Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Carroll and Kuemper Boys Wrestling in Action Thursday


Boys Wrestling Results Thursday, December 14th 

Carroll and North Polk At Gilbert 

Carroll split their matches at Gilbert on Thursday, dominating Gilbert with eight wins in ten matches wrestled but falling to conference favorite in North Polk. The Tigers were able to get six wins by fall against Gilbert with two more wins by decision in a 66-10 victory. They were 8-2 in matches wrestled in the dual. They lost 50-22 to North Polk, going 4-10 in matches wrestled with three wins by fall and a major decision. Carroll went 12-12 in matches wrestled on the night with nine wins by fall, a major decision and two wins by decisions.

Cooper Ludwig went 2-0 for the Tigers with both wins by fall, Justin Riesberg was 2-0 with a win by fall and a decision, Cael Nelson was 2-0 with a fall and a forfeit and Owen Klocke ended the night 2-0 with a major decision and a forfeit. Wade Lengeling, Beckett Hagen, Levi Dirkx, Tanner Heithoff, Kieran Polking, Quinten Polking, Gavin Hold and Jeisson Avilez De Leon all went 1-1.

Carroll Vs Gilbert 

Carroll 66

Gilbert 10



106: Dennis May (GILB) over Jake Kinkade (CARR) (Fall 2:53)

113: Wade Lengeling (CARR) over (GILB) (For.)

120: Mason Wibholm (GILB) over Carson Tedrow (CARR) (MD 10-0)

126: Beckett Hagen (CARR) over John Artz (GILB) (Dec 7-4)

132: Levi Dirkx (CARR) over Holt Bellon (GILB) (Fall 1:32)

138: Cael Nelson (CARR) over (GILB) (For.)

144: Tanner Heithoff (CARR) over Cael O`Brien (GILB) (Fall 2:50)

150: Cooper Ludwig (CARR) over Phillip Chitty (GILB) (Fall 1:18)

157: Owen Klocke (CARR) over (GILB) (For.)

165: Justin Riesberg (CARR) over Holden Boshart (GILB) (Dec 9-2)

175: Kieran Polking (CARR) over (GILB) (For.)

190: Quinten Polking (CARR) over Ben Hammes (GILB) (Fall 0:43)

215: Gavin Holt (CARR) over Mason Griffin (GILB) (Fall 2:25)

285: Jeisson Avilez De Leon (CARR) over Easton Crawford (GILB) (Fall 5:27)



Carroll Vs North Polk 

North Polk 50

Carroll 22



106: Charlie Boelman (NOPO) over Wade Lengeling (CARR) (Fall 2:15)

113: Kelton Allen (NOPO) over Jake Kinkade (CARR) (MD 14-1)

120: Andrew Reed (NOPO) over Carson Tedrow (CARR) (Fall 1:01)

126: Jacob Moeckly (NOPO) over Beckett Hagen (CARR) (Fall 2:17)

132: Dillon Freeman (NOPO) over Levi Dirkx (CARR) (Dec 3-2)

138: Cael Nelson (CARR) over Carson Reinhart (NOPO) (Fall 1:13)

144: Luke Engebretson (NOPO) over Tanner Heithoff (CARR) (MD 9-0)

150: Cooper Ludwig (CARR) over Cole Halupnick (NOPO) (Fall 4:18)

157: Owen Klocke (CARR) over Brady Reinhart (NOPO) (MD 12-4)

165: Justin Riesberg (CARR) over Mason Ackerman (NOPO) (Fall 1:23)

175: Cohan Torres (NOPO) over Kieran Polking (CARR) (Fall 3:06)

190: Ben Bryant (NOPO) over Quinten Polking (CARR) (Dec 10-4)

215: Reece Wrage (NOPO) over Gavin Holt (CARR) (Fall 1:01)

285: Tucker Anderson (NOPO) over Jeisson Avilez De Leon (CARR) (Fall 1:43)



Kuemper and Atlantic At Lewis Central 

Kuemper dropped both matches on Thursday with a tight loss to Lewis Central, going 5-5 in matches wrestled with both teams earning two wins by forfeit. The Knights struggled against Atlantic picking up a win by fall. Lewis Central slide by Kuemper 40-36, going 5-5 in matches wrestled with three wins by fall, a sudden victory and a decision. Lewis Central earned four wins by fall and a major decision. The Knights lost to Atlantic, going 1-8 in matches wrestled with their lone win by fall. Kuemper finished the triangular 6-13 in matches wrestled with four wins by fall, a sudden victory and a decision.

Jake Irlbeck and Byrce Wiskus both went 2-0 with both having a win by fall and a win by forfeit. Jarin Hoffman was 2-0 with both wins by forfeit. Owen Nepple, Maguire Hoyt, Nicholas Wernimont, Tate Bieret and Reid Steger were all 1-1.

Kuemper Vs Atlantic 

Atlantic 52

Kuemper 24



106: Taye Jordan (ATLA) over (KUCA) (For.)

113: Collin Harris (ATLA) over (KUCA) (For.)

120: Braxton Hass (ATLA) over Owen Nepple (KUCA) (MD 9-1)

126: Aiden Smith (ATLA) over Preston Nepper (KUCA) (Fall 1:34)

132: Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) over D`artagnan Hansen (ATLA) (Fall 0:24)

138: Jayden Harter (ATLA) over Joe Klein (KUCA) (Fall 4:16)

144: Kalvin Hayes (ATLA) over Haven Holst (KUCA) (Fall 0:39)

150: Dreven Smith (ATLA) over Nicholas Wernimont (KUCA) (Fall 1:01)

157: Jake Irlbeck (KUCA) over (ATLA) (For.)

165: Jarin Hoffman (KUCA) over (ATLA) (For.)

175: Donovan Hedrington (ATLA) over Tate Bieret (KUCA) (Dec 10-4)

190: Cohen Bruce (ATLA) over Sam Rotert (KUCA) (Dec 6-3)

215: Bryce Wiskus (KUCA) over (ATLA) (For.)

285: Evan Sorensen (ATLA) over Reid Steger (KUCA) (Fall 0:31)


Kuemper Vs Lewis Central 

Lewis Central 40

Kuemper 36



106: Zander Manz (LECE) over (KUCA) (For.)

113: Weston Porter (LECE) over (KUCA) (For.)

120: Owen Nepple (KUCA) over Owen Duffek (LECE) (Dec 5-3)

126: Drew Anderson (LECE) over Preston Nepper (KUCA) (Fall 0:24)

132: Derrick Gregory (LECE) over Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) (MD 8-0)

138: Carter Schorsch (LECE) over Joe Klein (KUCA) (Fall 0:49)

144: Jaxon Brewer (LECE) over Haven Holst (KUCA) (Fall 0:26)

150: Nicholas Wernimont (KUCA) over Brayan Zarate (LECE) (SV-1 11-9)

157: Jake Irlbeck (KUCA) over Hayden Trotter (LECE) (Fall 3:10)

165: Jarin Hoffman (KUCA) over (LECE) (For.)

175: Tate Bieret (KUCA) over James Moore (LECE) (Fall 5:58)

190: Cameron Moore (LECE) over Sam Rotert (KUCA) (Fall 0:56)

215: Bryce Wiskus (KUCA) over Joseph Monge (LECE) (Fall 1:55)

285: Reid Steger (KUCA) over (LECE) (For.) :





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