Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: East Sac and South Central Calhoun Girls, East Sac Boys Have Automatic Qualifiers Friday

East Sac Track Results from State Qualifying Meet At Ridge View 

East Sac Girls will take 3 events and 4 girls to the State Track Meet. The South Central Calhoun Girls have 2 girls and 2 events and the East Sac Boys have 1 boy in 1 event and the Titans Boys have 1 boy in 1 event as the Raiders and Titans competed on Friday at the qualifying meet in Holstein. Brooke Jergens of East Sac was the local star, qualifying in three events and breaking her own school record for the third time this season. Jergens took 2nd place in both the 100 Meters (12.85) and the 200 Meters (26.57), breaking her own school record in the 200. She qualified in both events along with qualifying with Hannah Pudenz, Meredith Brown and Carly Fischer in the 4×100. The group took 2nd place in 51.55. The Titans girls have a pair of champions with Keira Hammen winning the Shot Put with a 37-02.50 and Chloe Judisch returning to State in the 800 Meters, winning on Friday with a 2:33.07. Tyler Schmitt gives the Raiders Boys a qualifier, heading in the 200 Meters, finishing 2nd with a 23.47. Schmitt has an outside shot in the 100 Meters where he finished 4th. Jayden Soard is South Central Calhoun’s finished 3rd in the Discus but qualified 15th overall in the State and makes the state meet.

Girls Team Standings

  1. 1. KPWC 141.50
  2. Hinton 83
  3. Ridge View 81
  4. Pocahontas Area 77
  5. Manson NW Webster 76
  6. Sioux Central 73.50
  7. East Sac 44
  8. SE Valley 41
  9. West Monona 39
  10. South Central Calhoun 38
  11. OA-BCIG 29
  12. MVAOCOU 18


Boys Team Standings 

  1. SE Valley 116
  2. KPWC 97.50
  3. Pocahontas Area 80
  4. West Monona 74
  5. Hinton 67.50
  6. Sioux Central 66
  7. Ridge View 63.50
  8. Manson NW Webster 62.50
  9. OA-BCIG 44
  10. East Sac 36
  11. South Central Calhoun 21
  12. MVAOCOU 13


East Sac and South Central Calhoun Results

Girls 100 Meters

2nd Brooke Jergens               East Sac                                 12.85           Qualified 

7th Hannah Pudenz             South Central Calhoun         13.72


Boys 100 Meters

4th Tyler Schmitt               East Sac                   11.49

8th Ace Perrien                  East Sac                   11.91


Girls 200 Meters

2nd Brooke Jergens             East Sac               26.57    New School Record  Qualified 


Boys 200 Meters

2nd Tyler Schmitt          East Sac                  23.47              Qualified     


Girls 800 Meters

1st Chloe Judisch             South Central Calhoun            2:33.07       Qualified 


Girls 1500 Meters

6th Brenna McAlister    South Central Calhoun           5:29.85

7th Emma Schroeder     East Sac                                     5:37.46


Boys 3200 Meters

5th Parker Engel              East Sac                             11:31.99

7th Tristan Blair               South Central Calhoun  11:43.43


Boys 400  Hurdles

5th Garret Ortner            East Sac             1:00.21


Girls Shuttle Hurdle

7th South Central Calhoun                                 1:15.22

Olivia Toms, Claire Riat, Emma Anderson, Norah Riedesel


Boys Shuttle Hurdle

7th South Central Calhoun                 1:09.84

Kaden Dorman, Andrew Anderson, Zakiah Pettigrew, Cole Higgins


Girls 4×100

2nd East Sac               51.55                     Qualified 

Hannah Pudenz, Meredith Brown, Carly Fischer, Brooke Jergens


Boys 4×100

6th East Sac         46.84

Ace Perrien, Cale Niehaus, Ashler Lawler, Tyler Schmitt


7th South Central Calhoun    46.86

Brock Nattress, Keegan Soard, Koby Kraft, Jayden Soard


Girls 4×200

4th East Sac             1:51.75

Hannah Pudenz, Meredith Brown, Carly Fischer, Brooke Jergens


6th South Central Calhoun  1:57.19

Onna Haupert, Norah Riedesel, Emma Anderson, Kylee Schleisman


Boys 4×200

4th South Central Calhoun       1:35.76

Brock Nattress, Keegan Soard, Koby Kraft, Jayden Soard


6th East Sac           1:41.08

Landon Grindle, Kinnick Fahrenkrog, Cale Niehaus, Asher Lawler


Girls 4×400

7th East Sac                4:47.19

Jen Aschinger, Meredith Brown, Emma Anderson, Mary Bontrager


Boys 4×400

7th East Sac                3:49.65

Jake Gullett, Asher Lawler, Kinnick Fahrenkrog, Garret Ortner


Girls 4×800

6th South Central Calhoun        10:49.13

Chloe Judisch, Evelyn Kramer, Breanne Patterson, Brenna McAlister


Girls Sprint Medley 

4th East Sac                2:02.85

Olivia Blum, Dahni Jergens, Jen Aschinger, Mary Bontrager


Boys Sprint Medley

7th East Sac                   1:45.44

Landon Grindle, Ace Perrien, Jake Gullett, Asher Lawler


Girls Long Jump

4th Kylee Schleisman         South Central Calhoun         14-09.25


Girls Discus 

7th Keira Hammen                South Central Calhoun     102-09


Boys Discus 

3rd Jayden Soard                 South Central Calhoun      139-08        Qualified 


Girls Shot Put 

1st Keira Hammen               South Central Calhoun      37-02.50     Qualified 


Boys Shot Put 

5th Jayden Soard              South Central Calhoun        44-05.00


Girls Distance Medley

5th East Sac         4:57.83

Emma Meredith, Madi Bieret, Mary Bontrager, Emma Schroeder


Boys Distance Medley 

5th East Sac 4:05.75

Landon Grindle, Kinnick Fahrenkrog, Trace Kraus, Jake Gullett



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