Brincks Exteriors Sports Report: IKM-Manning Girls Track At Tri Center, Audubon At Glenwood on Thursday

Girls Track Results Thursday, April 14th 

IKM-Manning At Tri Center Invitational 

IKM-Manning will be full strength for the first time this season next week. Thursday they continued to show they have good depth and are strong in distance races. The Wolves took third place in two individual events and four relays, helping them finish 5th place overall with 53 points. The Wolves were at their best in the longer races and the relays, showing their depth in talented runners. Treynor won the meet with 122.50 points followed by Underwood with 112 points. St Albert took 3rd with 91 points and Denison Schleswig was 4th with 63.50 points. Carroll was scheduled to compete but didn’t attend the meet.

Emily Albertsen had the top finish for IKM-Manning, taking 2nd in the 3000 meters. Albertsen, Morgan Hanson and Julianna Stribe all ran well. Hanson took 3rd in the 1500 meters and Stribe was 3rd in the 800 meters. Stribe would team up with Bianca Cadwell, Hannah McKinney and Taylor Beckendorf to finish 3rd in the Distance Medley. Stribe, McKinney and Cadwell would team up again in the 4×800. They were joined by Emmie Ring, finishing 3rd. Bianca Cadwell continued her success in relays, teaming with Taylor Beckendorf, Madelyn Snyder and Lauren Irlbeck for 3rd in the 4×400. Amber Halbur, Madelyn Snyder, Abbagail Neilheisel and Bianca Cadwell teamed up to take 3rd in the 4×200.

IKM-Manning will compete again on Tuesday at Denison Schleswig.

IKM-Manning results are below.

Team Standings

  1. Treynor 122.50
  2. Underwood 112
  3. St Albert 91
  4. Denison Schleswig 63.50
  5. IKM-Manning 53
  6. Tri Center 45
  7. Woodbine 42
  8. Boyer Valley 22
  9. Griswold 13
  10. Missouri Valley 12
  11. AHSTW 7
  12. Heartland Christian 6


IKM-Manning Results 

800 Meters

3rd Julianna Stribe             2:50.87


1500 Meters

3rd Morgan Hanson                  5:50.00

4th Emily Albertsen                   5:56.94


3000 Meters

2nd Emily Albertsen                    12:21.39

4th Morgan Hanson                     12:27.11


400 Hurdles

5th Emmie Ring                          1:19.18



6th IKM-Manning      56.58

Amber Halbur, Lauren Irlbeck, Hannah McKinney, Abbagail Neilheisel



3rd IKM-Manning        2:00.61

Amber Halbur, Madelyn Snyder, Abbagail Neilheisel, Bianca Cadwell



3rd IKM-Manning         4:40.68

Taylor Beckendorf, Madelyn Snyder, Bianca Cadwell, Lauren Irlbeck



3rd IKM-Manning          11:22.94

Bianca Cadwell, Emmie Ring, Julianna Stribe, Hannah McKinney


Shuttle Hurdle 

5th IKM-Manning            1:18.48

Abbagail Neilheisel, Amber Halbur, Emmie Ring, Madelyn Snyder


Distance Medley 

3rd IKM-Manning              4:57.46

Bianca Cadwell, Hannah McKinney, Taylor Beckendorf, Julianna Stribe


Audubon At Glenwood 

Audubon picked up a meet in Glenwood on Thursday in the late morning, after their original meet was postponed due to weather concerns. The Wheelers tweaked their lineup with the change in venue, having a good showing in a field of 11 schools with the Wheelers, CAM Anita and LoMa as the only Class 1A schools. Audubon finished 8th overall with 37 points, picking up points in three individual events and six relays. Glenwood ran away with the title at their home meet with 193 points, Harlan was 2nd with 106 points and Lewis Central took 3rd with 94 points.

Hannah Thygesen and Stefi Beisswenger had the top individual finishes for the Wheelers. Thygesen was 4th in the 800 meters and Beisswenger was 3rd in the 3000 meters. Beisswenger added a 5th place finish in the 1500 meters. The Shuttle Hurdle relay team was the top finishing relay, taking 3rd with Madison Steckler, Madison Burr, Michelle Brooks and Makayla Schmidt. The Sprint Medley team of Mattie Nielsen, Abigail Zaiger, Madison Steckler and Hannah Thygesen finished 5th. Makayla Schmidt, Abigail Zaiger, Mattie Nielsen and Stefi Beisswenger teamed up for a 4th place in the Distance Medley.

Audubon next meet is Tuesday At CAM Anita meet at Atlantic.

Results for the Wheelers are below.

Team Standings 

  1. Glenwood 193
  2. Harlan 106
  3. Lewis Central 94
  4. Clarinda 84
  5. LoMa 70
  6. Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln 64.50
  7. Atlantic 59.50
  8. Audubon 37
  9. Creston 16
  10. CAM Anita 14
  11. Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson 1


Audubon Results 

400 Meters

4th Hannah Thygesen        1:05.36


1500 Meters

5th Stefi Beisswenger           5:24.98


3000 Meters

4th Stefi Beisswenger           11:40.39



9th Audubon            58.27

Madison Burr, Makayla Schmidt, Michelle Brooks, Addie Hocker



7th Audubon            2:08.17

Makayla Schmidt, Jordan Porsch, Addie Hocker, Payton Gust



6th Audubon          4:39.10

Madison Steckler, Mattie Nielsen, Abigail Zaiger, Hannah Thygesen


Shuttle Hurdle

3rd Audubon          1:17.01

Madison Steckler, Madison Burr, Michelle Brooks, Makayla Schmidt


Sprint Medley

5th Audubon            1:59.76

Mattie Nielsen, Abigail Zaiger, Madison Steckler, Hannah Thygesen


Distance Medley

4th Audubon            4:54.37

Makayla Schmidt, Abigail Zaiger, Mattie Nielsen, Steif Beisswenger

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