Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Girls Track Results from Friday, April 5th


Girls Track Results Friday, April 5th 

IKM-Manning At Denison Schleswig 

IKM-Manning had three individuals finish in top 3 with Caylie Rasmussen taking two of those. Rasmussen finished in the 100 Meters and 400 Meters. Addisyn Bandow added a 3rd place finish in the 800 Meters. That helped the Wolves finish in 6th place as a team with 76-points, just behind 5th place Boyer Valley with 80-points. IKM-Manning added six more individuals finishing in the top 5. The 4×200 was their top relay, taking 2nd place with Hannah McKinney, Grace Carroll, Abby Neiheisel and Oriah Meiners. They added 3rd place finishes in the 4×400 with Karlee Arp, Laynie Gawley, Hannah McKinney and Caylie Rasmussen and in the Shuttle Hurdle with Abby Neiheisel, Grace Carroll, Oriah Meiners and Abby Wanser.

The Wolves will compete at Carroll on Monday.

Team Standings

  1. Tri Center 99
  2. Denison Schleswig 94
  3. Woodbine 90.5
  4. Harlan 90
  5. Boyer Valley 80
  6. IKM-Manning 76 
  7. Underwood 50.5


IKM-Manning Results

100 Meters 

2nd Caylie Rasmussen           13.39


200 Meters

5th Caylie Rasmussen           28.37

8th Oriah Meiners                 29.87



4th IKM-Manning               56.16

Audrey Meneough, Abby Neiheisel, Grace Carroll, Oriah Meiners


400 Meters

2nd Caylie Rasmussen     1:06.28

4th Laynie Gawley             1:10.01



2nd IKM-Manning          1:58.23

Hannah McKinney, Grace Carroll, Abby Neiheisel, Oriah Meiners


800 Meters

3rd Addisyn Bandow        2:41.77



3rd IKM-Manning             4:33.88

Karlee Arp, Laynie Gawley, Hannah McKinney, Caylie Rasmussen


1500 Meters

8th Addisyn Bandow       5:47.93



4th IKM-Manning       11:18.68

Taylor Beckendorf, Ali McGinn, Anna Stangl, Addisyn Bandow


Sprint Medley 

5th IKM-Manning     2:10.48

Audrey Meneough, Tessa Josefson, Karlee Arp, Katelyn Bandow


100 Hurdles 

4th Abby Neiheisel      18.17

8th Abby Wanser         18.34


Distance Medley 

6th IKM-Manning     5:11.99

Karlee Arp, Ali McGinn, Taylor Beckendorf, Emma Reginato


Shuttle Hurdle 

3rd IKM-Manning     1:16.32

Abby Neiheisel, Grace Carroll, Oriah Meiners, Abby Wanser


400 Hurdles 

4th Taylor Beckendorf     1:15.72


3000 Meters

4th Raegan Garrison          12:13.03

8th Emma Reginato            13:57.74


Long Jump 

6th Ali McGinn                      14-00.50


High Jump

4th Taylor Beckendorf      4-06.00

8th Addisyn Bandow         4-04.00


Shot Put 

8th Ella Langel                  26-02.25



Glidden Ralston and Paton Churdan At Ram Early Bird At Greene County 

Glidden Ralston finished in 8th place and Paton Churdan took 9th place at the Greene County Early Bird. The Wildcats finished with 8-points with Allison Snyder and Tiela Janssen leading the way with a pair of 6th place finishes. Snyder took 6th in the 800 Meters and Janssen was 6th in the 400 Hurdles. The Rockets scored 5-points with an 8th place individual event and relay. Shianne Teed finished 8th in the 800 Meters and the Distance Medley with Maggie Reed, Ella Tasler, Kaliyah Minnehan and Shianne Teed.

Glidden Ralston and Paton Churdan both go to AC/GC on Thursday.

Team Standings 

  1. Gilbert 156.33
  2. Ogden 113.33
  3. SE Valley 98
  4. Greene County 79.33
  5. Madrid 78
  6. Emmetsburg 72
  7. Manson NW Webster 59
  8. Glidden Ralston 8
  9. Paton Churdan 5 


Results for Glidden Ralston and Paton Churdan 

800 Meters

6th Allison Snyder                 Glidden Ralston    2:58.76

8th Shianne Teed                   Paton Churdan    3:03.42


400 Hurdles 

6th Tiela Janssen                  Glidden Ralston     1:22.10


Distance Medley 

8th Paton Churdan                5:34.73

Maggie Reed, Ella Tasler, Kaliyah Minnehan, Shianne Teed




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