelle Brooks, Gemini Goodwin, Anna Larsen



2nd      Audubon     4:21.85

Taryn Petersen, Mattie Nielsen, Jaelynn Petersen, Kadence Brannan-Sporrer


6th     IKM-M     4:35.94

Taylor Beckendorf, Laynie Gawley, Karlee Arp, Addisyn Bandow



4th      IKM-M      10:43.29

Taylor Beckendorf, Karlee Arp, Raegan Garrison, Addisyn Bandow


6th      Audubon       11:42.48

Riley Miller, Maya King, Marie Brand, Michelle Wilson


Sprint Medley

5th     Audubon       1:57.66

Michelle Brooks, Anna Larsen, Mattie Nielsen, Kadence Brannan-Sporrer


Distance Medley

3rd      Audubon      4:34.03

Anna Larsen, Mattie Nielsen, Taryn Petersen, Kadence Brannan-Sporrer


Shuttle Hurdle

2nd      Audubon      1:10.66

Taryn Petersen, Mattie Nielsen, Jaelynn Petersen, Michelle Brooks


7th      IKM-M      1:15.12

Abbagail Neiheisel, Grace Carroll, Anna Stangl, Abby Wanser


High Jump

5th     Harlow Miller        Audubon   4-08

7th     Jaelynn Petersen   Audubon    4-08



8th    Addie Hocker     Audubon    92-04

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