Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Boys Wrestling Results Tuesday, December 5th


Boys Wrestling Results Tuesday, December 5th 

Kuemper At Shenandoah Quad 

Kuemper went 2-1 in duals on Tuesday with wins over CAM and Griswold and a loss to Shenandoah. They finished 8-13 in matches wrestled with six wins by fall and two by decision. The Knights knocked off CAM 39-24, going 1-5 in matches wrestled with their win by decision. They topped Griswold 66-3, going 3-0 in matches wrestled with all three wins by fall. Their lone loss came to Shenandoah, losing 52-21, going 4-8 in matches wrestled with three wins by fall and a win by decision.

Kent Sanders went 3-0 with a win by decision and two by forfeit. Sam Rotert went 3-0 with a win by fall and two by forfeit. Bryce Wiskus also went 3-0 with a win by fall and two by forfeit. Preston Vonnahme went 1-0 with his win by fall. Caleb Hoffman, Owen Nepple, Jake Smith and Jake Irlbeck all went 2-1.

Full results for all three duals are below.

Kuemper Vs CAM 

Kuemper 39

CAM 24



215: Bryce Wiskus (KUCA) over (CAM) (For.)

285: Reid Steger (KUCA) over Gunner Namanny (CAM) (Dec 7-2)


120: Kason Calhoun (CAM) over Caleb Hoffman (KUCA) (Fall 5:27) 

126: Owen Nepple (KUCA) over (CAM) (For.)

132: Tristan Becker (CAM) over Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) (Dec 11-6)

138: Jake Smith (KUCA) over (CAM) (For.)

144: Kegan Croghan (CAM) over Joe Klein (KUCA) (Fall 1:59)

150: Brentyn Hoover (CAM) over Nicholas Wernimont (KUCA) (Fall 1:25)

157: Jake Irlbeck (KUCA) over (CAM) (For.)

165: Kent Sanders (KUCA) over (CAM) (For.)

175: Owen Hoover (CAM) over Tate Bieret (KUCA) (Dec 9-2)

190: Sam Rotert (KUCA) over (CAM) (For.)


Kuemper Vs Griswold 

Kuemper 66

Griswold 3



138: Jake Smith (KUCA) over (GRIS) (For.)

144: Joe Klein (KUCA) over (GRIS) (For.)

150: Nicholas Wernimont (KUCA) over (GRIS) (For.)

157: Jake Irlbeck (KUCA) over Zander Huffstlear (GRIS) (Fall 0:30)

165: Kent Sanders (KUCA) over (GRIS) (For.)

175: Tate Bieret (KUCA) over (GRIS) (For.)

190: Sam Rotert (KUCA) over (GRIS) (For.)

215: Bryce Wiskus (KUCA) over (GRIS) (For.)

285: Preston Vonnahme (KUCA) over Launie Smith (GRIS) (Fall 1:11)

106: Double Forfeit

113: Double Forfeit

120: Caleb Hoffman (KUCA) over (GRIS) (For.)

126: Owen Nepple (KUCA) over (GRIS) (For.)

132: Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) over Nolan Smith (GRIS) (Fall 0:41) (KUCA JV score -6.0)


Kuemper Vs Shenandoah 

Shenandoah 52

Kuemper 21



120: Caleb Hoffman (KUCA) over Davin Holste (SHEN) (Fall 4:37)

126: Tyler Babe (SHEN) over Owen Nepple (KUCA) (Fall 1:48)

132: Hayden Roush (SHEN) over Maguire Hoyt (KUCA) (Dec 12-6)

138: Cole Scamman (SHEN) over Jake Smith (KUCA) (Fall 1:56)

144: Lukus Major (SHEN) over Joe Klein (KUCA) (Fall 0:46)

150: Jacob McGargill (SHEN) over Nicholas Wernimont (KUCA) (Fall 1:05)

157: Owen Laughlin (SHEN) over Jake Irlbeck (KUCA) (Dec 9-4)

165: Kent Sanders (KUCA) over Jacob Rystrom (SHEN) (Dec 13-10)

175: Jayden Dickerson (SHEN) over Tate Bieret (KUCA) (MD 11-2)

190: Sam Rotert (KUCA) over Mark Hardy (SHEN) (Fall 1:53)

215: Bryce Wiskus (KUCA) over Will Berning (SHEN) (Fall 0:51)

285: Steven Perkins (SHEN) over Reid Steger (KUCA) (Fall 2:44)

106: Cooper Morelock (SHEN) over (KUCA) (For.)

113: Jevon Binau (SHEN) over (KUCA) (For.)


Audubon At Treynor Quad 

Audubon finished the quad in Treynor 1-2 in duals and 7-16 in matches wrestled. The Wheelers fell to Treynor 48-28, lost to Riverside 62-18 and beat Southwest Valley 42-36. They went 3-6 in matches wrestled with two wins by fall and a major decision. They were 3-4 against Southwest Valley with all three wins by fall and 1-6 against Riverside with their win by fall.

Jack Stanerson had another strong night, going 3-0 with two wins by fall and a major decision. Chayton Snethen went 2-1 with both wins by fall as was Alex Hansen. Kayden Otten and Lane Elmquist were both 2-1 with all their wins by forfeit.

Audubon Vs Riverside

Riverside 62

Audubon 18



144: Jaxon Gordon (RIVE) over Chayton Snethen (AUDU) (Fall 1:20)

150: Zach Brennecke (RIVE) over (AUDU) (For.)

157: Taven Moore (RIVE) over Alex Hansen (AUDU) (Fall 5:44)

165: A.C. Roller (RIVE) over (AUDU) (For.)

175: Alex Henkle (AUDU) over (RIVE) (For.)

190: Josten Kilworth (AUDU) over (RIVE) (For.)

215: Caden Forristall (RIVE) over Damien Schneider (AUDU) (Fall 0:11)

285: Brian Steffen (RIVE) over Jerix Squires (AUDU) (Dec 6-2)

106: Kayden Otten (AUDU) over (RIVE) (For.)

113: Davis Bramman (RIVE) over Lane Elmquist (AUDU) (TF 15-0 3:23)

120: Kellen Oliver (RIVE) over (AUDU) (For.)

126: Bradyn Comstock (RIVE) over (AUDU) (For.)

132: Jack Branan (RIVE) over Daylan Huerta (AUDU) (Fall 1:05)

138: Jack Stanerson (AUDU) over Keagan Allensworth (RIVE) (Fall 0:00)


Audubon Vs Southwest Valley 

Audubon 42

Southwest Valley 36



132: Brody Sparks (SWVA) over Daylan Huerta (AUDU) (Fall 0:39)

138: Jack Stanerson (AUDU) over Brody Crozier (SWVA) (Fall 3:13)

144: Chayton Snethen (AUDU) over Ashton Boswell (SWVA) (Fall 2:30)

150: Alex Hansen (AUDU) over Ely Rodriguez (SWVA) (Fall 3:40)

157: Double Forfeit

165: Gavin Wetzel (SWVA) over Timothy Reinhardt (AUDU) (Fall 0:30)

175: Ian Forsythe (SWVA) over Alex Henkle (AUDU) (Fall 0:41)

190: Tate Haffner (SWVA) over Josten Kilworth (AUDU) (Fall 1:44)

215: Damien Schneider (AUDU) over (SWVA) (For.)

285: Jerix Squires (AUDU) over (SWVA) (For.)

106: Kayden Otten (AUDU) over (SWVA) (For.)

113: Lane Elmquist (AUDU) over (SWVA) (For.)

120: Brayden Maeder (SWVA) over (AUDU) (For.)

126: Carson Cooper (SWVA) over (AUDU) (For.)


Audubon Vs Treynor

Treynor 48

Audubon 28



138: Jack Stanerson (AUDU) over Bradley Kenealy (TREY) (MD 13-1)

144: Chayton Snethen (AUDU) over Dylan Dreyer (TREY) (Fall 1:17)

150: Danny Kinsella (TREY) over (AUDU) (For.)

157: Alex Hansen (AUDU) over Beau Thiel (TREY) (Fall 1:41)

175: Zach Robbins (TREY) over Alex Henkle (AUDU) (Fall 0:24)


190: Levi Young (TREY) over Josten Kilworth (AUDU) (Fall 1:32)

215: Lowell Knott (TREY) over Damien Schneider (AUDU) (Fall 1:51)

285: Maverrick Kalb (TREY) over Jerix Squires (AUDU) (Fall 1:18)

106: Ethan Chambers (TREY) over Kayden Otten (AUDU) (Fall 5:57)

113: Lane Elmquist (AUDU) over (TREY) (For.)

126: Jett Sornson (TREY) over (AUDU) (For.)


132: Luke Parrott (TREY) over Daylan Huerta (AUDU) (Fall 0:22) (AUDU scores 6.0)



East Sac County at South Central Calhoun Quad

South Central Calhoun and East Sac County competed in boys wrestling on Tuesday night. SCC went 1-2 on the night, with their lone win coming against ESC. The Titans lost to ELC and Ridge View. For ESC, they went 0-3, losing to SCC, Ridge View, and ELC. Brock Nattress, Naylan Gulbranson, Jace Peterson, and Zach Trott all picked up wins over ESC via pin. For the Raiders, Braydn Burns and Charlie Veit picked up wins over SCC. SCC struggled against Estherville Lincoln Center as Wyatt Mernka picked up the only win for the Titans. 

The Titans wrestled better against Ridge View. Brock Nattress picked up his second win by pin against Ridge View. ESC against ELC also just won one match as Charlie Veit picked up an 8-3 win to move to 2-0 on the night. ESC scored 27 points against Ridge View. Burns wrapped up his night going 2-1 with an individual win against Ridge View. Veit went a perfect 3-0 on the night.


South Central Calhoun Vs East Sac 

South Central Calhoun 60

East Sac 24 



285: Jace Pedersen (SCC) over Kaydon Erpelding (ESC) (Fall 1:40) 

106: Aidan Devore (SCC) over (ESC) (For.) 

113: Brayden Werneburg (SCC) over (ESC) (For.)

 120: Logan Carpenter (ESC) over (SCC) (For.)

 126: Kolin Folsom (SCC) over (ESC) (For.) 

132: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over Devin Riley (SCC) (Fall 1:54) 

138: Zachary Trott (SCC) over Dawson Allen (ESC) (Fall 0:25)

 144: Collin Kenebeck (SCC) over Xander Hemer (ESC) (Fall 3:53) 

150: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Jeremy Treiber (SCC) (Fall 0:25)

 157: Caleb Juhl (SCC) over Chase Brockman (ESC) (Fall 4:17) 

165: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Chandler Lahr (ESC) (Fall 1:53) 

175: Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 0:37)

 190: Wyatt Mernka (SCC) over Mickael Manzer (ESC) (Fall 1:35)

 215: Cal McCollough (ESC) over (SCC) (For.)


South Central Calhoun vs ELC

ELC 78

South Central Calhoun 6


SCC Results:

113: Austin Hansen (ELC) over Brayden Werneburg (SCC) (Fall 0:43)

 120: Brody Olson (ELC) over (SCC) (For.)

 126: Braxton Johnson (ELC) over Kolin Folsom (SCC) (Fall 1:13)

 132: Wes Martin (ELC) over Devin Riley (SCC) (Fall 0:35)

 138: Parker Duitsman (ELC) over (SCC) (For.)

 144: Layton Yager (ELC) over Collin Kenebeck (SCC) (Fall 3:28) 

150: Bennett Duitsman (ELC) over Caleb Juhl (SCC) (Fall 3:43)

 157: Warren Duitsman (ELC) over Brock Nattress (SCC) (Fall 2:49)

 165: James Richard (ELC) over Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) (Fall 1:06)

 175: Dylan Peta (ELC) over Hayden Stickrod (SCC) (Fall 1:35)

 190: Wyatt Mernka (SCC) over Breyden Rodriguez (ELC) (Fall 2:30)

 215: Andy Ramirez (ELC) over (SCC) (For.)

 285: Asher Molacek (ELC) over Jace Pedersen (SCC) (Fall 0:31)

 106: Clayton Burton (ELC) over Aidan Devore (SCC) (Fall 0:24)


South Central Calhoun vs Ridge View

Ridge View 42

South Central Calhoun 33


SCC Results:

106: Lane Johnson (RIVI) over Aidan Devore (SCC) (Fall 1:38)

 113: Brayden Werneburg (SCC) over (RIVI) (For.)

 120: Double Forfeit 

126: Michael Hucka (SCC) over (RIVI) (For.)

 132: Kolin Folsom (SCC) over Landyn Peterson (RIVI) (Fall 0:25)

 138: Devin Riley (SCC) over Cole Bloyer (RIVI) (Fall 1:10)

 144: Clayton Jacobson (RIVI) over Collin Kenebeck (SCC) (Fall 1:43)

 150: Conner Jacobson (RIVI) over Caleb Juhl (SCC) (Fall 3:44) 

157: Brock Nattress (SCC) over Noah Shepherd (RIVI) (Fall 2:55)

 165: Austin Wood (RIVI) over Naylan Gulbranson (SCC) (Fall 3:58) 

175: Kody Jacobson (RIVI) over Hayden Stickrod (SCC) (Fall 0:59)

 190: Blake Myrtue (RIVI) over Wyatt Mernka (SCC) (Fall 1:12)

 215: Kolton Witzke (RIVI) over (SCC) (For.) 

285: Jace Pedersen (SCC) over Dramelle McCray (RIVI) (Dec 10-9)


East Sac vs ELC

ELC 71

East Sac 9



106: Clayton Burton (ELC) over (ESC) (For.)

 113: Austin Hansen (ELC) over (ESC) (For.)

 120: Brody Olson (ELC) over Logan Carpenter (ESC) (Fall 1:43)

 126: Braxton Johnson (ELC) over (ESC) (For.)

 132: Wes Martin (ELC) over Bradyn Burns (ESC) (Fall 0:52)

 138: Parker Duitsman (ELC) over Dawson Allen (ESC) (Fall 3:25)

 144: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Layton Yager (ELC) (Dec 8-3)

 150: Bennett Duitsman (ELC) over Xander Hemer (ESC) (Fall 5:09)

 157: Warren Duitsman (ELC) over Chase Brockman (ESC) (TF 16-1 2:16)

 165: James Richard (ELC) over Chandler Lahr (ESC) (Fall 2:00)

 175: Dylan Peta (ELC) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 1:14) 

190: Breyden Rodriguez (ELC) over Cal McCollough (ESC) (Fall 0:56) 

215: Kaydon Erpelding (ESC) over Andy Ramirez (ELC) (Fall 1:08)

 285: Asher Molacek (ELC) over (ESC) (For.)


East Sac vs Ridge View

Ridge View 42

East Sac  27


ESC Results:

113: Double Forfeit 

120: Logan Carpenter (ESC) over (RIVI) (For.) 

126: Double Forfeit 

132: Bradyn Burns (ESC) over Landyn Peterson (RIVI) (Fall 2:32)

 138: Dawson Allen (ESC) over Cole Bloyer (RIVI) (Dec 5-4

144: Charlie Veit (ESC) over Clayton Jacobson (RIVI) (Fall 1:22)

 150: Conner Jacobson (RIVI) over Xander Hemer (ESC) (Fall 3:38)

 157: Noah Shepherd (RIVI) over Chase Brockman (ESC) (Fall 1:30)

 165: Austin Wood (RIVI) over Chandler Lahr (ESC) (Fall 5:16)

 175: Kody Jacobson (RIVI) over Seth Donelson (ESC) (Fall 1:49)

 190: Blake Myrtue (RIVI) over Mickael Manzer (ESC) (Fall 1:32) 

215: Dramelle McCray (RIVI) over Cal McCollough (ESC) (Fall 0:23) 

285: Kaydon Erpelding (ESC) over Maguire Neumann (RIVI) (Fall 1:03) 

106: Lane Johnson (RIVI) over (ESC) (For.)




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