Season Details For All-Rewind Volleyball Players and Coach of the Year


Honorable Mention 

Alexa Holm- South Central Calhoun- Sophomore

Holm put together a very good season, playing in all 43 sets as a defensive specialist. She helped the Titans win the Twin Lakes Conference Title, going 10-1 in the conference and 34-9 overall. Holm had 165 digs, adding 36 aces with a 90.1% serve efficiency.


Paige Teeples- Paton Churdan- Senior

The senior wrapped up an outstanding career leading the Rockets in kills, finishing 2nd in aces,  tied for 2nd in blocks and 3rd in digs. Teeples provided great leadership for a team that played three freshmen and two sophomores as part of their regular rotation.


Macy Simons- Kuemper- Senior

The senior helped the Knights advance to the State Tournament for the first time since 2019. She allowed the Knights to run a successful 6-2, allowing them to get all their hitters on the floor, finishing the season with 464 assists. She played well defensively as well with 118 digs. Serving has always been a strength and was again this season with 31 aces on 94.7% efficiency.


Kylie Powers- IKM-Manning- Senior

Powers helped a young Wolves team improve as the season went on, giving them a solid pair in the middle. Her 85 kills led the team while also leading the team in kill efficiency. She was 2nd on the team in blocks and tied for 4th in aces.


Megan Williams- IKM-Manning- Junior

Williams teamed with Powers to provide the Wolves with a tough middle offensively and defensively. She led the team in blocks with over half of them solo. She was 2nd on the team in kills and was 2nd in kill efficiency. Williams was perfect from the service line this season.


Mary Bontrager- East Sac- Senior

She was one of the best all-around players for the Raiders this season. Leading them in assists while sharing the role with two other players. She was strong at the net defensively finishing 3rd on the team, along with having the 3rd most digs on the team. Bontrager showed her balance, serving 95.1% with 34 aces.


Addisen Ehler- East Sac- Sophomore

Ehler came into her own this season, becoming a threat for the Raiders. She was 3rd on the team with 149 kills, giving them another strong outside hitter and defender. She added 29 blocks, 2nd on the team, and was 6th with 73 digs. She will be a focal point for the Raiders in the future.


Lacie Davis- Coon Rapids Bayard- Senior

Davis finished her senior campaign the way she played her whole career. Diving all over the floor and hustling after every ball. She paced the Crusaders with 325 digs and provided great leadership as a senior for a young team. She added 40 assists from her libero position. Davis had a solid season at the service line with a 93.5% serve efficiency.


Malia Clayburg- Coon Rapids Bayard- Freshman 

Clayburg was one of three freshmen to see the floor as a starter this season for the Crusaders. She developed into a strong middle on both sides of the net. Clayburg led the Crusaders with 113 kills. Her strength this season may have been on the defensive side, finishing with 46 blocks and most of those solo. She added 73 digs and 18 aces.


Gracy Johnson- Coon Rapids Bayard- Senior 

Johnson ended her career with another really strong season for the Crusaders, leading them in assists and finishing third on the team in kills. She was just as strong on the defensive side as well with 193 digs and 22 blocks. She ranked 3rd on the team in digs and was 2nd in blocks. Her 29 aces were a team high.


Camryn Schable- Carroll- Senior

Schable capped her career with another strong season as one of the top hitters for the Tigers. She was 3rd on the team in kill efficiency and 3rd on the team in kills. She may have had a stronger season defensively, finishing 2nd in blocks. A strength of hers has always been her serve, she finished this season with a team high 24 aces.


Kaitlyn Tigges- Carroll- Senior

Tigges battled injuries her senior season but was still a part of their success. She teamed up with Riley Nagl to run a 6-2, and led the Tigers in assists. She was strong on the defensive side in the back row with 135 digs. Tigges was a strong server with a 90.6% serve efficiency allowing her to have 12 aces.


Riley Nagl- Carroll- Junior

Nagl was strong this season, teaming up with Kaitlyn Tigges to give the Tigers two good setters. She finished with 233 assists, ranking 2nd on the team. She put a lot of work in the back row during the offseason and it paid off, helping her finish 4th on the team in digs. Nagl has a strong serve, finishing the season with a 93% serve efficiency and 18 aces.


Olivia Rowedder- Carroll- Sophomore

Rowedder had  a strong season this year, her first on varsity. She led the Tigers in kill efficiency and was fifth on the team in kills. Her future on the offense is really good, but her strength this season was her defense at the net. She paced the Tigers with 43 blocks. She added a 93.5% serve efficiency.


Shay Sinnard- Carroll- Senior

Sinnard used her athleticism to lead the Tigers with 145 kills and was 2nd on the team in kill efficiency. Sinnard was also good on defense, finishing 2nd on the team with 225 digs. She added 20 blocks, ranking 4th.


Harlow Miller- Audubon- Freshman 

The freshman broke onto the scene this season, proving the Wheelers will be strong in the middle for a while. She was 2nd on the team in kills with 156 while hitting .219, a team  high. Miller had a team high 69 blocks with 29 solo blocks. Her serve could be dangerous, helping her end the season with 46 aces, 2nd on the team.


Audrey Jensen- Audubon- Senior

Jensen made the move during the season from outside hitter to libero and the transition went well. She was really strong, covering short shots, helping her lead the team with 195 digs. She added 22 assists. The Wheelers were a strong serving team and she was part of the reason with 40 aces.


Delaney Schurke- Ar-We-Va- Junior

Schurke put together the best season of her career. She worked hard, setting her hitters in the best position possible, finishing with 347 assists. Her 103 digs were 4th on the team. She was one of the top servers for the Rockets, having a team high 35 aces with a 92.0% serve efficiency.


Maggie Ragaller- Ar-We-Va- Senior

Ragaller is fun to watch as she swings as hard as anyone in the area and has great athleticism. She paced the Rockets in kills this season and was 2nd on the team in kill efficiency. She proved to be a solid all-around player, leading Ar-We-Va with 191 digs while finishing tied for 2nd in blocks. She added 23 aces this season.


3rd Team

Aubrey Heuton- Kuemper- Junior 

The junior gave the Knights a solid pair of outside hitters in her first season in the rotation. She finished the season hitting .216 with 174 kills, ranking 5th on the team. She added 38 blocks, 6th on the team and had 80 digs, while leading the team with 42 aces. She helped the Knights qualify for State for the first time since 2019.


Lauren Boell- Kuemper- Junior 

Boell became a force for the Knights, running the slide really well. Her power at the net and her ability to hit her spots helped her finish with 181 kills, 4th on the team. She had a .235 kill efficiency. Her 68 blocks ranked 3rd on the team. She was a strong server with 26 aces and 95.7% serve efficiency. She showed at State that she can compete at a high level.


Kylee Schleisman- South Central Calhoun- Senior

Schleisman helped the Titans win the Twin Lakes Conference and put together a great season overall. She was sharp in the back row, helping the Titans have their best performances in the last several years. She finished with a team high 358 digs while adding 43 assists as a libero. Kylee served 95.7%, finishing with 26 aces.


Brenna McAlister- South Central Calhoun- Sophomore

McAlister became a clutch player for the Titans, never shying away from a big play. She finished with 223 kills, 3rd on the team. She showed her overall skills, playing all the way around. She added 197 digs and 24 blocks along with 46 aces, tied for the team lead.



Paige Klocke- Glidden Ralston- Senior

Klocke battled an injury this season but was still fantastic as the Wildcats won the Rolling Valley Conference and put together one of their best seasons. She had 188 kills, ranking 3rd on the team and hit .195 also ranking 3rd. Paige provided the Wildcats a solid back row player with 120 digs. She was outstanding from the service line, pacing a good serving team with 55 aces.



Lauren Hulsing- Glidden Ralston- Sophomore- Not able to attend, in a rodeo 

Hulsing continued to show her abilities as a sophomore, giving the Wildcats a really strong middle rotation. She was 2nd on the team with 195 kills while hitting .211. She made her biggest impact on the defensive side at the net, with 60 blocks, 43 of them solo. She added 53 digs while serving 27 aces.



Addie Hocker- Audubon- Junior

Addie took her game to another level this season, helping the Wheelers continue to move the program in a great direction. She finished the year with 550 assists while adding 39 kills. She is a good blocker at the net, finishing the season with 29 blocks, while adding 87 digs. The Wheelers were one of the best serving teams in the area and Hocker led them with 53 aces.


2nd Team

Addy Boell- Glidden Ralston- Junior

Boell continues to excel as a setter in the area, helping the Wildcats win the Rolling Valley Conference  while becoming one of the top setters in the area. She finished with 698 assists while adding 50 kills. Boell can also play defense, finishing with 212 digs. Boell had a 97.5% serve efficiency with 21 aces.


Vanessa Koehler- Glidden Ralston- Senior

Koehler moved to the middle this season and shined. She led the Wildcats with 230 kills and a .255 kill efficiency. Her 24 blocks were 2nd on the team. Koehler helped provide great leadership and her competitive nature was part of the driving force helping them put together a great season.


Tiela Janssen- Glidden Ralston- Junior

Janssen continues to be a top libero in the area, leading the Wildcats with 409 digs. Her great quickness allows her to cover from corner to corner and take away shots to the donut. She isn’t just a force on the defensive side. She served at a 94.4% efficiency, helping her finish with 35 aces, ranking 3rd on the team.


Frannie Glynn- Kuemper- Junior

Glynn took her game to another level this season, especially defensively at the net. She was 2nd on a strong blocking team with 70 blocks, oftentimes coming up with clutch blocks to spark a Knights run. Her offense continues to shine, finishing with 191 kills, 3rd on the team while hitting .267, 2nd on the team. She was a big part of the team making State this season and will play a key role in their attempt to return next season.


Kaci Peter- Kuemper- Junior

Peter exploded this season, playing with a different confidence level and helping to energize the team. Her enthusiasm kept the Knights loose, during their tougher matches. She was really strong at the net, finishing with 226 kills, 2nd on the team. She did a nice job this season of staying aggressive. Kaci was also really good defensively with 50 blocks, ranking 5th on the team. Peter served at a 91.8% efficiency.


Kenna Meyer- East Sac- Junior

She has become a force for the Raiders and gives them a lot of excitement for next season. She had 220 kills on the season, ranking 2nd on the team while hitting .177. She was their top player in the back row with 227 digs and is an elite server, finishing the season with 49 aces, leading the team.


Mattie Nielsen- Audubon- Junior

Nielsen returned from a knee injury last season to become one of the top players in the local area and helped the Wheelers have a strong showing this season. She had a team high 297 kills, with most defenses trying to take her away. Nielsen isn’t just an offensive threat, she is also a tremendous defensive player, finishing with 142 digs, 3rd on the team and 21 blocks. She added 40 aces this season.


1st Team 

Kate Vondark- East Sac- Junior

Vondrak is one of the most complete players in the area and gives the Raiders high hopes for next season. She paced the team this season with 225 kills while hitting .189. As good as she was on offense, her defense at the net stood out. She finished with 74 blocks with 59 of those solo. She added 163 digs, 2nd on the team. Vondrak served at a 97.5% efficiency.


Kaylie Simons- Kuemper- Freshman 

The freshman didn’t disappoint, taking over the libero role on a team that qualified for the State Tournament. She was very strong, helping a young back row grow, playing their best at the end of the season. Simons had 509 digs and added 38 assists. She played with great poise, dropping in an ace serve on the final point in the Regional Final. She finished with 37 aces and a 94.8% serve efficiency.


Jaycie Graeve- South Central Calhoun- Sophomore

Graeve was one of the top players in the area this season, winning the Regional Athlete of the Week several times. She was a key for the Titans, helping them win the Twin Lakes Conference. She was able to keep a host of really good hitters happy this season, finishing with 842 assists. She added 33 kills. Graeve is strong when opposing teams hit at her, having 199 digs while also blocking 22 attacks. Her serve is one of the tougher ones to handle as she finished with 46 aces on a 94% serve efficiency.


Keira Hammen- South Central Calhoun- Senior

Hammen had her best season of her career as a senior. She was outstanding offensively and defensively at the net. Hammen finished the season with 291 kills, 2nd on the team while hitting .262. She forced opposing teams to change their offense, finishing with 90 blocks, a team high. Hammen was a key in their run to the Twin Lakes Conference Title.



Riley Batta- South Central Calhoun- Senior

Batta continues to be one of the top players in the area, showing her all-around skills again. Her abilities to play as a six-rotation player helped the Titans having one of their best seasons in a few years, winning the Twin Lakes Conference. Batta had a team high 381 kills, hitting .281. She added 235 digs, 2nd on the team and was 3rd on the team with 38 blocks. Batta served at 91.2% efficiency with 43 aces.


Ashlyn Badding- Kuemper- Senior

Badding set records in her career, becoming the All-Time assists leader, leader in sets played, most successful serves and serve attempts leader at Kuemper. That was just part of a great career that was capped with a trip to State. She had a team high 658 assists this season working with a number of new hitters.  Badding slide worked on her back row play to become a stronger player and it worked, finishing with 123 digs. She added 32 aces, ranking 3rd on the team, while serving 94.3% efficiency.


1st Team and Player of the Year

Sophie Badding- Kuemper- Senior

Sophie had a great career before this season, then put together her best season to help the Knights reach State. She was as good as anyone in the State at the net defensively, becoming the leader in Kuemper history in blocks with 169 and 141 of them solo. She tied with Ashlyn Badding in most sets played in a career and is the single season blocks leader.  She wasn’t just a great defensive player. She was a force on offense that most teams couldn’t contain. She led the Knights with 320 kills and hit .288. Badding caused problems with her block for top ranked Dike-New Hartford in the State Quarterfinals.



Coach of the Year 

Rusty Wintermote- Kuemper

Wintermote helped Kuemper reach the State Tournament for the first time since 2019, leading them to the Hawkeye 10 Conference with a perfect conference record. The Knights wrapped up the season 38-5 with tournament titles at South Central Calhoun, the CYO and Hampton Dumont. They had winning streaks this season of 9 matches, 14 matches twice.

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