Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: TLC and WIC Girls Track Results from Tuesday


Girls Track Results Tuesday, May 2nd 

East Sac and South Central Calhoun At Twin Lakes Conference Meet At Sac City

South Central Calhoun had three individual champions, taking 8th place as a team with 48 points and East Sac finished with one event in the top three as they take 11th place with 18 points on a windy night at the Twin Lakes Conference Meet at Sac City on Tuesday. Sioux Central won the conference title with 146 points, Alta-Aurelia was 2nd with 106 points and Newell Fonda took 3rd with 99 points.

Keira Hammen was the star for South Central Calhoun, winning both the Shot Put (39-00.50) and the Discus (105-09) while Chloe Judisch continued her success in the 800 Meters, winning it in 2:29.06.

The Raiders took 3rd in the Shuttle Hurdle with Kierstin Carroll, Haley Jo King, Olivya Mack and Madison Meister.

Results for the Titans and Raiders are below.

Team Standings

  1. Sioux Central 146
  2. Alta-Aurelia 106
  3. Newell Fonda 99
  4. West Bend Mallard 68
  5. Pocahontas Area 61
  6. Manson NW Webster 60
  7. Emmetsburg 55
  8. South Central Calhoun 48
  9. SE Valley 47
  10. GTRRA 30
  11. East Sac 18
  12. Storm Lake St Mary’s 2


South Central Calhoun and East Sac Results 

400 Meters

6th Chloe Judisch          South Central Calhoun     1:03.13


800 Meters

1st Chloe Judisch          South Central Calhoun       2:29.06


1500 Meters

7th Brenna McAlister     South Central Calhoun    5:25.29


3000 Meters

6th Iris Melody                South Central Calhoun    12:17.89


400 Hurdles

6th Olivya Mack             East Sac                              1:15.77



7th East Sac                   55.06

Jen Aschinger, Elena Valenza, Mary Bontrager, Kiersten Carroll



5th East Sac                  1:59.97

Jen Aschinger, Jordin Carroll, Madison Meister, Elena Valenza



7th East Sac                 4:47.52

Jordin Carroll, Jen Aschinger, Mary Bontrager, Kierstin Carroll



8th South Central Calhoun   12:53.06

Samantha Potts, Katie Burley, Mady Smidt, Kaley Timmerman


Sprint Medley

6th South Central Calhoun     2:05.66

Jayci Graeve, Claire Riat, Brenna McAlister, Chloe Judisch


Distance Medley 

5th South Central Calhoun      4:52.32

Jayci Graeve, Claire Riat, Brenna McAlister, Emma Myers


Shuttle Hurdle

3rd East Sac                                1:17.09

Kierstin Carroll, Haley Jo King, Olivya Mack, Madison Meister


Shot Put 

1st Keira Hammen                 South Central Calhoun    39-00.50

8th Maci Gustavson              East Sac                                32-07.50



1st Keira Hammen               South Central Calhoun       105-09

7th Ashley Schleisman         South Central Calhoun      85-09



Audubon and IKM-Manning at Western Iowa Conference at Underwood 

Audubon and IKM-Manning finished right next to each other in the team standings as they competed at their Western Iowa Conference meet at Underwood Tuesday. Audubon was able to finish fourth overall with 80 points followed by IKM-Manning in fifth place with 63. Riverside and Treynor dominated the meet with Riverside’s 165 points winning the meet followed by Treynor with 158. 

Audubon’s Stefi Beisswenger came away with two of Audubon’s three top finishes. She was able to win the 1500-meter run with a time of 5:21.09 and 3000-meter run with a winning time of 11:59.87. The shuttle hurdle relay team, composed of Michelle Brooks, Mattie Nielsen, Madison Burr, and Madison Steckler, won the event with a winning time of 1:12.69. Steckler was also able to finish high in one of her individual events with a third-finish in the 200-meter run with a time of 28.22. Finally, the distance medley team, composed of Addie Hocker, Brooks, Nielsen, and Kadence Sporrer were able to finish second overall with a time of 4:38.53. 

For the IKM-Manning Wolves, Raegan Garrison ended up with two top individual finishes. She finished fourth in the 1500-meter run with a time of 5:40.56 and third in the 3000-meter run with a final time of 12:29.34. Two other top individual finishes were in the high jump when Amber Halbur and Taylor Beckdorf finished second and third respectively with the same jump of 4-06.00 Two relays finished in the top five for the Wolves, being the 4X800 and distance medley relay. In the 4X800, Julianna Stribe, Emmie Ring, Alikxa McGinn, and Taylor Beckendorf finished fourth overall with a time of 11:14.44. In the distance medley relay, Beckendorf, Abbagail Neiheisel, Ring, and Stribe finished fifth overall with a time of 5:02.53. 

Full results for Audubon and IKM-Manning can be found below. 

Team Standings

  1. Riverside 165

  2. Treynor 158

  3. Underwood 97

  4. Audubon 80

  5. IKM-Manning 63

  6. Tri-Center 56

  7. LoMa 47

  8. AHSTW 35

  9. Missouri Valley 33


Audubon and IKM-Manning Results

100 Meter Dash

4th Madison Steckler              Audubon              13.81

8th Hannah McKinney            IKM-Manning      14.84


200 Meter Dash

3rd Madison Steckler             Audubon               28.22

8th Anna Larsen                      Audubon               30.20


400 Meter Dash

6th Madelyn Snyder              IKM-Manning         1:06.14


800 Meter Run

5th Stefi Beisswenger           Audubon                2:37.53

6th Kadence Sporrer             Audubon               2:42.17

8th Julianna Stribe                IKM-Manning        2:43.79


1500 Meter Run

1st Stefi Beisswenger           Audubon                5:21.09

4th Raegan Garrison            IKM-Manning        5:40.56

7th Emily Albertsen             IKM-Manning         5:52.76


3000 Meter Run

1st Stefi Beisswenger          Audubon                 11:59.87

3rd Raegan Garrison           IKM-Manning         12:29.34

7th Emily Albertsen            IKM-Manning          13:25.47


100 Meter Hurdles

5th Madison Steckler         Audubon                   17.54


400 Meter Hurdles

6th Madelyn Snyder           IKM-Manning          1:16.29


4X100 Relay

6th IKM-Manning               55.80

Amber Halbur, Hannah McKinney, Karlee Arp, Abbagail Neiheisel


4X200 Relay

6th IKM-Manning               2:00.22

Mabel Langel, Grace Carroll, Alikxa McGinn, Hannah McKinney


8th Audubon                       2:06.45

Madison Burr, Anna Larsen, Kerrigan Irlbeck, Emily Foran


4X400 Relay

4th Audubon                      4:28.53

Addi Hocker, Kadence Sporrer, Anna Larsen, Mattie Nielsen


6th IKM-Manning              4:31.54

Alikxa McGinn, Taylor Beckendorf, Emmie Ring, Madelyn Snyder


4X800 Relay

4th IKM-Manning            11:14.44

Julianna Stribe, Emmie Ring, Alikxa McGinn, Taylor Beckendorf


7th Audubon                    13:37.65

Kerrigan Larsen, Anna Larsen, Emily Foran, Allisa Testroet


Sprint Medley Relay

5th Audubon                    2:02.57

Addie Hocker, Michelle Brooks, Mattie Nielsen, Kadence Sporrer


7th IKM-Manning            2:07.27

Mabel Langel, Audrey Menough, Grace Carroll, Karlee Arp


Distance Medley Relay

2nd Audubon                   4:38.53

Addie Hocker, Michelle Brooks, Mattie Nielsen, Kadence Sporrer


5th IKM-Manning            5:02.53

Taylor Beckendorf, Abbagail Neiheisel, Emmie Ring, Julianna Stribe


Shuttle Hurdle

1st Audubon                     1:12.69

Michelle Brooks, Mattie Nielsen, Madison Burr, Madison Steckler


6th IKM-Manning            1:14.83

Abbagail Neiheisel, Amber Halbur, Abbyu Wanser, Madelyn Snyder


High Jump

2nd Amber Halbur           IKM-Manning           4-06.00

3rd Taylor Beckendorf     IKM-Manning           4-06.00


Long Jump

6th Amber Halbur          IKM-Manning          14-05.50



4th Addie Hocker           Audubon                   96-10






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