Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Area Boys Wrestling Results For Tuesday


Boys Wrestling Results For Tuesday, January 16th

South Central Calhoun at ACGC Quad

The South Central Calhoun Titans went 1-2 in duals Tuesday at ACGC. The Titans started the dual with a big win over East Mills 72-0. Only two matches were wrestled in the dual, and SCC won both. At 126, Kolin Folsom picked up a pin in 34 seconds. Collin Kenebeck picked up the other Titan win at 144 pounds with a pin in 1:27. In SCC’s second dual, they lost to ACGC 57-24. The Titans went 4-9 in matches wrestled. Brock Nattress, Hayden Stickrod, and Brayden Werneburg picked up wins via pin in the dual. SCC dropped their last dual against Woodward-Granger 57-24. SCC went 2-9 in matches wrestled. Zach Trott and Nattress picked up the wins for the Titans.

SCC vs East Mills

SCC 72

East Mills 0


SCC Results:

120: Double Forfeit

126: Kolin Folsom (SCC) over Landon Gibbs (EAMI) (Fall 0:34)

132: Zachary Trott (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)

138: Devin Riley (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)

144: Collin Kenebeck (SCC) over Steven Barrett (EAMI) (Fall 1:27)

150: Brock Nattress (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)

157: Caleb Juhl (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)

165: Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)

175: Hayden Stickrod (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)

190: Luke Patterson (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)

215: Double Forfeit

285: Jace Pedersen (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)

106: Brayden Werneburg (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)

113: Aidan Devore (SCC) over (EAMI) (For.)




SCC 24


SCC Results:

113: Chase Slaybaugh (ACGC) over Aidan Devore (SCC) (Fall 0:30)

120: Tegan Slaybaugh (ACGC) over (SCC) (For.)

126: Gavin Sloss (ACGC) over Kolin Folsom (SCC) (Fall 1:04)

132: Zachary Trott (SCC) over Tate Fever (ACGC) (Inj. [time])

138: Ty Ganzer (ACGC) over Devin Riley (SCC) (Fall 1:14)

144: Ryder Cline (ACGC) over Collin Kenebeck (SCC) (Fall 3:22)

150: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Taytum Bates (ACGC) (Fall 3:04)

157: Angel Martinez (ACGC) over Caleb Juhl (SCC) (Dec 4-1)

165: Jackson Pfrang (ACGC) over Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) (Fall 1:34)

175: Hayden Stickrod (SCC) over Brandon Carlson (ACGC) (Fall 1:28)

190: Michael Fuller (ACGC) over Luke Patterson (SCC) (Fall 0:25)

215: Carter Richter (ACGC) over (SCC) (For.)

285: Payton Jacobe (ACGC) over Jace Pedersen (SCC) (Fall 1:39)

106: Brayden Werneburg (SCC) over Finn Billheimer (ACGC) (Fall 2:41)


SCC vs Woodward-Granger

W-G 57

SCC 24


SCC Results:

106: Brayden Werneburg (SCC) over (WOGR) (For.)

113: Aidan Devore (SCC) over (WOGR) (For.)

120: Tanner Paustian (WOGR) over (SCC) (For.)

126: Kinnick Grimm (WOGR) over Kolin Folsom (SCC) (Dec 11-6)

132: Zachary Trott (SCC) over Cory Saxton (WOGR) (Fall 1:45)

138: Alex Saxton (WOGR) over Devin Riley (SCC) (Fall 2:44)

144: Will Atkinson (WOGR) over Collin Kenebeck (SCC) (Fall 1:50)

150: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Dax Frey (WOGR) (Fall 1:23)

157: Oliver Potter (WOGR) over Caleb Juhl (SCC) (Fall 2:40)

165: Terrin Lawrenson (WOGR) over Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) (Fall 0:42)

175: Max Dalton (WOGR) over Hayden Stickrod (SCC) (Fall 1:33)

190: Oscar Potter (WOGR) over Luke Patterson (SCC) (Fall 0:52)

215: Kane Mahler-Moreno (WOGR) over Wyatt Mernka (SCC) (Fall 0:06)

285: Alexander Kasner (WOGR) over Jace Pedersen (SCC) (Fall 1:37)


Audubon at Tri-Center Quad

The Audubon Wheelers knocked off some rust, going 3-0 in duals at a quad in Tri-Center Tuesday night. In the night’s first dual, Audubon won 40-30 over Clarinda. Despite winning the dual, Audubon went 2-5 in matches wrestled. Chayton Snethen and Bryce Brabham picked up wins over the wheelers in the dual. The Wheelers picked up another dual win over Tri-Center 48-30. Audubon went 4-3 in matches wrestled, with Lane Elmquist, Jack Stanerson, Omar Sallak, and Josten Kilworth picking up wins for the Wheelers. In the last dual of the night, Audubon picked up a win over Southwest Iowa 45-36. The dual was close, and Audubon went 2-3 in wrestled matches. Stanerson, and Snethen each picked up their second win individual in the daul.

Audubon vs Clarinda

Audubon 40

Clarinda 30


Audubon Results:

190: Bryson Harris (CLAR) over Josten Kilworth (AUDU) (Fall 1:58)

215: Karson Downey (CLAR) over Damien Schneider (AUDU) (Fall 0:21)

285: Mason Nally (CLAR) over Jerix Squires (AUDU) (Fall 0:25)

106: Hayden Hash (CLAR) over Kayden Otten (AUDU) (Fall 1:40)

113: Lane Elmquist (AUDU) over (CLAR) (For.)

120: Double Forfeit

126: Daylan Huerta (AUDU) over (CLAR) (For.)

132: Double Forfeit

138: Jack Stanerson (AUDU) over (CLAR) (For.)

144: Chayton Snethen (AUDU) over Barrett Hagey (CLAR) (Fall 1:22)

150: Bryce Brabham (AUDU) over Dallyn Neudorff (CLAR) (MD 15-5)

157: Alex Hansen (AUDU) over (CLAR) (For.)

165: Dominick Polsley (CLAR) over (AUDU) (For.)

175: Alex Henkle (AUDU) over (CLAR) (For.)


Audubon vs Tri-Center

Audubon 48

Tri-Center 30


Audubon Results:

285: Jerix Squires (AUDU) over (TRCE) (For.)

106: Tucker Olsen (TRCE) over Kayden Otten (AUDU) (Fall 4:13)

113: Lane Elmquist (AUDU) over Carter Gittins (TRCE) (Fall 1:30)

120: Gryphen McDermott (TRCE) over (AUDU) (For.)

126: Daylan Huerta (AUDU) over (TRCE) (For.)

132: Doelyn Skow (TRCE) over (AUDU) (For.)

138: Jack Stanerson (AUDU) over Noah Goodwin (TRCE) (Fall 5:00)

144: Brant Freeberg (TRCE) over Chayton Snethen (AUDU) (Fall 3:42)

150: Omar Sallak (AUDU) over Matthew Tibbitts (TRCE) (Fall 1:45)

157: Alex Hansen (AUDU) over (TRCE) (For.)

165: Double Forfeit

175: Alex Henkle (AUDU) over (TRCE) (For.)

190: Josten Kilworth (AUDU) over Charlie Morse (TRCE) (Fall 2:38)

215: Athan Chessmore (TRCE) over Damien Schneider (AUDU) (Fall 0:35)


Audubon vs Southwest Iowa

Audubon 45

Southwest Iowa 36


Audubon Results:

215: Kolton Wilson (SWI) over Damien Schneider (AUDU) (Fall 3:07)

285: Cooper Marvel (SWI) over Jerix Squires (AUDU) (Fall 0:38)

106: Kayden Otten (AUDU) over (SWI) (For.)

113: Lane Elmquist (AUDU) over (SWI) (For.)

120: Gabe Johnson (SWI) over (AUDU) (For.)

126: Seth Ettleman (SWI) over (AUDU) (For.)

132: Daylan Huerta (AUDU) over (SWI) (For.)

138: Jack Stanerson (AUDU) over Blake Schaaf (SWI) (Dec 12-10)

144: Chayton Snethen (AUDU) over Landon Ramos (SWI) (Fall 1:31)

150: Omar Sallak (AUDU) over (SWI) (For.)

157: Alex Hansen (AUDU) over (SWI) (For.)

165: Zac Hickman (SWI) over (AUDU) (For.)

175: Alex Henkle (AUDU) over (SWI) (For.)

190: Landon Roof (SWI) over Josten Kilworth (AUDU) (Fall 4:38)


Coon Rapids-Bayard at Greene County Quad

The Coon Rapids-Bayard Crusaders held their own against good competition Tuesday night, going 0-3 in a quad at Greene County. The Crusaders started the night off, falling to Greene County 57-12. The Crusaders went 1-5 in matches wrestled against the Rams. The lone CRB win came from Johnny Cortez at 126 pounds. In the second dual for CRB, they lost to Nevada 54-24. The Crusaders went 4-4 in matches wrestled. Cortez picked up another win on the night, picking up a pin. Jack Reich, Tyler Mohr, and Ethan Bauer also picked up wins in the dual. In the Crusader’s last dual, they lost to Perry 45-15. Cortez picked up his third win on the nights as CRB went 1-5 in matches wrestled against the Bluejays.

CRB vs Greene County

GC 57

CRB 12


CRB Results:

144: Zeke Binkley (GRCO) over Ethan Bauer (CRB) (Fall 5:57)

150: Jackson Turner (GRCO) over Caden Cook (CRB) (Fall 0:14)

157: Gavin Scheuermann (GRCO) over (CRB) (For.)

165: Brent Dennhardt (GRCO) over Logan Kenyon (CRB) (Fall 1:11)

175: Degan Miller (GRCO) over (CRB) (For.)

190: 215: Marcus Ball (GRCO) over Jack Reich (CRB) (Dec 12-5)

285: Tyler Mohr (CRB) over (GRCO) (For.)

106: Brennan Jacobs (GRCO) over (CRB) (For.)

120: Gavyn Winters (GRCO) over Cole Cretsinger (CRB) (Fall 0:17)

126: Johnny Cortez (CRB) over Jacob Harmeyer (GRCO) (Fall 5:41)

132: Kolby Angell (GRCO) over (CRB) (For.) 138: Crew Conner (GRCO) over (CRB) (For.)


CRB vs Nevada

Nevada 54

CRB 24


CRB Results:

150: Jaden Grimm (NEVA) over Caden Cook (CRB) (Fall 1:39)

157: Austin Boege (NEVA) over (CRB) (For.)

165: Isaac Williams (NEVA) over Logan Kenyon (CRB) (Fall 0:25)

175: Luke Robinson (NEVA) over (CRB) (For.)

190: Carson Reed (NEVA) over (CRB) (For.)

215: Jack Reich (CRB) over Isaac Harrington (NEVA) (Fall 0:55)

285: Tyler Mohr (CRB) over Taiten Olsen (NEVA) (Fall 1:55)

106: Urijah Courter (NEVA) over (CRB) (For.)

113: David Gonzalez (NEVA) over (CRB) (For.)

120: Kaden Weber (NEVA) over Cole Cretsinger (CRB) (Fall 0:41)

126: Johnny Cortez (CRB) over Jacob Smith (NEVA) (Fall 0:55)

132: Braden Lewis (NEVA) over (CRB) (For.)

138: Double Forfeit

144: Ethan Bauer (CRB) over Jude Tucker (NEVA) (Fall 1:14)


CRB vs Perry

Perry 45

CRB 15


CRB Results:

138: Zavier Field (PERR) over (CRB) (For.)

144: Ethan Bauer (CRB) over (PERR) (For.)

150: Jovani Ortiz (PERR) over Caden Cook (CRB) (Fall 1:57)

157: Double Forfeit

165: Logan Kenyon (CRB) over (PERR) (For.)

175: Jonathan Armenta (PERR) over (CRB) (For.)

190: Kain Killmer (PERR) over (CRB) (For.)

215: Keegan Snyder (PERR) over Jack Reich (CRB) (Fall 2:24)

285: Kevin Colin (PERR) over Tyler Mohr (CRB) (Fall 3:01)

106: Double Forfeit

113: Double Forfeit

120: Jesus Cerna (PERR) over Cole Cretsinger (CRB) (Fall 2:34)

126: Johnny Cortez (CRB) over Townes Wilson (PERR) (Dec 10-6)

132: Gavin Kercheval (PERR) over Braydon Reineke (CRB) (Dec 11-10)


Alta-Aurelia, Kingsley Pierson, and GTRA at East Sac County Quad

The East Sac County Raiders hosted their own quad Tuesday night and came out with a 1-2 record in duals. The Raiders started the night off by falling to Alta-Aurelia 45-30. ESC went 3-5 in matches wrestled. Brayden Burns, Chandler Lahr, and Kaydon Erpelding picked up wins for the Raiders in the dual. The Raiders also fell to GTRA 42-30. ESC went 3-5 again in matches wrestled against GTRA. Chandler Lahr improved to 2-0 in matches, wrestled picking up a win in the dual. Charlie Veit and Dawson Allen picked up wins for the Raiders as well. East Sac County won their last dual of the night against Kingsley Pierson 36-30. The Raiders went 5-4 in matches wrestled. Burns, Allen, and Veit picked up wins in the dual, all coming via pin. Cal McCollough and Erpelding also picked up wins against Kingsley Pierson.

ESC vs Alta-Aurelia

Alta-Aurelia 45

ESC 30


ESC Results:

106: Eli Rieb (ALAU) over (ESC) (For.)

113: Jaxson Page (ALAU) over (ESC) (For.)

120: Aden Rieb (ALAU) over Logan Carpenter (ESC) (Fall 0:14)

126: Cline Sievers (ALAU) over (ESC) (For.)

132: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over Darnold Manuel (ALAU) (Fall 2:33)

138: Nash Larson (ALAU) over Dawson Allen (ESC) (Fall 2:29)

144: Double Forfeit

150: Charlie Veit (ESC) over (ALAU) (For.)

157: Tate Jarvis (ALAU) over Chase Brockman (ESC) (Fall 0:56)

165: Chandler Lahr (ESC) over Cole Mier (ALAU) (Fall 0:41)

175: Nolan Reeves (ALAU) over Mickael Manzer (ESC) (Dec 9-2)

190: Cal McCollough (ESC) over (ALAU) (For.)

215: Angel Barajas (ALAU) over Tyler Renze (ESC) (Fall 0:12)

285: Kaydon Erpelding (ESC) over Karson Ockerman (ALAU) (Fall 0:40)




ESC 30


ESC Results:

113: Double Forfeit

120: Logan Carpenter (ESC) over (GTRA) (For.)

126: Caleb Swedin (GTRA) over (ESC) (For.)

132: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over (GTRA) (For.)

138: Dawson Allen (ESC) over Kenny Ness (GTRA) (Fall 3:49)

144: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Aaron Wilson (GTRA) (Fall 1:29)

150: Isaiah Malm (GTRA) over Chase Brockman (ESC) (Fall 0:27)

157: Brady Harris (GTRA) over (ESC) (For.)

165: Chandler Lahr (ESC) over Owen DeMoss (GTRA) (Fall 3:18)

175: Luke Malm (GTRA) over Mickael Manzer (ESC) (Fall 1:25)

190: Wyatt Haffner (GTRA) over Cal McCollough (ESC) (Fall 0:11)

215: Cael Currans (GTRA) over Kaydon Erpelding (ESC) (Fall 4:34)

285: Donovan Young (GTRA) over (ESC) (For.)

106: Double Forfeit

ESC vs Kingsley Pierson 

ESC 36

KP 30


ESC Results:

120: Evan Jagodzinske (KIPI) over Logan Carpenter (ESC) (Fall 0:39)

126: Gavin Wiig (KIPI) over (ESC) (For.)

132: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over Bryce Burke (KIPI) (Fall 0:29)

138: Dawson Allen (ESC) over Peyton Koster (KIPI) (Fall 1:08)

144: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Kaedyn Willis (KIPI) (Fall 1:23)

150: Chase Brockman (ESC) over (KIPI) (For.)

157: Double Forfeit

165: Parker Hackett (KIPI) over Chandler Lahr (ESC) (Fall 2:50)

175: Ayden Socknat (KIPI) over Mickael Manzer (ESC) (Fall 1:47)

190: Cal McCollough (ESC) over Colton Wilcox (KIPI) (Fall 3:49)

215: Kaydon Erpelding (ESC) over Kaden Kraft (KIPI) (Fall 0:54)

285: Jacob Kraft (KIPI) over Tyler Renze (ESC) (Fall 0:24)

106: Double Forfeit

113: Double Forfeit

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