Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: Girls Track Recaps and Results from Tuesday, April 26th

Girls Track Results for Tuesday, April 26th


Carroll At Missouri Valley 

Carroll competed well and showed their depth, having great success in the relays as they finished 3rd with 102 points. The Tigers were only 7 points behind Harlan for 2nd place while Treynor won the meet with 102 points. Carroll scored points in eight individual events with the two girls placing in the shot put. They scored in five relays, taking 1st or 2nd in four of them. 

Carroll won the 4×100 in 52.45 with Libby Perkins, Hannah Jorgensen, Madison Tunning and Shay Sinnard. The Sprint Medley team of Marasyn Wittrock, Madison Tunning, Hannah Jorgensen and Marie Dea won with a 1:56.28. Wittrock had really good success in her relays, also taking 2nd in the 4×400 with Katelyn Aden, Hannah Jorgensen and Marie Dea and the Distance Medley with Kennedy Thein, Averi Burke and Marie Dea. Dea won the 800 meters in 2:29.56 and Katelyn Aden finished 3rd in the 400 meters to round out Carroll’s scoring in running events. The Tigers took 1st in two field events with Shay Sinnard winning the Long Jump (15-09.50) and Emma Kuhlmann winning the Shot Put (36-06), Vanessa Ayala finished in 3rd in the shot put. 

Carroll will compete again on Thursday in Storm Lake. 


Team Standings

1st Treynor 139

2nd Harlan 109

3rd Carroll 102

4th LoMa 87

5th Riverside 86

6th Denison Schleswig 45

7th Missouri Valley 10

8th AHSTW 6 


Carroll Results 

100 Meters

6th Brenna Goins                14.13


400 Meters

3rd Katelyn Aden                1:04.44 


800 Meters

1st Marie Dea                     2:29.56

4th Katelyn Aden                2:39.01


3000 Meters

5th Julia Kanne                   12:41.23


100 Hurdles

5th Madison Tunning         18.42



1st Carroll                            52.45

Libby Perkins, Hannah Jorgensen, Madison Tunning, Shay Sinnard



4th Carroll                     1:53.87

Madison Tunning, Shay Sinnard, Libby Perkins, Hannah Jorgensen 



2nd Carroll                   4:15.88

Marasyn Wittrock, Katelyn Aden, Hannah Jorgensen, Marie Dea 


Sprint Medley 

1st Carroll                    1:56.28

Marasyn Wittrock, Madison Tunnning, Hannah Jorgensen, Marie Dea


Distance Medley 

2nd Carroll                  4:32.58

Marasyn Wittrock, Kennedy Thein, Averi Burke, Marie Dea 


High Jump

5th Mackenzie Johnson       4-04 


Long Jump

1st Shay Sinnard                  15-09.50


Shot Put 

1st Emma Kuhlmann           36-06

3rd Vanessa Ayala                31-08


Kuemper at Madrid

Kuemper traveled to Madrid on Tuesday where they came away with four top five finishes. The Knights finished the meet in 10th place in the team standings with 34 points. Drake Relay qualifier Kenzie Schon competed well in the throwing events, getting fourth in the discus with a best throw of 96-10 and second in the shot put with a best throw of 39-07.00. She will compete in the shot-put event at the Drake Relays on Thursday, April 28th at 4:30. Teammate Ellie Sibbel was right behind Schon in the shot put with a third-place finish and a best throw of 35-09.75. The Knights also had two relay events finish in the top five. The 4X200 team, composed of Macy Blum, Megan Scott, Kerrigan Irlbeck, and Catherine Mayhall, ended up with a fifth-place finish in a time of 1:58.77. The distance medley relay team also got fifth place. Brooke Rohe, Grace C Hoffman, Sada Gehling, and Aubrey Heuton finished in a time of 5:01.88. 

The Knights are back in action on Friday, April 29th when they and East Sac, Paton Churdan, and Ar-We-Va are at South Central Calhoun. 


Team Standings

1st North Polk 143

2nd Van Meter 120

3rd Bondurant Farrar 95

4th Madrid 70

5th Albia 59

6th Collins Maxwell 58

7th Ogden 52

8th Earlham 40

9th Nevada 35

10th Kuemper 34

11th Eagle Grove 23

12th Pleasantville 12


Kuemper Results


200 Meters

7th Catherine Mayhall 28.93


400 Meters

7th Kyra Irlbeck 1:12.83



4th Kenzie Schon 96-10


Long Jump

7th Macy Blum 15-03.75


Shot Put

2nd Kenzie Schon 39-07.00

3rd Ellie Sibbel 35-09.75



5th Kuemper 1:58.77

Macy Blum, Megan Scott, Kerrigan Irlbeck, Catherine Mayhall


Sprint Medley

8th Kuemper 2:08.20

Macy Blum, Kerrigan Irlbeck, Catherine Mayhall, Megan Scott


Distance Medley

5th Kuemper 5:01.88

Brooke Rohe, Grace C Hoffman, Sada Gehling, Aubrey Heuton


East Sac at Manson NW Webster

East Sac was one of four teams competing at Manson NW Webster to make up for a postponed meet earlier in the week. The Raiders had a strong showing, taking home a second-place finish with 140 team points and seven first place finishes. Brooke Jergens had a big impact for her team at this meet, getting first in all of her events. She won the 200 meter dash in a time of 28.44, was part of the 4X100 relay team, along with Dahni Jergens, Jen Aschinger, and Emma Meredith, that won with a time of 54.90, the 4X200 relay team, along with Meredith Brown, Carly Fischer, and Mary Bontrager, that won in a time of 1:54.89, and the 4X400 relay team, along with Bontrager, Amalie Kroyer, and Emma Mereidth, that won in a time of 4:46.33. Brown also saw success in her individual event where she won the 400 hurdles in a time of 1:17.40 and also teamed up with Aschinger, Meredith, and Bontrager in the sprint medley relay that won the event in a time of 2:03.90. Finally, Maci Gustavson was able to claim victory in the discus event, winning with a best throw of 104-02. 

The Raiders return to action on Tuesday, May 3rd when they compete in the Twin Lakes Conference meet at Manson NW Webster. 


Team Standings

1st Manson NW Webster 226

2nd East Sac 140

3rd Emmetsburg 125

4th Sioux Central 94


East Sac Results



1st Maci Gustavson 104-02


Shot Put

2nd Maci Gustavson 31-02.50


100 Meters

2nd Meredith Brown 14.53

3rd Emma Meredith 14.82


200 Meters

1st Brooke Jergens 28.44

2nd Jen Aschinger 30.37


400 Meters

5th Anna McCollough 1:18.60


800 Meters

4th Amalie Kroyer 2:58.39


100 Hurdles

5th Tori Hutchinson 26.50


400 Hurdles

1st Meredith Brown 1:17.40


1500 Meters

2nd Emma Schroeder 5:57.18

7th Camilla Bevilacqua 6:51.70


3000 Meters

3rd Emma Schroeder 12:53.84

4th Jade Gustavson 15:17.18



1st East Sac 54.90

Dahni Jergens, Jen Aschinger, Emma Meredith, Brooke Jergens



1st East Sac 1:54.89

Meredith Brown, Carly Fischer, Mary Bontrager, Brooke Jergens



1st East Sac 4:46.33

Mary Bontrager, Brooke Jergens, Amalie Kroyer, Emma Meredith


Distance Medley

3rd East Sac 5:57.85

Ashlyn Arbegast, Tori Hutchinson, Camilla Bevilacqua, Jade Gustavson


Sprint Medley 

1st East Sac 2:03.90

Jen Aschinger, Emma Meredith, Meredith Brown, Mary Bontrager


Ar-We-Va, Coon Rapids Bayard, and IKM-Manning at Audubon

Ar-We-Va, Coon Rapids Bayard, IKM-Manning, and Audubon were all part of the Bob Clark relays on Tuesday and all four teams came away with good performances. Audubon and IKM-Manning were neck and neck in the standings as they tied for third with 86 points. Ar-We-Va was down the line in 10th place with 23 points and Coon Rapids Bayard finished in 13th. 

Audubon’s day included four first place finishes and four second place finishes. Stefi Beisswenger continued to perform well in the distance events, winning the 3000-meter run once again with a time of 11:31.07 and getting second in the 1500 meter run in a time of 5:15.64. Hannah Thygesen was successful in her individual event and aided her relay teams to a first and second place finish. She won the 800-meter run in a time of 2:29.36, teamed up with Abigail Zaiger, Mattie Nielsen, and Madison Steckler to win the 4X400 relay in a time of 4:22.25 and get second place in the distance medley relay in a time of 4:26.00, and was part of the sprint medley relay, along with Makayla Schmidt, Nielsen, and Zaiger, that got second in a time of 1:56.49. Schmidt, Zaiger, Steckler, and Nielsen also teamed up in the 4X200 relay where they won with a time of 1:50.76. The Audubon shuttle hurdle team, composed of Steckler, Madison Burr, Michelle Brooks, and Schmidt, had a solid performance as they finished in second place with a time of 1:14.16. 

Emily Albertsen was able to give IKM-Manning two top-three finishes in the 1500 and 3000 run. She got third in both events, finishing the 1500 meter run in 5:33.86 and the 3000 meter run in 12:01.93. Albertsen was also part of the 4X800 relay team, along with Bianca Cadwell, Emmie Ring, and Julianna Stribe, that competed well and finished in second with a time of 10:43.44. Sofia Fernandez had some good times in her events, finishing in third in the 200 meter dash in a time of 28.67, and helping the 4X200 relay team to a third place finish. She, along with Amber Halbur, Madelyn Snyder, and Abbagail Neiheisel, finished in a time of 1:55.57. Finally for the Wolves, Taylor Beckendorf, Madelyn Snyder, Hannah McKinney, and Laurne Irlbeck were able to secure a second place finish in the 4X400 relay with a time of 4:33.90. 

Ar-We-Va’s Maggie Ragaller ran well in the good weather as she tied up three top three finishes. She got third individually in the 100-hurdles in a time of 17.90 and the 400 hurdles in a time of 1:13.62. She teamed up with Elizabeth Brunner, Jamie Hausman, and Amber Ragaller in the shuttle hurdle relay where the team got third with a time of 1:15.18. Hausman also competed well in the 100-hurdles, getting fifth place with a time of 18.20. 

Brynn Bass of Coon Rapids Bayard was part of the Crusaders’ two top finishes on the day. Individually, Bass got sixth in the 100-meter dash in a time of 14.84 and teamed up with Miranda McClellan, Lydia Hofbauer, and Kadey Olson, to secure a fifth-place finish in the 4X200 relay, finishing in a time of 2:03.01. 

All four teams are back in action coming up on Thursday, April 28th. Audubon, Coon Rapids Bayard, and IKM-Manning will travel to ACGC, while Ar-We-Va goes to Woodbine. 


Team Standings

1st Clarinda 100

2nd Underwood 97.50

3rd Audubon 86

3rd IKM-Manning 86

5th Panorama 81

6th Tri-Center 79

7th CAM 53

8th ACGC 50.50

9th Southwest Valley 38

10th Ar-We-Va 23

11th Griswold 22

12th Exira-EHK 12

13th Coon Rapids Bayard 9


Ar-We-Va, Coon Rapids Bayard, IKM-Manning, and Audubon Results


100 Meters

6th Brynn Bass CRB 14.84

8th Elizabeth Brunner AWV 15.03


200 Meters

3rd Sofia Fernandez IKM-Manning 28.67


400 Meters

3rd Stefi Beisswenger Audubon 1:08.75

8th Reagan Garrison IKM-Manning 1:13.39


800 Meters

1st Hannah Thygesen Audubon 2:29.36

3rd Stefi Beisswenger Audubon 2:44.80

4th Bianca Cadwell IKM-Manning 2:45.92


100 Hurdles

3rd Maggie Ragaller AWV 17.90

4th Abbagail Neiheisel IKM-Manning 18.14

5th Jamie Hausman AWV 18.20

8th Madelyn Snyder IKM-Manning 18.92


1500 Meters

2nd Stefi Beisswenger Audubon 5:15.64

3rd Emily Albertsen IKM-Manning 5:33.86

5th Morgan Hanson IKM-Manning 5:43.49


3000 Meters

1st Stefi Beisswenger Audubon 11:31.07

3rd Emily Albertsen IKM-Manning 12:01.93

4th Morgan Hanson IKM-Manning 12:17.99


400 Hurdles

3rd Maggie Ragaller AWV 1:13.62

4th Emmie Ring IKM-Manning 1:14.62

7th Taylor Beckendorf IKM-Manning 1:19.71



8th Addie Hocker Audubon 77-02


Long Jump

5th Amber Halbur IKM-Manning 14-06.00


Shot Put

6th Mabel Langel IKM-Manning 28-07.00

8th Alexis Obermeier Audubon 26-11.00



5th IKM-Manning 56.12

Amber Halbur, Sofia Fernandez, Bianca Cadwell, Abbagial Neiheisel


8th Coon Rapids Bayard 57.76

Miranda McClellan, Lydia Hofbauer, Kadey Olson, Brynn Bass



1st Audubon 1:50.76

Makayla Schmidt, Abigail Zaiger, Madison Steckler, Mattie Nielsen


3rd IKM-Manning 1:55.57

Amber Halbur, Madelyn Snyder, Abbagail Neiheisel, Sofia Fernandez


5th Coon Rapids Bayard 2:03.01

Miranda McClellen, Lydia Hofbauer, Kadey Olson, Brynn Bass



1st Audubon 4:22.25

Abigail Zaiger, Mattie Nielsen, Madison Steckler, Hannah Thygesen


2nd IKM-Manning 4:33.90

Taylor Beckendorf, Madelyn Snyder, Hannah McKinney, Lauren Irlbeck



2nd IKM-Manning 10:43.44

Bianca Cadwell, Emmie Ring, Emily Albertsen, Julianna Stribe

Shuttle Hurdle

2nd Audubon 1:14.16

Madison Steckler, Madison Burr, Michelle Brooks, Makayla Schmidt


3rd Ar-We-Va 1:15.18

Jamie Hausman, Elizabeth Brunner, Amber Ragaller, Maggie Ragaller


5th IKM-Manning 1:16.64

Amber Halbur, Emmie Ring, Abbagail Neiheisel, Madelyn Snyder


Sprint Medley

2nd Audubon 1:56.49

Makayla Schmidt, Mattie Nielsen, Abigail Zaiger, Hannah Thygesen


8th Coon Rapids Bayard 2:13.83

Kaydence Gagnon, Lydia Hofbauer, Kadey Olson, Macy Thompson


Distance Medley

2nd Audubon 4:26.00

Madison Steckler, Abigail Zaiger, Mattie Nielsen, Hannah Thygesen


6th IKM-Manning 4:43.91

Sofia Fernandez, Bianca Cadwell, Taylor Beckendorf, Julianna Stribe


South Central Calhoun at OABCIG

South Central Calhoun traveled to OABCIG on good weather Tuesday, coming away with great performances all around. The Titans finished up the meet in sixth place as a team with 61 points. Ridge View dominated the meet and won with 148 team points. The Titans still had a plethora of solid performances to look back on. 

Chloe Judisch continued to look impressive in the 800-meter run as she won the event at this meet with a time of 2:30.47. Teammate Breanna Patterson was around 20 seconds behind her, as Patterson got third with a time of 2:50.24. Drake Relay qualifier Keira Hammen was able to lock down a win in the shot-put event, winning with a best throw of 39-06.00. Hammen will compete with Kuemper’s Kenzie Schon at the Drake Relays on Thursday, April 28th starting at 4:30. Brenna McAlister was the final individual to win an event for the Titans, capturing a win in the 1500 meter run with a time of 5:29.03. In the 3000-meter run, Samantha Potts ran well and got third place with a time of 14:42.43.

South Central Calhoun will host their own meet coming up on Friday, April 29th, where Kuemper, East Sac, Paton Churdan, and Ar-We-Va will compete as well. 


Team Standings

1st Ridge View 148

2nd Fort Dodge 96

3rd Bishop Heelan 81

4th Newell Fonda 63

5th OABCIG 62

6th South Central Calhoun 61

7th Woodbine 41

8th Boyer Valley 33


South Central Calhoun Results


100 Meters

6th Lillian Blair-Hershey 14.29


800 Meters

1st Chloe Judisch 2:30.47

3rd Breanna Patterson 2:50.24


1500 Meters

1st Brenna McAlister 5:29.03


3000 Meters

3rd Samantha Potts 14:42.43

4th Teyah Jackson 14:48.56


400 Hurdles

6th Adlen Wheelock 1:24.36



6th Keira Hammen 82-07


Shot Put

1st Keira Hammen 39-06.00



6th South Central Calhoun 56.57

Olivia Toms, Alexa Holm, Norah Riedesel, Kylee Schleisman



5th South Central Calhoun 2:01.17

Olivia Toms, Addisyn Korleski, Emma Myers, Kylee Schleisman



4th South Central Calhoun 4:40.54

Chloe Judisch, Emma Myers, Evelyn Kramer, Brenna McAlister



6th South Central Calhoun 13:03.83

Scout Rohlfs, Mady Smidt, Ashley Beagle, Catie Collison


Distance Medley

4th South Central Calhoun 5:01.19

Onna Haupert, Alexa Holm, Adlen Wheelock, Evelyn Kramer


Glidden Ralston at Woodward Granger

The Glidden Ralston girls track team had some solid performances against tough opponents at Woodward Granger Tuesday. The Wildcats finished close with the host school with 42 team points. Vanessa Koehler had another great night of performances, including three second place finishes. Those second place finishes were in the 200 meter dash with a time of 27.63, 100 hurdles in a time of 16.85, and high jump with a best jump of 5-00.00. Koehler also captured a fourth place finish in the 100 meter dash in a time of 13.34. Alexia Nelson had two top five finishes, finishing fifth in the 3000 meter run in a time of 12:54.93 and helped the distance medley relay team to a fourth place finish. Nelson, along with Savannah Bennett, Tiela Janssen, Morgan Tuel, finished in a time of 5:14.11. 

The Wildcats are back in action on Thursday, April 28th when they travel to Woodbine. Full results can be found below. 


Team Standings

1st Nodaway Valley 160

2nd Greene County 131

3rd West Central Valley 108

4th Grand View Christian 75

5th Woodward Granger 43

6th Glidden Ralston 42


100 Meters

4th Vanessa Koehler 13.34


200 Meters

2nd Vanessa Koehler 27.63


100 Hurdles

2nd Vanessa Koehler 16.85


3000 Meters

5th Alexia Nelson 12:54.93


400 Meters

3rd Tiela Janssen 1:15.30


High Jump

2nd Vanessa Koehler 5-00.00



8th Glidden Ralston 1:01.50

Morgan Tuel, Brileigh Bock, Savannah Bennett, Alexia Nelson


Sprint Medley

6th Glidden Ralston 2:13.24

Morgan Tuel, Savannah Bennett, Brileigh Bock, Tiela Janssen


Distance Medley

4th Glidden Ralston 5:14.11

Savannah Bennett, Tiela Janssen, Morgan Tuel, Alexia Nelson

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