Carroll Softball Competed Well Against the RRC


Carroll Softball had their best season since 2019 when they finished 21-13. The Tigers went 16-17 overall and 2-13 in the Raccoon River Conference but showed how good they were out of the league this season, going 14-4 against non-conference teams. Carroll showed their strength in the postseason, rolling past their first two opponents before falling late to ADM in the Regional Final. Below is a list of how Carroll players ranked in stats against individuals in the RRC. We took a look at which players ranked in the top 10 in all the categories and where they ranked.

Raccoon River Conference- Carroll

Ava Gross

4 Home Runs- 10th 

2 Triples- 5th

.356 Slugging Percentage- 10th 


Averi Burke

15 Stolen Bases- 10th 

2 Triples- 5th

3 Hit-By-Pitch- 8th 


Brielle Hinners

15 Stolen Bases- 10th 

2 Triples- 5th


Camryn Schable

6 Wins- 10th 

22 Games Pitched-10th 

13 Started 10th 


Alyssa Brant 

74 Strikeouts- 9th 

2 Triples- 5th 

28 Games Pitched- 7th 

19 Started- 6th 

120 ⅔ IP- 7th 

553 Opponents At-Bats- 6th 


Parker Adams 

1000 Fielding Percentage- 1st 

11-Thrown Out Stealing- 2nd 

.536 On Base Percentage- 5th 

.444 Slugging Percentage- 8th 

4 Hit-By-Pitch- 5th 

0 Errors- 1st 


Vanessa Ayala 

18 Walks- 6th

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